Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Full Review!

hey every person cuba king 77 right here from AC syndicate dotnet right here to do a complete review video on the current android os upgrade android 4.1 jelly bean this is an upgrade from 4.0 Ice Lotion Sandwich I’m just gon na be discussing a number of the various features numerous of the brand-new things practically whatever so let’s go on and also obtain into it naturally this is my Galaxy Nexus I’m gon na go ahead and also power it on so you people can examine out the brand-new boot computer animation and there it is so it’s an extremely refined boot animation simply that tiny symbol got those various colors beautiful sort of reminds me of the gingerbread Nexus Buddha animation simply undoubtedly a little smaller so it advises me of it I personally simulate this not a big follower of luxurious boot computer animations yet I like that subtle boot animation so anyways proceed as well as boot up immediately you are welcomed with an all new lock display in fact so go ahead and tap on the symbol and you will see that you got sort of a various kind of animation going on here you likewise have one more shortcut and also you will see Google right up right here I’ll reach that in a sec it’s called Google now but anyways you got your electronic camera application faster way in addition to unlock so there’s your brand-new lock display too so upgraded certainly not very much various from

Ice Cream Sandwich yet here we go we also have a new alert bar which is type of called the Alert Center it’s extremely amazing so we draw it down and also today you will see this totally revamped and also it looks entirely different up on top here you will see that I have a lot of different alerts going on certainly a hundred new messages as well as a little behind them my e-mail is in fact 102 however anyways I have actually got a an alarm system below I had a calendar occasion for work you’ll see primarily within the brand-new notice bar you can do things you can act while you have notifications so as I can as you can inform you can snooze this work notification right now best within the alert bar allow’s state you have a missed phone call you can recall directly from the notice drop-down bar as well to ensure that’s something else that behaves naturally you can still swipe swipe them away if you do not intend to see them or tap this symbol up right here you additionally see it when there’s space your emails will certainly increase as well as it will type of sight a fast sneak peek of them you as you can tell I have a little a lot of so but besides that though you can truly inform that they’re they’re doing a great work of obtaining these alerts down this switch right there clears away your notices obviously you have your Setups button you have the time a really type of big time right there

which I like in addition to the date also naturally this is this time is incorrect it’s most likely one in the morning today yet generally I’ve seen various shade scheme also to this notice bar you have one more type of cool thing is when you tap on the bar at the base it illuminate that Gelato Sandwich blue one more very amazing feature of this notification bar is actually when you draw it down you will certainly see that the screen obtains darker as you pull it down better so you will certainly see just how it it starts to lower as you bring it down better and also lightens back up as you bring it back up so simply a sort of neat animation there that Google is implemented I do like that a whole lot of course you can go directly right into those setups when we enter into settings I scroll down you’ll see the setups food selection is practically practically the exact same most likely to about phone as well as under above phone Android version right there 4.1 jelly bean obviously so of training course Google includes their remarkable Easter Egg promptly tap on the Android variation and there you enter into red 4.1 jelly bean got a great jelly bean smiling at you press and hold on them and you obtained some drifting jelly beans there as well as there you have it so there’s a good little concealed

hidden function within jelly bean certainly obviously it was a little various on Ice Cream Sandwich however apart from that though various other things I do on show is in fact something that they call I think it’s project butter and what it is basically is to an objective is to make it so virtually enhance an ice cream sandwich and also make whatever as smooth as feasible and also appear as quickly as smooth as possible and I assume they’ve done a fantastic work when I do things simply go between applications at panels and also widget panels as well as such it feels smoother than Gelato Sandwich even going in between applications you’ll see it’s got a various opening application when I open that messaging application it kind of comes up where I open it which is which is pretty neat that coincides with the dialer too or clearly any type of various other application that I do release whether it be the browser I pack up the web browser and it’s clearly mosting likely to pack on up why I’m on Wi-Fi right currently naturally yeah that’s that’s actually great if you guys see when I entered those settings if I go right into some kind of setting I’m not precisely sure which one I intend to go right into but if I enter into more you’ll see it’s obtained those little different computer animations when you when you go in with them clearly even regarding phone anything like that or it’ll simply sort of it vanishes and it makes it really feel extremely smooth

