Reset Custom Binary Flash Counter on Samsung Galaxy S III with TriangleAway

every one cubic Inc 77 here from the AC syndicate seen here to do a video showing you how to reset your custom binary number your flash counts on your Samsung Galaxy s3 this should work on basically any variant I know it’s ATT Sprint t-mobile Verizon all the us variants there I believe it supports the international version as well I believe that Canada version as well but first let me go ahead and let you know what I’m talking about so you guys aren’t just doing this blindly basically when you actually unroot your device when you flash that stock tar to get you back to complete stock if you’ve rooted your phone you most likely have a count on your flash counts so basically let’s go ahead and get into download mode obviously volume down home button and power button all at the same time and then I can show you exactly what I’m talking about so press and hold that then press volume up to continue once you get into download mode here or odin mode as some people call it up at the top you will see right here custom binary download you will see yes and then a number basically letting you know how many times that you flashed either a custom kernel or something like that via Odin or a

custom recovery all that good stuff that will trip that counter right there so it will say yes basically carriers most likely won’t look at that some might it kind of depends on how knowledgeable the tech is at your specific carrier and basically repair center if you’re trying to return your phone for a warranty reason but if you’re going to send it in to Samsung is they’re most likely not going to take it because it says that custom binary download has counts and now I’m going to do a video showing how to reset it to get completed back to stock as I said it’s pretty hit or miss with carriers if you try and return your phone if you fu just flash the stock tar so what I’ll recommend doing is before I mean you can do this and then probably after you do do this then go ahead and restore your stock tar afterwards to go ahead and run route your device after you reset this counter so let’s go ahead and show you how so you can actually press and hold the home button to get out of download mode that will just reset your device or you can obviously pull the battery put it back in and power on button it easier to just press and hold the power button let go and then it should reboot your device so let your phone reboots in the meantime let’s go ahead and click on the link in the description of the

video and it will take you to this website it’s basically an ex-dea site where it has information on this application so it’s called triangle away which should reset your binary download count along with remove the yellow triangle if your device has that that’s for Galaxy S 2 devices actually but let’s go ahead and scroll down you’re going to want to read some of this because it lets you know basically what it’s going to do you will see right here support for samsung galaxy s3 all basically the US variants going on there I’ll let you know which ones are supported you can download it from the Google Play Store which I recommend doing go ahead and click on here and download it I believe it’s $2 so it’ll be a $2.00 application for you or you can click on triangle away apk it’s actually the apk file itself just transfer that apk file over to your device and install it manually otherwise does get it from the Google Play Store so you can choose which one you want to do I do recommend donating to chain fire because he is awesome so be sure to thank him for this application getting this going for us but once you have it installed on your device go ahead and go back to your phone alright and once we have the application installed as you can see triangle away right there

you can go ahead and hop into it and we are going to need to allow it Super User permissions so again you need to be rooted to do this so before you go back to stock and Unruh your device you need to do this first so let’s go ahead and hop into it granted Super User permissions again you can follow him on Google+ or Twitter so do that as well and once opened up we are ready to go so basically it’s going to show you your current status of your flash counter and lets you know how many which was five as I showed you earlier custom and SP hl7 10 so it recognizes my device and basically lets me know that it it knows that this is a Galaxy s3 and once you’ve double-checked and make sure made sure that current status matched your device go ahead and press reset flash counter danger this is a dangerous operation do this at your own risk so make sure you do do this at your own risk go ahead and press Continue it should automatically reboot your device and basically reset that flash counter for you so it says flash counter has been reset hit OK and I thought it was going to reboot maybe not so it doesn’t look like it’s going to reboot our phone but now what we can do is go ahead and

power off and we can go into our into download mode and double check and make sure that it says zero now so let’s check that out all right again volume down home button and power button press and hold all of them volume up to continue and takes us into download mode and then up at the top you will see custom binary download it says no and there you have it so that’s what you want it to say no that would basically will remove any trace that you’ve ever routed your device or install anything custom on your device so there you have it it now says no and you are ready to take it back to just whatever manufacturer or carrier that you would like to again as I said it’s probably hit or miss if you don’t want to reset this if you don’t feel like resetting and taking it back to your carrier for a warranty reason it’s probably hit or miss depending on the certain tech that you give it to but other than that though that is it that’s

basically taking you completely back to stock after you do this method then go ahead and unroot your device flash that stock tar that’s basically

the only reason you’re going to want to do this is basically to take it back for any warranty reason or anything so you can then go ahead and run that stock tar and you are ready to go so there you have it that would be how to reset that custom binary count on your Samsung Galaxy s3 various versions as well let me know you think I’ll through this work for you be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all the links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks be sure to give this video a thumbs up

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