Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T vs Samsung S20 FE Camera, Speed, Battery & More Compared

so if you really fancy treating yourself to a new flagship style premium smartphone but you balk at the idea of dropping a cool grand on the likes of an s20 ultra or one of those iphone jobbies and to make matters worse you’ve already sold off both kidneys and knocked out all of gran’s gold teeth well never fear this past month three fresh new smartphones have launched all packing very premium specs and features and also around the 600 pound mark still not cheap for sure but hopefully it means no more unwarranted surgery just to have something you’d be proud to whip out at the pub so to speak so what we have here is samsung’s galaxy s20 fan edition it will cost you 599 pounds but you will have to pay an extra 100 on top of that if you want the 5g model we’ve also got google’s new pixel 5 flagship smartphone that will again cost you 599 quid and that is with 5g there is no 4g option and last up the oneplus 8t which is a little bit tricky this one has actually launched in the uk at the time i shot this video but it’s expected to come in at 599 same as the others and again there’s no 4g option that comes fully 5g enabled so which of these surprisingly not too expensive premium blows it’s going to be best for you well let’s do a full side-by-side comparison of the camera tech the battery life the performance everything you need to know so you can see for yourself and for more the latest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers all right so we’ve got the samsung s20 fe here on the left we’ve got the oneplus 8t on the right and the filling in the smartphone’s language is the pixel 5 which as you can see is absolutely dwarfed by the other two the oneplus 8t is actually the biggest at 6.55 inches the s20 fe is a much smaller at 6.5 inches though got slightly thicker bezels at the bottom so it’s about the same dimensions overall and then the pixel is a cute little six incher so yeah it kind of goes without saying if you want something that’s easy to use one-handed uncomfortable to clutch the pixel 5 is the way forward that said you know you get a fairly comfy grip from the oneplus 8t and the s20 fe as well thanks to the nice curved corners a couple of little differences to tell them apart as well for instance the samsung s20 fe has the infinity or selfie orifice right in the center of the display there as it’s shunted off to the corner in the pixel and the oneplus 8t and there is one more invisible difference from the front of all these three smartphones as well and that’s the type of glass protecting each display on the samsung s20 fe it’s just gorilla glass 3 on the oneplus 8t that’s upgraded to gorilla glass 5 and on the pixel 5 it’s the fresh new gorilla glass 6.

that said you do actually get a pre-installed screen protector on both the samsung galaxy s20 fe and the oneplus 8t you don’t get that on the pixel all right let’s just flip them all around so they’re showing off their answers and around the back end these two smartphones are even more distinctive so let’s start with the s20 fe which is constructed from what samsung terms glastic it’s basically a hybrid of glass and plastic as the name kind of suggests whereas the pixel 5 is 100 aluminium and the oneplus 8t is once again glass around the back and it’s again gorilla glass 5. all three of them support a matte style finish so there’s no reflective surfaces or anything like that not even on the gorilla glass 5 oneplus 8t and that’s great news because it means you can pick them up put them down as much as you want and you won’t get greasy fingerprints all over that back end after lots of handling they will get a little bit mucky but just a quick buff up on your

t-shirt or your pants or whatever job done if you’re after something to really brighten up your day well samsung’s galaxy s20 fe is the one to go for this comes in a selection of very vibrant finishes including reds lavender mint and orange plus some more standard stuff like white and this very dark navy color the other two not quite as exciting this is the just black pixel 5 which is about as thrilling as it sounds otherwise you can also grab it in sort of

