AOKP Milestone 6 ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

everyone keep it King 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a review video on the AOKP rom milestone 6 on your samsung epic 4g touch i do have a video showing you how to install this ROM I will link to it in the description of video make sure you watch that i’ll be going over a couple other things with the recovery wise with this rum in this video but let’s go ahead and get into it so right away you’ll actually get to launch or options you have launcher which is basically the stock ICS launcher you also have nova launcher which is the same except it adds some various tweaks such as transition animations and a bunch of other goodies so definitely be sure to check out nova launcher i like it a lot so you do have stock launcher option along with nova launcher so to there you have the stock Ice Cream Sandwich launcher AOKP is made to emulate stock ice cream sandwich with some added tweaks similar to cyanogenmod 9 if you are familiar with that but let’s go ahead and go into settings scroll down go to about phone under about phone you will see it is Android version 4.0 point for ice cream sandwich right there it is down at the bottom mod version lets you know you are running aokp so very cool there lets you know you are on a okay p other things obviously you’ve got your nice Ice Cream Sandwich style over scroll glow settings menu as

well up the top notification bar you do have the nice blue ice cream sandwich color for the clock you have the stock battery icon stock signal bars my numbers not on my epic 4g touch at the moment so it’s not going to show any 3g but anyways you can swipe down the notification bar you’ll see up the top you have the Settings button tap it and you will see it toggles these settings right here looks like you have a brightness setting Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth rotate by default those can be edited I will get to that in a second but again you just tap on that settings and they go away press and hold on the Settings button and it takes you into the actual settings itself you can also press and hold on these toggles and it takes you into that specific setting so again I press and helped on the Wi-Fi toggle it took me straight into Wi-Fi overall though very clean status bar it is somewhat transparent but it is dark tinted down with the bottom says sprint right there so overall looks very similar to the stock Ice Cream Sandwich experience press and hold on the home screen you could change your wallpaper of course you have me okay p wallpapers right there if you like those aokp style wallpapers there’s actually a bunch of them there’s a lot there you go so we’re going to set this one with Obama and aokp there you have it so that’s pretty funny right there so again let’s go ahead and hop back into settings and when we go into settings you see you have Rob control themes and device options so you have a theme chooser right here so you have system you have a

chromatic as well I believe you can get some aokp themes from the Play Store don’t hold me to it I’ve really looked into it yet myself but let’s go ahead and apply the a chromatic one I mean hit apply anyways I don’t know if this is going to work or not you’re enough to be careful with some theme some of them work some of them might not yet to make sure it’s compatible but right away it looks like it has worked I changed my wallpaper unfortunately it didn’t like Obama but there we go I mean obviously a different theme too it’s not my cup of tea i prefer the stock Ice Cream Sandwich theme but again it changed it on the fly which is very cool that you can do that you can get other ones as well so I get that theme chooser I’m actually going to go back to the other theme the just basically stock theme so let’s go ahead and let that apply and there we go back in here though we have rom control so we have rom control right there in general you I general user interface you can disable the boot animation so if you don’t like the boot animation get rid of it I believe it should boot up potentially a little bit faster if you disable it don’t help me to that though allow 180 degree rotation lets you basically tip your device upside down and it rotates recent windows style basically what that is is when you press and hold the home button give your recent running apps list basically letting you know what apps are running you can actually swipe those away to get rid of them but you can change the window style from stock web less and sense for so we can go to webos sorry i need to actually allow it superuser permission so i’ll hit allow Ryan control has been granted superuser permission slip all right looks like when I mess with those settings I did something if anything happens like

that just reboot your device and it should be just fine so go ahead and let it reboot I’ll be right back all right so quickly rebooted the phone and we’re good to go sorry about that I just accidentally messed up but let’s go back into rom control and go back to general you I again those recent running app style let me actually open up a couple applications so you can kind of see basically what it’s supposed to look like let’s go ahead and go to the messaging application let’s go into the calculator there so now we have some applications open again press and hold on that home button and it it should open it on up those recent running apps go back into our settings around control general UI and recent windows style so we can try webos style and we will see it should reboot for us I don’t think you should have to manually reboot it looks like you might have to I don’t know exactly why it’s making you do that but there we go ok so it just takes a little bit of time so just be patient with that when you do if you do decide to check those out but here is the basically webos style more of a horizontal look to it if you like it you can also change it to the sense for style which I’ve just done press and hold that home button and you got your more sense for style I’m not a big fan of it myself as I ran it on my EVO 4G LTE but again more of a horizontal style as opposed to that vertical you can swipe applications up to get rid of them again it’s your

choice be sure to check them all out you’ve LCD density CRT screen off animation which is when you press the power button I don’t know why I didn’t have it there it goes so that would be CRT screen off animation right there you have show ime switcher which would be show the keyboard switcher in your status bar while typing so if you don’t like that popping up you can get rid of that enable volume options right there you have a bunch of different volume options hold back to kill on press home action rotation delay so you have a bunch of different settings there navigation bar which would be the bar like as such on a Galaxy Nexus having those on-screen buttons again I’m not going to mess with those just because it’s hard to mess with them when you have capacitive buttons so it just kind of reduces screen space so I’m not a big fan of doing that but otherwise that you can check them out if you to you have lost screen options right here lock screen wallpaper text color style you have a different style again you have stock AOSP so let’s go to AOSP which i believe would be from gingerbread which is volume on off and unlock you also have honeycomb so you have a honeycomb lock screen right here so you just bring this circle outside of the bigger circle and it unlocks and you also have obviously stock which is what was on there before the stock Ice Cream Sandwich lock screen to unlock or open up

