Windows 8, Home Screens, and More!

hey everybody welcome back to another episode of qb king 77’s edge program every little thing android and also tech related i’m your host kbking 77 from the air conditioning organization team here with one more amazing episode episode 17 i think um it’s in fact a fantastic day really good outside right here in illinois i’m really preparing to go out and play golf very first time of the year get the clubs out lastly done striking in the dome hopefully with any luck it remains cozy hence the clothes preparing to go uh hit the web links hereafter video clip uh so i’m delighted there but anyways prior to we do enter the show i do intend to give a yell out to uh cta snake pit 22 and it’s his birthday celebration today so pleased birthday to you man i wish it’s a great one 18th birthday so with any luck you have an excellent birthday celebration yet let’s enter into the show all right and we are on to the very first part of the day as always picking a leading remark from last episode’s inquiry of the day last episode’s question was what was the first round you ever before recalled your phone and also i determined to provide the top comments marcus sant as well and he claimed his extremely

initially was viper dk28 and afterwards he went to banzai as well as he didn’t like either of them so he chose to make his very own and i assumed that was in fact rather trendy great to see a programmers enjoying my video clips marcus sand if you have an impressive 4g are familiar with his remarkable work so uh he gets a top remark even if he took it upon himself discovered it and also obtained it going so huge proclaim to him and also uh many thanks for all the work you do um but anyways on today’s inquiry of the day and that’s for you people and also i want to understand how many residence displays do you guys really make use of and also really make the most of i understand you can have usually 7 is the the number yet the amount of do you really make use of as well as i do not imply use as in you have a widget on a house screen yet you don’t use it i indicate exactly how numerous do you in fact have points on the residence display and usage i mean i usually only utilize 2 to three house screens ever i i really don’t need anything even more than that i i hardly ever utilize widgets i don’t use it usually but i indicate i’m interested to see if several of you individuals actually take uh make use of all seven displays and uh really utilize all that actual estate so allow me recognize just how many

home screens you guys use on your gadget leave a remark on the video clip maybe it will get included on next episode’s top remark yet yeah that’s the inquiry of the day we are on to the idea of the day as well as it’s in fact something i made a different video regarding yet it really affected even more people than i believed it would i in fact obtained a few messages i’ve seen it take place to at the very least 10 15 individuals now however um check your uh your battery if you are an epic 4g touch proprietor it’s you can view my a separate video clip i review all the all the details and such however from what i listen to some sprint workers are unintentionally uh exchanging between epic 4g and epic 4g touch batteries mutually considering that they service both gadgets as well as epic 4g batteries 1500 milliamp hours as well as the epic 4g touch is 1800 milliamp hours so see to it you examine that battery um it states it on the back you have to take it out flip it over as well as you’ll see whether it’s 1500 or 1800 i have actually additionally listened to records of an epic 4g proprietor claiming oh it came with an 1800 either they’re repacking it with them and after that loading them in whether you get it got it for a service warranty factor or whatnot or

they’re just offering uh substitute batteries on accident with it being an impressive 4g touch battery or an impressive 4g battery so impressive 4g and also epic 4g touch proprietors examine that battery and simply make certain if you obtained the appropriate one if you got if you’re an epic 4g proprietor and also you got 1800 you’re you’re in luck um but if you’re an epic 4g touch proprietor and you have a 1500 just go to run grumble as well as they’ll more than likely just give you an 1800 milliamp battery so that would certainly be my tip of the day okay and we are on to the application of the day in qb king 77’s edge and also that’s actually a very trendy application brand new on the market it’s called pleased bay it’s type of an emulator for uh old old video games allow’s just leap into it as you can see satisfied bay you have a wide range of games to pick from i’ve just tried 2 and they both worked maintain in mind it potentially won’t deal with gelato sandwich roms or i couldn’t obtain it to function on my photon running gingerbread so it’s not going to deal with some gadgets what i’m on gingerbread right currently on my impressive 4g touch as well as it works with that it did not work with an ice cream sandwich leakage on the epic 4g touch so however that does not function but the two video games i have actually attempted is extremely mario as well as teen mutant ninja turtles 2. So let’s go right into extremely mario as you can see it’s much like an emulator that runs your your ready you let’s just struck begin and also start sorry not select let’s hit start so you have undoubtedly a d-pad kind of appropriate there joystick and after that you have b and also you have a so you can basically go play mario so i mean it’s it’s actually pretty cool it’s difficult to obtain utilized to um i indicate it it certainly takes a little time to get the buttons down and whatever working however as you can see i’m type of running through the degrees it’s it’s going pretty well uh i imply it it functions pretty well it’s definitely type of enjoyable though that you can play these older video games on your device up at the top you’ll see you do have an advertisement yet you might not see it you have save and also a lots button you can exit out of that ad just push the x there if i intend to pause it i press the beginning button um it in fact has some music i don’t know why it’s not playing the music huh it was playing oh perhaps the music’s off allow’s see if i can transform it on there’s a.