sage which is kind of a mossy green color the standard oneplus 8t comes in this sort of silver color but you can’t upgrade to the aquamarine version which actually has more storage and memories that will cost you a bit extra cash touchword all three of these seem reasonably tough so far i’ve got any scratches or scuffs on the back end despite the fact that basically just been sort of bandied about the place the samsung s20 fe is also one tough mother because it’s got full ip68 water and dust resistance so you can take a good old submergent in a bath or swimming pool whatever the pixel 5 can also do the same because ipx8 so it’s not dust resistant but it is water resistant and against the oneplus 8t while you kind of get out of luck if you want a proper ip written on that one unfortunately keynote viewers will also notice that the google phone is the only one to rock a fingerprint sensor there on the back and that’s because both the s20 fe and the oneplus 8t sport an in-display fingerprint sensor which works a charm i’ve not had any issues with either of them although i definitely do prefer an actual physical fingerprint sensor has to be said and here on the pixel 5 i’ve had no problems whatsoever it’s not the most responsive of sensors but uh certainly hasn’t borked out on me so far with the samsung and oneplus phones you also get face recognition as well so you can simply tap the power button for instance and as you can see scans your mug using the selfie camera straight into the desktops that’s a feature you don’t get on the pixels you are stuck with the fingerprint or the usual traditional pin stuff now let’s have a closer look at the software and both the pixel 5 and the oneplus 8t support the latest android 11 os whereas in the s20 fe it is sadly still android 10.

samsung will be rolling out android 11 in an update to all of the s20 family but this probably won’t become until early 2020 once you’ve got a little bit of a weight on your hands there and of course the big bonus of going with the pixel 5 is they get three guaranteed years of security and os updates so at least you’ve got that extra peace of mind and while it is android on all three of these smartphones you’ll find it’s in a very different guys of course you’ve got standard stock android here on the pixel 5 in the middle whereas the s20 fe that uses samsung’s one ui version 2.5 and on the oneplus 8t you’ve got oxygen os 11. so you will find that on the s20 fe and the oneplus 8t you do get features that you won’t get on the pixel 5 such as that aforementioned face unlock with the s20 and the oneplus 8t you get a dedicated game and app pre-installed as well which acts like a hub for all of your games and tell you how much of your life you’ve wasted playing the likes of call of duty and you also get some very handy in-game tools as well which allow you to block notifications uh record the action things like that now i won’t dive into the juicy details of the launchers here because frankly we’ll be here for freaking hours but i have done a dedicated oxygen os 11 and a one ui 2.5 tips and tricks guide highlighting some of the best features so go check those out for all you need to know it’s worth pointing out though that the samsung and the google phones here come with dedicated security features as well so for instance the s20 fe has samsung’s nox security suite on it which just adds an extra layer of encryption and security on top of standard android stuff and whereas the pixel 5 you’ve also got the titan m security chip which just helps to store all of your confidential data in an encrypted form for your storage needs you’ve got 128 gigs on all three of these bad boys so they can upgrade the oneplus 8t to a 256 gig model if you get that aquamarine version as for the type of storage well it’s the fresh new ufs 3.1 here on the s20 fe and the oneplus 8t as well google doesn’t actually specify what it is on the pixel 5 but i believe it’s just a ufs 2.

1 so not as nippy for read write speeds and not as energy efficient either that’s for you a bit of symmetry action where you’ve got a dual sim setup here on the samsung galaxy s20 fe and also on the oneplus 8t so you can stick two sim cards in there at once sadly the pixel 5 is just a single sim device but it does at least offer e-sim compatibility as a form of

compensation and if you want expandable storage while the s20 fe is your only option that supports micro sd memory cards up to one terabyte in size in that second sim slot uh with the others it’s a hard nope let’s have a shifty at the display tick and what you’ve got here is an oled panel on all three of these bad boys with full customizable color output as well so you can enjoy some nice bold vivid hues or you can get some more natural looking visuals on the go instead and if you’re interested you want to edit photos on the fly something like that then the oneplus 8t is actually the most capable of producing natural looking visuals you’ve got just noticeable color difference of just 0.3 so very realistic images as you can see you can get an slgb uh visual output on the go display p3 or if you’d rather just kick back with a bit of netflix or disney plus well job done with all three of these you’ve got a full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080 pixels some nice sharp details even on those larger displays you’ve got full hdr support in all three of these smartphones as well those oled panels produce nice deep blacks nice sharp contrast but unfortunately at the time i shot this video only the pixel 5 was able to produce hdr content in netflix and hopefully that support will be coming to the other two soon and as you’d expect in this sort of price point you’ve got a nice smooth refresh rate on all three as well 120 hertz it tops off on the s20 fe and the oneplus 8t 90 hertz here on the pixel but to be honest well there’s a clear jump up from 60 hertz to 90hz i struggle to see much of a difference between 90 and 120 they both look silky smooth and if we just bump the brightness up on all these displays as well i find that the pixel and the oneplus 8t definitely uh impress the most on that top brightness level absolutely eye piercing still good on the s20 fe just not quite as strong you’ve also got a stereo speaker output on all three of these but on the pixel 5 it’s definitely the weakest effect that top