your camera application either one of them and you also have three targets up to eight targets basically what that targets does is allows for you to add custom applications where you can add couple shortcuts over here within the circle and you can go to those again which is very cool so you can mess with those I believe you have to scroll all the way down and you’ll see custom apps right there just go ahead and enable certain ones and you can mess with that you have much other lock screen things menu and lack wait lock screen battery percentage lock screen whether volume wake volume music controls as well lock screen calendar again this is crazy how many options you do have just on the lockscreen alone enable fast towards horizontal lock screen quick pin on luck and show lock screen before something else before secure unlock so again a lot of lack screen options there we have power menu options which is when you press and hold that home button I’m the power button excuse me you power off reboot airplane mode and sound profiles you can show torch toggle and screenshot as well on navigation bar toggle as well so again you can take a screenshot torch flashlight should turn on which it just did and you can do all that with your power menu options whoops forgot to turn off that there we go and now we also have weather so you can change whether settings power saver LED options as well you can

pollster a shin etc status bar settings which is when you pull down that status bar right here general settings right here you can use the faults settings behavior auto hi toggles enable brightness control so if you don’t like brightens control on the status bar up there enable USB debugging icon transparency show notification counts toggles why so here’s where you can customize toggles that I was telling you about you have enabled toggles you can add and get rid of certain ones if you don’t use bluetooth you can get rid of the Bluetooth toggle if you use let’s say torch a lot you can add a torch tackle so i added a torch toggle you will see it is right there i can turn it on and my torch turns on right there toggle it off and there we go so again very easy toggle order you can change the order of them so i mean you can put one up above the other you can change that you can change the layout as well whether you want just icons or basically these toggle switches so if you want it back to the icons you can switch that they are scrollable i believe if you add a lot so there’s your personal preference their toggle style reset toggles as well you have clock options and PM style color your battery options you can change your battery icon style from icon only you have other ones as well

up at the top here you have text only so if you only want the battery percentage to be up there you can use that you also have icon with text so there’s that I come with centered text and circle mod right there so again personal preference over when you like you can you have a bunch of different options there if you can have a battery bar which lets you know your battery percentage by the bar up there charging animation as well you have signal options performance options be careful with all of these again max CPU right there no overclocking at the moment it doesn’t look like but yeah be careful when messing with these performance tweaks only mess with them if you know what you are doing so those are all those rom control options again aokp allows for so many different options and such themes we already went over device options you can go into basically you can change your screen basically the color and look of it you can change some sensors ethic feedback vibration as well so again be careful if you mess with those device options other than that though it’s really about it for settings I mean crazy amount of settings apps wise you really have very minimalistic amounts of apps it is pre rooted you have all those AOSP style applications such as the

messaging application hop into it again stock messaging application stack Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard hey there how are you and there you go so I mean you basically have look and feel of ice cream sandwich on your device with all of those added tweaks I just went over again it also includes a custom recovery twrp recovery I’ll get to that in one second I mean everything should be working though bug wise i mean everything should work just fine you can take pictures as you can see i just took a nice picture there it works great did not have any noise whatsoever which is awesome so I mean camera should work fine text messages picture messages everything should work fine GPS should work 3g 4g you’ll see of a 4g widget right there that you can toggle your wimax that should work just fine you can turn that on and I believe an icon should show up when it’s scanning I don’t know if it does or not unless it just connects but we what we can do is actually go into settings go to more and you’ll see 4G settings right there it’s doing some scanning right now it’s not going to connect since I don’t I mean why next hours in my area you’ll see it disconnected so again 4G does work just fine as I said GPS should work Wi-Fi pretty much a fully working port of AOKP on our device so definitely rom you’re going to want to check out very awesome you have other some cool widgets and such right here drag and drop

apps on one another and it creates a folder so if you want to do that you can get that nice folder option there you can actually pull down the notification bar while in your lock screen so if you want to toggle something on or off very quickly but really that’s that’s just about everything i want to show you with this aokp rom as i said though it does have a custom recovery called twrp recovery where we are what i recommend doing is just hit reboot recovery and what did you do is automatically reboot us into that custom recovery a lot of people obviously know about the emmc bug where if you do a factory reset in certain Ice Cream Sandwich based recoveries it can potentially brick your device since this Colonel is built from source you should be able to do a factory reset within this custom recovery just fine and you should be able to flash any rom within this recovery as well so to show you that I’m just going to do a factory reset real quick and then reboot my device letting you guys know basically that it’s safe to do a factory reset in flash a rom it was always unsafe to just do that factory reset it was always okay to flash a rom but you didn’t want to do a factory reset so you basically couldn’t on the other wrong with those Ice Cream Sandwich recoveries but now again you got twerp which is touchscreen obviously so again

you got install you have two white men you where you can wipe factory reset cashed out of cash all that good stuff install you can use external or internal storage you can go up a level and there you go you get a bunch of different options again just go to reboot system I’m going to let it reboot and I’ll be right back alright epic 4g touch has booted right back on up again just it affect your reset so I’ve got to go through all of this setup stuff but I mean as I said it’s working just fine again do everything at your own risk but I would feel very safe flashing around with this recovery and there you have it there so that would be just about it that be a full review of the aokp milestone 6 rom on the samsung epic 4g touch be sure to let me know you think be sure to subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all links will be in the description of below and as always thanks for watching be sure to give this a thumbs up

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