sound button up there it’s not functioning so oh well i’ll have fun with that in a little but you have a conserve switch and also you can push save and also you have 10 ports where you can conserve games so that’s kind of nice that you do not have to primarily leave out of your of your game if you do not intend to play it so uh simply push back to exit from it as well as you can go back and you have a bunch you have chippendale batman aero fight uh d dragon two knights a wario warrior sanguo um you have a number actually you can just go to top as well as you’ll see you obtained tile styles right here however you you have a lot to pick from which is actually really terrific absolutely uh pretty great you need to download it so you enter into it simply push the download switch it does not take long at all to download it um so here’s uh adolescent mutant ninja turtles okay so i got sound operate in there so allow’s simply delve into it push a as you can see you got your joystick there as well as you obtained an as well as b below so you can run around you jump with an as well as you essentially assault the people with b as you can see i’m already losing but um yeah so i mean it’s in fact rather enjoyable so it’s great that you can play these older games as well as uh appreciate yourself you have a bunch to select from so most definitely reached inspect them full blast they do download i think your sd card i’m uncertain specifically where i really did not take a look uh but yeah that would certainly be today’s application of the day definitely something you’re going to wish to take a look at uh.

pleased bay i will certainly post a web link to it in the description the video so try it on your phone hopefully it will work but that would certainly be it all right as well as we are on to today’s audience questions of the day where i pick some concerns from you individuals and also review them on the show the very first inquiry is in fact not actually android relevant it’s from commercials are my wife and also he needs to know um he would like to know if what i think about the home windows 8 customer sneak peek in fact i haven’t place that on my pc or anything yet but i’ve seen video clips on it i have actually seen images of it and also i’m not extremely amazed i’m actually a little deterred from windows 8 i i do not really like it i’m not a big fan of what window what microsoft’s really performing with it particularly since they’re getting it a lot more like their their phones i believe they’re trying to obtain some sort of combination going but yeah i’m really not a huge fan of all those floor tiles and such yet we’ll see what they do um i haven’t attempted it yet i have not truly looked way too much into it however from what i have actually seen i’m not a big fan so hopefully that that adjustments yet on the following inquiry from blaze and rabbits he wishes to know if i needed to choose in between stability and also battery life which one would i pick whether it be a rom that’s secure but inadequate battery life as well as a round that’s unsteady.

with good battery life hopefully with your tool you can get the most effective of both globes and also get a stable rom with good battery yet if i had to choose i would possibly need to go with the stability as well as just take care of the battery life just because i practically do require everything functioning so i typically have a tendency to gravitate in the direction of uh secure rom so that would certainly be my option and on to the last question from senior this ex-spouse and also he desires to understand um yes he just purchased his bowtown he would like to know if he can root it without a pc he does not have accessibility to a computer as well as however you can not root the photon without a computer there’s truly few devices you can root it without a pc unfortunately however you do require a computer if you desire to root your photon however yeah that would be it for today’s uh show um make sure to ask some inquiries you wish to see on the next episode which would be saturday so be certain to get those questions in make sure to respond to the concern of the day being the number of house displays you uh you make use of and also that would certainly be it so make certain to sign up for me follow me on facebook twitter and google plus all web links will certainly be in the description below and also as always many thanks for make sure to provide this a thumbs up.

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