as well as refined and also Google did a great work at surpassing that an additional thing that they type of enhanced upon is let’s say I intend to add some applications to my house display certainly it’s it’s virtually all the exact same you can drag and drop app a person an additional create a folder or nothing absolutely nothing different regarding that however allow’s say I have actually got applications right below and also I intend to order a widget as well as put it on my residence display such as my book marks widget what it does is basically when you attempt and put it in a specific spot where there’s applications what it’s mosting likely to do is Reis it’s gon na move the symbols that are currently there as well as resize your widget to the appropriate size so it will in fact fit so certainly you can move them around anywhere you would like so that’s type of really cool really just how it does immediately it just flips them around lets you recognize you can’t resize it if you want it to yet yeah that’s that’s one more cool attribute exactly how also if it does not fit it will certainly move the applications and your widgets to make it fit if there’s space on the residence screen so there one more good cool attribute it kind of reorganizes your applications as well as such another new point is you press as well as hang on that residence on your residence display you got gallery live wallpapers and wallpapers just a little various look there you go – wallpapers you obtain all your your jelly bean wallpapers obviously so you can set a wallpaper as well as there you haven’t obtained one of my preferred jelly

bean wallpapers if you do intend to get those on your gadget I have a video on just how to I will certainly connect to it in the summary of the video with a download as well as such however aside from that though in your after I do not know if you individuals notice your widgets are a little different the panels below they just panels rather than just the icons so it’s a little various within there if you men can see it’s very smooth experiencing these I don’t understand certainly if you can discover or not yet extremely really fast it appears extremely smooth it looks excellent certainly few visual improvements whatsoever but you most definitely have some rate improvements everything appears really smooth opening closing applications your recent running applications appears to be fast let’s go in advance as well as open some other applications so I can obtain that taking place electronic camera applications really brand-new as well I will reach that in just a 2nd yet once more your recent running APS’s is it’s extremely smooth undoubtedly swept away absolutely nothing new there within that alright so let’s get into that new cam application so pack it on up and also obviously understands there will be no shutter lag when taking pictures with your Galaxy Nexus let me carve a plan look so I can take some images however anyways if I intend to take a photo of this pen of training course all

you do is press this button takes it as well as you’ll see it’s got a little various computer animation it’s it’s called I think film strip it’s simply obtained a little different animation when you take a picture it’s it’s wipes away which is extremely neat I can take them in clearly in order and it simply maintains taking them with that said zero shutter lag it focuses takes it and swipes it away I can go straight right into that gallery you’ll see it it kind of opened up that gallery if I countered go right back right into that cam application extremely seamlessly which is obviously new so it does a great job at that within your gallery allow me go ahead and also most likely to the gallery application itself and also proceed and also go right into my app drawer most likely to gallery go right into electronic camera so I have a lot of different images here I just took laptop that pen so if I enter into it certainly you can swipe via like regular or you can squeeze in as well as you’ve obtained I think that film strip style so you can look with every one of your various images undergo and if you do not desire one allowed’s state you’re undergoing as well as you’re like oh that one doesn’t look as well excellent allow’s swipe up as well as it gets erased easily so swipe them all up the ones you do not desire they obtain deleted you can reverse it if you unintentionally

delete one so that’s just that brand-new filmstrip function you can tap on it to go back in zoom and certainly cam looking pretty great there to make sure that’s a wonderful brand-new feature about the gallery really electronic camera also so great that they upgraded it it appears like the high quality of the photo and low-lighting is a bit better as well within this application alright and also one more cool point is the google now really so touch on this Google search bar and it’ll take you to Google now what it what it is is essentially I did some random searches as well as such but what it can do is it shows these cards right here you’ll see I had a calendar event called operate at 6:05 a. m. That reveals up it reveals in your area your your residence team so White Sox 112 the five heck yeah it reveals my location and you’ve got your climate as well so looking ahead to that hundred level day today actually yet you can reveal more cards so you can touch on it as well as obviously it’s going to show more allows you recognize who the white sox play you can show sample cards as well you have food selection with settings refresh settings as well as such I’m not going to truly get right into those of course I can claim Google Google exactly how long does it take to run a mile and then it does a Google search for you so there you have it it simply lots on up with that Google search you can

