CyanogenMod 10 JB Rom on the HTC EVO 4G LTE – Preview

every one cubic 877 below from the air conditioner syndicate in her to do an evaluation video sort of previewing as well as showing off signage of my ten jelly bean on the HTC evo 4g LTE offering you a bit of a development in condition upgrade as a great deal of you men have been asking me about it asking how progress is going and also everything I would not claim it’s a day-to-day vehicle driver right now which is why I’m not doing a just how to set up video if you do intend to look into the most recent develop usually there’s a costs just concerning daily you’ll need to take a look at the evo 4g LTE IRC chatroom you need to head into their for download links and also such I can connect to that if you men recognize what you’re doing there otherwise i would say resist until i do just how to set up video but or else allow’s proceed and also reach the full testimonial and also you have mounted my number gets on my evo LTE i’ve been evaluating some stuff out so to start with you wish to enter into setups scroll down go to about phone under android variation you will certainly see four point one point one right there which is jelly bean of training course so we do have jelly bean on our device you will certainly scroll down more you’ll see signs place variation 10 i rapidly touch an android variation of program you obtained that little hidden jelly bean easter egg

press as well as hold as well as you got some jelly beans there as well as additionally if you swiftly tap on cyanogenmod variation you have indicators of month 10 there press as well as hold as well as you obtained some floating signs of mud people going on right there or else though let’s go on and look into a few other stuff you obtained a lot of various other different things certainly this is jelly bean Oh see I have some emails right there with notifications you can really pinch in and also lessen them you’ll see minimize and also optimize if you get an image message let’s say you get an inbound picture message I will generally preview the picture for you if you want to reduce that you can squeeze in and also minimize it if you would certainly such as to of course you can swipe them away if you desire to just obtain rid of them there but otherwise though various other things that we’re working image messaging work fantastic message messaging job wonderful I sent out a text message no worry let’s say I want to send out one to google 466453 and we will state hello it will send picture messaging inbound and also outgoing worked just great both of them functioned wonderful I no concerns with incoming or outcome mms cause worked simply fine let me proceed and also make a fast telephone call so you’ll see I’m going to go telephone placed it on audio speaker alright so call functioned I obtained an incoming telephone call in fact which

Functioned fine too so trigger we’re functioning just fine GPS did not work I can not get gps to function I believe mass storage space does not work so you can’t I’m out your phone to your PC so that doesn’t work either but you will see up at the top right here 3g data is working simply great i believe 4G functions as well so you see you obtained that good AOSP like style draw it down yet those good notice bar widgets right there which I’ll obtain right into us it I will certainly get right into in a second since you can really modify those edit the order as well as such however you see time and also date right there this is a costs from August sixteenth so this is the simply a review from August sixteenth in case you’re viewing this at a later day I will certainly be doing updated videos of program for you individuals but otherwise allow’s go into go in advance and check out some other points after sensible I imply nothing out of the regular you’ll see you have the Apollo songs application from cyanogen mod which obviously works well camera exists electronic camera works just fine actually it claims can not connect the electronic camera I really require to do a reboot the factor why it stated that I I’ll talk about that in a 2nd me reboot my phone additionally while reboots you’ll see cool see I’m tiny a fast sneak peek of it that boot animation there it’s a little bit edited I don’t know if it’s main or not

you also see process phone has stopped that will really happen it’s simply undoubtedly component of the develop up until 3g connects so i actually simply need to wait for some information to link or else the phone’s going to proceed to compel close there undoubtedly just little insects occasionally undoubtedly this isn’t a staple construct for day-to-day use which I mentioned at first however or else as I stated I wish to talk concerning the video camera so we can enter into electronic camera currently that I rebooted the reason it really did not job was since I actually changed to video camera video clip cam you can not video document in all it does not work so if I wished to take a quick picture below so we will certainly see I will certainly my on video camera currently so allow it focus and take a fast photo and there you go so certainly you can continuously take these pictures you can swipe over from the right as well as watch those photos that you simply took undoubtedly focus zoom out return to the video camera application so video camera application in fact really functions well you can I don’t know why it’s got that little dark sneak peek picture there so I do not know why it does do that but it does function let’s see front dealing with electronic camera works there you go front facing camera functioning just great but once again don’t tinker video electronic camera since it doesn’t work if you do determine to try this build for on your own otherwise however in the appropriate or anything else uncommon I indicate all the primarily supply applications nothing you recognize rom manager there it is quite rooted naturally you do have google now so go to our check out our lock display of course you have the jelly bean lock display with a lock video camera and Google currently you can pull down