earpiece speaker doesn’t really pull its weight compared with the bottom one and in a slightly tragic turn of events you don’t actually get a bloody headphone jack on any of these devices either these days you really have to spend as little as possible on a smartphone in order to get a headphone jack on the thing now on the performance front you get the billy big bollocks snapdragon 865 chipset on the oneplus 8t and the galaxy s20 fe although you do absolutely have to buy the 5g version of the galaxy s20 fe to get that 865 otherwise if you get the 4g version you’re lumbered with samsung’s excellent chipset and believe me you definitely don’t want that the power efficiency is weaker as is the general performance as you can see here the 865 version of the s20 fe performed really really well in the benchmark contest even though it’s got six gigs of ram compared with eight gigs of ram stuffed into the oneplus 8t it’s still nice to beat it in the old geekbench that said if you bag yourself the aquamarine version of the oneplus 8t that comes with a mighty 12 gigs of ram stuffed in there sadly the dinky little pixel 5 isn’t quite as proficient for performance compared with the other two that’s because it uses the snapdragon 765g chipset instead of the 865 as well as you can see a clear difference in the performance from the benchmarking that said definitely don’t let this put you off the pixel 5 because my real life experience with it has been nothing but golden apps load up in an instant and games like call of duty play with a super silky smooth frame rate even with the detail settings and the frame rate settings maxed out it’ll absolutely 100 do everything that you needed to and that’s helped along by the fact that once again you get a generous eight gigs of ram stuffed in there because on the samsung galaxy s20 fe you will need a pair bit extra flat 5g model if you want the 5g support as that comes built-in with the oneplus 8t and the pixel 5.

And if you want wi-fi 6 support while the pixel doesn’t have that unfortunately just the oneplus and the samsung phones as for the battery tech well the s20 fe and the oneplus 8t have the larger batteries in this trio it’s a 4 500 milliamp cell in both of these cases although in the case the oneplus 8t that’s actually split into two separate batteries and that’s to aid with the crazy fast supercharging more on that sexy shiz in a bit now the pixel 5 by comparison has a significantly smaller battery at 4 000 milliamps however i have found that the pixel 5 offers the best battery life of this bunch most likely because the 765g chipset is just so energy efficient i comfortably get a full day of life out of that thing even on a super intensive day where i’m using it as my sat nav my camera my skyping device all kinds of stuff and indeed all three of these smartphones were fully 100 charged at the start of this comparison and as you can see there the pixel is doing the best with 96 battery life available compared with 93 on the s20 fe and 94 on the oneplus 8t i was actually a little bit surprised by the battery drain test i streamed video on all three of these smartphones with the exact same settings brightness levels and everything and i found that the pixel 5 and the s20 fe were more or less neck and neck the s20 lasted for around six and a half hours the pixel 5 was just over seven hours as the oneplus 8t actually stormed it in this video test with 10 hours of playback per full charge but while the oneplus 8t definitely doesn’t impress for its battery longevity the recharging speeds will just blow your friggin head off you’ve got that 65 watt warp charge support which basically means plug it in even if it’s completely drained and 40 minutes later you’ll have a fully charged phone the pixel 5 in comparison seems almost lethargic with its 18 watt charging speeds and meanwhile the s20 fe does support charging speeds up to 25 watt but samsung has been incredibly stingy and just bundled a 15 watt charger in the box you’ll have to need to stump up if you’re on fast charge if you want to take advantage and both samsung’s galaxy s20 fe and the pixel 5 support wireless charging as well if you can’t be asked with cables and therefore also support a bit of wireless reverse charging slash