transform it to photos places to make sure that’s an extremely quick method to do a Google search there with your voice naturally or you can kind it you’ll see with this with this new keyboard you’ll see that it’s type of a drop-down arrow right below instead of the back arrows though so it allows you understand that when you push that arrow it’s simply gon na fall the keyboard it’s not going to take you back which is rather great you can push as well as hold really there’s some fast fast ways to reach it press and also hold on that house display switch and also it turns up you’ll see you can go directly to it and it takes you to that generally your your Google now application letting you recognize all your different things that in fact will let you recognize navigation points also I believe if your general practitioner is on it’ll basically allow you recognize the length of time it’s going to require to reach specific cities what traffic looks like on your way to work all that great stuff to make sure that’s very amazing once more it has it on the lock screen pop into that lock display I indicate lots it up rise and it takes you to Google now once more once more it recognizes you stating the word Google I think you type of have to be peaceful prior to and afterwards claim Google or you can just touch right here kind it in or you can touch on this symbol as well as simply claim it so there you have it there so very amazing computer animations are terrific I do like this Google currently so we will certainly we will see where they choose it I believe

as well as absolutely do a whole lot of excellent things particularly due to the fact that they obtained that Google internet search engine certainly a lot to check out besides that though they do have a brand-new key-board really so allow’s go to that messaging application as well as make up a new message and also start keying a message so when I intend to kind a message I will see it say hey there so when I state hi as well as press space you’ll see as opposed to the various spelling that they normally have up in this bar there’s a word forecast so you’ll see it claims hey there so if I push space our faucet on it it’s in fact going to replace certainly it’ll hey there is the very first time – the very first time to be initially so it’s got a word forecast system taking place that’s meant to be superb so you definitely do not desire to inspect that out I myself really like to have the spelling there so yet there must be a way that you can enter into settings and locate a method so allow’s go to language and also input as well as go to the settings of the key-board and after that decrease to advanced and you’ll see next word prediction you can turn that off if you don’t like it so once again that’s just a brand-new feature with the keyboard as well as again you can turn it off so I can state let’s state hey room you’ll sees I placed a room as well as the spelling shows up once more so do not worry you can turn off that word prediction if you’re not a fan of more forecast like myself I do choose to have these spelling marks so do not be distressed if you you resemble oh I do not want that word prediction so anyways it has

new language support included language assistance I think it has emoji support for I know in fact a few people pointed out exactly how Android does not have that as well as they want it so it does have it currently Android Beam of light with NFC has actually been updated generally you can share videos as well the NFC which is fantastic you have offline voice typing so if I typically you had to have a particular data connection whether it be Wi-Fi 4G 3G to do your voice keying so if I intended to kind a message with my voice I tap on this hey there just how are you doing today I wish to hang around later on so there you go and also undoubtedly I was kind of talking really quickly aside from that though you’ll see it functioned obviously I’m not linked to Wi-Fi anywhere I simply detached from it but you got that offline voice typing as well as one more incredible point that I actually such as is the clever application updates new feature within the Play Shop so what it is is basically certainly lots of you guys recognize you obtain EFT updates regularly you obtained notification stating oh you got a new app update turned up data come upgrade it yada yada yada and also

you have to do is in fact sit as well as wait for it to completely download the entire brand-new application itself however now with this new smart app updates what it’s mosting likely to do is really only update the components of the application that you need so it’ll be a smaller download it’ll be quicker installment will certainly be quicker also so it’s just going to update the part you require in contrast to downloading the entire application itself which is clearly truly terrific it’ll make things far better on less data use it will just make your life less complicated to ensure that’s concerning it though that’s actually all I desired to cover that’s practically every little thing new with the Android 4.1 jelly bean upgrade really fantastic can’t await it to obtain rollout formally to lots of different gadgets this is my springtime Galaxy Nexus I will certainly be doing video clips on exactly how to mount it on various gadgets as well as such so most definitely make sure to sign up for me of training course you’ll possibly have actually to be rooted and have clockworkmod set up unless you get the main over-the-air update but certainly make sure to register for me follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all the web links will be in the summary of the video below and as constantly thanks be certain to provide this video a thumbs up

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