that notification bar while on your lock screen certainly we can proceed and also go and look into google currently and obviously it enters into the setup so i indicate you’ll have to establish up google now i’m in fact pretty delighted to see just how well this functions i’m sure it needs to work simply great alright says google searches quit so maybe not um i truthfully do not recognize this is a brand-new costs that actually simply came out about 20 minutes back so there we go so it draws on up we will proceed and also state up looks like it’s a it’s liquidating google search has actually stopped alright so i can’t get google now to function i’m actually not going to tinker it excessive it’s attempting however it’s not working so once again most likely simply a little insect in the build no big deal there if you wish to take a screenshot volume down and power press and hold breaks a fast screenshot there you will see it provides you a little preview of it this is similar to what would appear if you had a picture message sent to you it’s got a preview of the photo you can pinch in and also decrease it obviously you can optimize your your e-mails as well so you obtained a bunch of various alternatives really rather trendy there so clearly touch on it it must have the ability to enter into that screenshot there you go to ensure that’s kind of wonderful these switches are in fact remapped at least the recent running apps switch is remapped to a setups switch menu button sorry so you got a menu button down there press and also hold the home button for that recent running apps listing which is really smooth as well as fluid or else though I mean

the ROM does really feel very fast extremely fast as well as I’m actually very pleased at the speed of it i do want to offer a proclaim to toast cfh and deck as well they’re two of the main men obtaining points going i believe i’m not exactly two favorable that is doing whole lots but i want to give it a shot every person included if anybody else is entailed as well let’s go as well as enter into this supply web browser obviously includes that supply jelly bean internet browser loads on up google com we can try loading up a different internet site right here attempt loading up air conditioner organization net again i get on 3g so this may take a bit of time as well as there we go tons that up so seems to be extremely smooth no real lag in all when going with this screen so very wonderful there otherwise though let’s return right into the settings i do have some settings i desire to reveal off you’ll see you obtained some launcher setups there launcher setup lines you have some home screen ones grid size search bar a lot of various ones there girard sign up with without show page sign no doc no symbols in general you can vehicle rotate the display so when you’re on your house display it up it will actually auto revolve for you obviously excellent with my flag hole I can simply hold it horizontally or up and down either one if you utilize the kickstand as well otherwise return into those setups and you have some lock display settings screen security history vibrate battery condition I’m going to change that to always on because on my lockscreen I do like seeing what the battery percent goes to you’ll see it’s at ninety-two

percent I can include some owner details whether if you want to add some whether you can display it calendar and also slider shortcuts so slider faster ways is something you truly desire to mess with if you intend to include a faster way just swipe it up to where you intend to include it you can add an application or a number of other stuff if I wish to add the messaging application simply hit okay as well as you will see it gets included their right to my lockscreen really quickly really simple hit that Save switch and it is conserved so now when I go to my lock display you will certainly see i can go rapidly to that messaging application by changing that slider faster way theme wise you can add some styles simply browse cm10 in the Play Shop you obtain a number of motif alternatives you can use those if you would love to system settings standing bar setups you have am PM design you can conceal the clock you can have different battery status style with icon percent just showing the far better percent with the smaller sized icon or conceal it also you can have illumination control up there I think if you press as well as hold up below as well as go left as well as exactly on the standing bar I don’t believe you can have vehicle illumination on for that to function so you can toggle that too power food selection display shot you can examine that and when you continue the power switch you’ll see there’s a screenshot alternative after that which is clearly a fast option

that you have there you can change some hardware tricks also I wish to go back because system notification cabinet as where you can edit these alert widgets these widget switches so you go to widget switches you can add a lot of various ones allow’s claim I desire to do toggle brightness I wished to allow’s state toggle anything any Tagle orientation you will certainly see those obtain included if you have a whole lot on there you can swipe through them right here so you see Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS a lot of them get on allow’s check out the torch so you’ll see lanterns on lantern functions well there so you get a number of different ones there you can riffle of as well so transform your widget however notice if you desire the LED flashlight to be the initial one you can as well as there you go so you have a great deal of alternatives there for your widget switches which I like to have those are awesome to have you can near to run adjustment hi scroll lock it scroll bar forgive me and haptic responses too but in general that’s really concerning all the important things I intended to cover and reveal you individuals you will certainly see naturally for jellybean sensible if you wanted to add a certain widget like the book marks widget it will in fact reposition these applications that are on your residence display if you wish to drop it in addition to a specific place so you’ll see the apps are all

moving and such just to make room for your you’re specific widget they’re simply scrollable you can resize it as well obviously however I imply total I’m I am pretty thrilled with the speed and also exactly how fluid this round is running obviously encountering specific pests occasionally which is which is anticipated certainly this is still simply a genuine early alpha build a preview build to get points going and also just offering you a condition update and also just how cm10 indicators montana is coming on your HTC evo 4g LTE as i stated i intend to keep you men upgraded as possible so i intended to do a fast testimonial for you men yet yeah I indicate the electronic camera button functions I think it ought to open the electronic cameras you’ll see you can take photos with it as well so I didn’t point out that when I was in the video camera application before however otherwise that’s actually concerning it that’s all i intended to show if you have any concerns or you have any type of comments you’ll definitely have to let me understand what you believe make sure to leave a comment make certain to subscribe too follow me on facebook twitter google+ all web links to be in the summary video below and as always thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up

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