power share slash whatever you want to call it so if you’ve got some headphones or another accessory that supports you charging you can just slap them on the back and actually get them charged up on the go if you want to charge your oneplus 8t wirelessly well good luck because it doesn’t support it now let’s finish up this a mega comparison with a quick squint of that rear camera tech on all three of these smartphones which offer a very different hardware and software setup now the s20 fe and the pixel 5 both have a 12 megapixel primary sensor the oneplus 8t has a 48 megapixel primary sensor but it does shoot in 12 megapixels by default you can boost it up to 48 megapixels if you do fancy using that max resolution though and as you’d kind of hope and expect at this price point you got optical image stabilization built into the primary lens on all three now i did find that the color reproduction was the weakest on the samsung galaxy s20 fe in my test shots often subjects shot in daylight conditions appeared rather light and cool compared with real life due to over saturation whereas the oneplus 8t and the pixel absolutely nailed it time and time again i do recommend turning off that ai mode on the s20 and the oneplus 8t though if you want your colors to look natural however though under further scrutiny i discovered that the oneplus 8t test photos often lacked finer detail unlike the s20 fe and the pixel 5.

you definitely need to use that 48 megapixel mode to rectify this and then that impacts other aspects like the photo brightness as usual of course you’ve got the full complement of bonus camera modes on all three of these smartphones such as for instance a good bit of portrait mode or as samsung likes to term it live focus and i thought this certainly works well on all three of these smartphones although crazy hair is slightly bulky at times uh definitely absolutely fine if you’ve got a baldy head like mine in low light conditions the oneplus 8t definitely starts to produce warmer colors while the others caught quite well you get impressive details shining through quite natural looking photos the night mode uh just seems to make things look even worse on the oneplus those colors do not look natural at all and i also found that the oneplus 8t occasionally struggled to focus in proper low light even with that night mode active you’ll also find you’ve got an ultra wide angle lens on all three of these smartphones as well 12 megapixels in the case of the galaxy s20 fe whereas it’s a 16 megapixel on the pixel and the oneplus 8t and the quality of photoshop with this lens are a lot more similar between the three the oneplus 8t tends to produce slightly brighter shots while those ai modes once again boost the colors at times and the s20 fe also serves up an eight megapixel telephoto lens with three times optical zoom and optical image stabilization this maxes out at a 30 times hybrid zoom level although at that top level things get proper blurry but it

does do well at 10 times zoom the oneplus 8t does not have a telephoto lens just a five megapixel macro lens and a monochrome lens frankly who really cares so if you want to zoom into your shot well it will max out at 10 times with digital cropping as for the pixel 5 that also does not have a telephoto option uh so it’s the same deal as the oneplus 8t but at least google didn’t waste time bulking out the camera setup with a lot of macro crap and to be honest no complaints on the video upfront on any of these smartphones you can shoot up to 4k resolution video and indeed on all three you can shoot 4k video at up to 60 frames per second if that’s your desire and personally my favorite for home movies is the s20 fe absolutely stunning looking video on there and you’ve got full hdr smarts in case you’ve got a high contrast seen as well and you’ve also got the benefit of the pro video mode as well if you want to get very precise kind of results messing around with the likes of the iso levels the white balance all that kind of stuff the oneplus 8t offers a pro photo mode so you can mess around with those things when you’re taking still images but nothing for your video and meanwhile the pixel with its emphasis on point-and-shoot ease of use definitely does not have any kind of pro smarts on there and let’s finish up with a quick squint at the selfie camera setup on all three and it’s uh most impressive in terms of specs here on the galaxy s20 fe it’s a 32 megapixel front facing shooter 16 on the oneplus 8t and a mere 8 megapixel on the pixel 5.

That said i actually preferred the results here on the pixel compared with the other two quite a lot of the time certainly if you want to fit in a lot of mate into one selfie or you want to get lots of background action on the go then the s20 fe and the pixel are slightly better than the oneplus in that regard but i definitely found the likes the portrait mode worked much better on the pixel 5 and the oneplus 8t than it did on that s20fe so there you have it that in a nutshell is how the samsung galaxy s20 fe the google pixel 5 and the oneplus 8t all stack up side by side for their specs their features performance battery life camera tech the works so which one is your personal favorite would be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below i’ve done videos on all three of these smartphones go check those out for a closer look at the software the hardware and everything else and if you haven’t already please do pork subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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