How to Root the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE

everyone Cuba kidding 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a video showing you how to root your HTC EVO 4G LTE from Sprint it’s actually quite easy so don’t expect this to be very vigorous it’s very simple so this will only give you a route it’s not going to install any custom recovery so you’re not going to be able to install roms and such I’ll be doing more videos on how to install custom recoveries unlocking your device and such so be sure to stay tuned for those be sure to subscribe but right away this will just give you root access you’d be stuck rooted you can use your root apps you can get free Wi-Fi tethering I’ll do a video on how to do so there you can delete bloatware everything that it is good about rooting your device so let’s go ahead and jump into it first of all on your phone you’re going to want to go to settings scroll all the way down and go to developer options and you’re going to want to make sure USB debugging is checked you’re gonna want to make sure that’s checked up at the top once you’ve checked that you are just about ready to go so what we’re gonna need to do is don’t plug our phone into our

PC yet do not plug it in yet we’re gonna need to install the drivers on our PC first so we’re gonna want to make sure we do that so click on the link in the description of the video below it will take us to the AC Syndicates site as you can see go ahead and scroll down feel free to make an account here I username and such feel free to join in on the forums but anyways go ahead and as you can see how to routes drivers are right here so click on this link it will take us to the HTC site you’ll see its TC sync for the evo 4G LTE right here go ahead and hit read more and then scroll down and you will see a download button right here click on that download button let it download and then install it so it’ll basically install the drivers for your phone after the drivers install I highly recommend rebooting your PC so go ahead and let the drivers install and then reboot your PC alright one more thing after you install the drivers you’re gonna

want to hit start and then go to control panel and once you’re in control panel under programs hit uninstall a program’ we go ahead and generate your list what we’re gonna need to do is uninstall HTC Sync sometimes I can kind of mess with your device when you’re doing this so you’ll see HTC Sync right here you only want to understand its DC sync you’ll see the drivers up above it are still there but HTC Sync hit uninstall and it yes so we’ll go ahead and remove sync but it’ll keep the drivers installed so we should be good on that front with the drivers and such so go ahead and remove HTC Sync as you can see it’ll probably take a bit of time so

I’m gonna go ahead and uninstall it and I will be back alright I also have a CC sync manager I’m gonna remove that as well it’s you shouldn’t it it’ll take a bit of time to remove as well so I’ll be patient with that of course you only need the drivers and the BMP USB driver as well so let this let both of these remove and we should be good to go once we remove them all right once uninstalled we are ready to go and then you’re ready to go in the driver category so you’re also going to need to go back to

that thread and click on this root files link right here so click it download the zip file here yes I do want to give a shout-out to XD users Sparky M 3 and Dan Rothenberg for the root exploit here I also want to give a shout-out to 0 max as well so thanks to all three of those guys so make sure you have the drivers installed on your PC you also want to make sure you have these root files downloaded once you do you’re actually ready to go you can go back to your phone alright so once we’re back to our device we can actually plug it on in so go ahead and plug in your Evo LTE we’re also going to as you see USB debugging connected up the top make sure it says that have charged only on and hit done so go ahead and hit done and you’re ready to go so charge only USB debugging on and we are ready to go plugged into our PC let’s go back to your PC and once we’re back to our PC we’re gonna want to go into our downloads folder or wherever we downloaded that that root file so once we have that root file downloaded you’ll see it’s called Evo 4G LTE root right here I highly recommend making a folder on your desktop just right click on your desktop and hit new as you can see I have one or right here it’s called Evo LT you just hit right click and then hit new folder create a new folder and then call it whatever you want Evo Ltd I’m going to call it you can call it whatever you want just make sure you know what it is and once you have that folder made go ahead and double click on this Evo 4G LTE root

zip file that’s in our downloads and then select all of these files here click and drag all of them over to your Evo LTE folder there so it’s gonna go ahead and extract into that folder once it does we’re ready to go you can double click on that folder and as you can see all of those files are already in that folder alright so what we’re gonna need to do is actually double click on where it says run me it’s actually a Windows batch file so go ahead and double click on that of course make sure your phone is plugged into your PC just hit run and here is our script right here as I said shout-out to Sparky m3 and Dan Ross and bugs or the exploit can’t thank those guys enough but let’s go ahead and it says press any key to continue when you’re ready so go ahead and press any key and what it’s gonna do is just go ahead and route our device actually it’s it’s very simple as I said so it does everything automatically it’ll reboot your device a few times as well so don’t freak out agency says reboot number one do not disconnect your device so you’ll see my evo LTE will actually go to the HTC boot up screen in a second here because it’s rebooting so they’ll actually reboot a few times so you’ll see reboot once it boots back up it’ll actually reboot again and it’ll continue through that same process it should only take my guess is no more than five minutes I’ll let you know

obviously when it’s done but so it boot it back up it says reboot number two do not disconnect your device again so of course do not disconnect your device so do not unplug this cable while it’s running through doing its process so let it reboot and I’ll be back once it’s done doing its thing alright so as you can see it rebooted against and remounts succeeded it looks like everything worked properly everything actually did work properly looks like it says rebooting so at the end once it’s done it says pressing key to continue you can press any key to exit out of the script actually but your device should automatically reboot if it doesn’t for any reason you can just go ahead and press and hold the power button but as I said my nota matically rebooted so I’m gonna go ahead and let it boot up it could potentially take a little bit longer than usual to boot up so kind of be patient with this first boot up and I will be back once it boots back up alright so after my phone rebooted back up and actually rebooted again I’m not too sure why but if yours does that mine just did it so kind of be patient with that you’ll see it’s booting back up again so this time it should boot up just fine let’s go ahead and double check and make sure so we actually boot it up it’s an Android is starting and then it did kind of a soft reboot and rebooted my phone hopefully nothing bad

has happened I’m sure nothing bad has happened but let’s go ahead and of course double check and make sure this boots up which it is doing right now and there we have it so don’t be alarmed if it does that soft reboot after it boots up the first time mine just did it so do not be alarmed I kind of wanted to hopefully make sure you guys saw that so you can actually unplug your phone since we are done there with the script so you can let it load on up alright so now that everything has loaded up I should see the su application in my app drawer and I do where is it there it is super su right there so there it is I have it you’ll see it’s called super su you can actually go into it I highly recommend doing this it says the SU binary needs to be updated continue go ahead and continue it’ll go ahead and update your binary and there we are ready to go now so I have went ahead and installed an application called root check from the market the Play Store actually so I’m gonna go ahead and hop into it just

to show you guys that I am of course rooted so I’m gonna hit verify root access it’ll it’ll ask for super user permissions I’m gonna grant it super user permissions and of course congratulations this device has root access so there you have it that would be how to fully root your HTC EVO 4G LTE from Sprint’s and that would be it so your stock routed of course your bootloader will say tampered if you don’t know what that means basically it’s just a way that Sprint will know you routed your phone so you’re gonna need to if for you need to take it back to sprint for a warranty reason or anything you’re gonna need to watch my how-to unroot video so you can get it back to complete stock unfortunately it will wipe all your data but it will get rid of that tampered on your bootloader so keep that in mind but there you have it that would be how to route your HTC EVO 4G LTE got supersu in the app drawer you can now get free Wi-Fi tethering I will do a video on how to do so so I will link to that in the description so be sure to check that out be sure to subscribe to me as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks for be sure to give this a thumbs up

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