How to Install the Nocturnal Venum Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Rock Cuba King 77 here from the ACS and the katene here to do a video showing you how to install the nocturnal venom ROM on your Samsung Epic 4G Touch this is a new ROM team nocturnal and team venom have joined forces and have produced this awesome Rob so I’m very excited to try it out so first of all we’re gonna need to make sure on our phones we are we have clockworkmod five point zero point two point seven so you have two options to get that well the way i like to do it is I like to just install sigh ninja mod seven on my device that gives you the proper clockworkmod to flash these types of roms I just prefer to have that ROM on my SD card and then just flash it I do have a video to show you how to install it I can link to that in the description of the video but anyways you also have another option you can install a flash the eeo 26 kernel through odin you can use that method as well I believe I have a how-to video showing how to do that in the beginning I can link to that in the description of the video as well so you have those two options to get the proper clock might do not flash this ROM via an Ice Cream Sandwich

recovery make sure you do not do that but anyways once you are either on Sanja mod 7 or have the e L 26 kernel flashed with the clock over 25 point zero point two point seven you can click on the link in the description of the video doing so will take you to the team nocturnal website you can go ahead and scroll down you’ll see nocturnal venom shadow – I don’t want to pronounce it wrong so shout out to me Misha 74 and that’s just my my guess but he is a developer for Team nocturnal shout out to him shout out to the entire team Nocturne on team venom for this ROM scroll down gives you some screenshots of the ROM etc gives you some things networking things that you need to do but anyways scroll down the ROM and G apps file are both right here so click on where it says download ROM and G apps it will open up this page right here so it’ll redirect you to this page and once it does you have to down the round file itself so the ROM file is this nocturnal venom zip right

here click on that download it you’re also going to need the google apps zip which would be the latest is right here basically it’s 2012 oh for being April in 12 April 12 so you’ll know which one is the latest by the date but right near the latest says of the 13th today is the 12th of April 12th one so you got the G AB zip and the wrong zip itself so both of those downloaded transfer them over to your to your phone whether it be your internal storage or external storage either one works so transfer both of those files over and we are ready to go so go ahead and go back to your phone alright and once we are back to our phones we are just about ready to go make sure you running signs about 7:00 or flash the al-26 kernel go ahead and press and hold turn off your device or if you’re on cm7 you can just hit reboot recovery and hit ok so otherwise if you want to manually and go into your clockworkmod recovery power off your

device press and hold the volume up in power button until the Samsung screen lights up once the Samsung screen lights up let go of both the buttons and then it will take you directly into your clockworkmod recovery so this should take me straight into it it did as you can see clockwork plant based recovery five point zero point two point seven right there so I am now on in five point two zero point two point seven the first thing we’re gonna need to do is actually press up down up down so make sure it says back menu button enabled this allows the power button to be used so go ahead once you do that now all we’re gonna need to do to install this ROM is you can make an Android backup if you’d like to you would have to go back to this clockworkmod based recovery to restore that backup so just so you know there but install this ROM go to wipe data/factory reset’ and then hit yes delete all user data so it’s gonna delete everything so make sure you all have all of your apps

contacts it set are backed up so make sure you’ve got everything backed up once that wipes go down to wipe cache partition select that and hit yes wipe cache so it’ll go ahead and wipe your cache and then go to the advanced menu and hit wipe dalvik cache and then hit yes wipe dalvik cache and once all three of those are wipe data cache dalvik cache go to go back and then install zip from sdcard choose it from sd card or in SD card wherever you have those files and then go ahead and find that nocturnal venom Ron zip right there and hit yes and then go ahead and select the rom zip itself so let go ahead and let that install it’ll take a little bit of time so be patient with it and once it’s done installing I will be back alright and as you can see install from an SD card complete the ROM is done installing we’re not done yet go ahead and go back to choose it from sd card or internal sd card and then find those G apps the Google Apps add-on the GFS ICS 412 zip and yes install it’s quite to install those google apps as well we’re gonna need to install the ROM and then right afterwards install the google apps it won’t take as long as the ROM install but it will take a decent amount of time the file size is

pretty big so go ahead and let those install install from sd card complete now we are done hey go back and then reboot system now so go ahead and reboot your Epic 4G Touch and once rebooted we’ll actually be running the nocturnal venom ROM on our epic 4G Touch I’m very excited to try out this ROM I’m gonna go and let you guys check out the boot animation but I’m gonna be doing a separate review video so looks like a matrix style boot animation so we’ll see that’s actually very cool boot animation I like that a lot it’s definitely different so it’s nice when they include different boot animations but anyways as I said separate review video be sure to check that out be sure to subscribe to me follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links to be in the description the below as always for watching be sure to give this a thumbs up

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