How to Root the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note I717 on ICS

everyone Cuba King 77 here right here to do a video clip demonstrating how to root your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Ice Cream Sandwich so it would certainly be an updated video clip for the most up to date version on the Galaxy Note or else though there’s actually no prerequisites firstly you’re gon na in fact require to ensure you have your phone powered off currently so you can go ahead and also power it down now if you want to so just go ahead as well as power off your phone while it’s powering down you can proceed and click on the web link in the description of the video clip it’s gon na download a data straight to your computer so you can go to your computer now as well as the Downloads gon na look like this it’ll be called a teen teen note ICS origin it’ll be a zip folder what I recommend doing is go on and also create a folder on your desktop so simply proceed and also strike brand-new and you can just say origin note that’s what you can call the folder as soon as you have that folder on your desktop you can increase click the 18t note ICS origin after that you’ll see four data select all four of the documents and transfer it on over to your origin note folder right there so make certain it’s transferred on over

as well as as soon as that transfer is full you should have the ability to double click on that root note folder and it must open up a folder with all four of those documents in there so you must see all 4 of them you can proceed and also double click on where it says Odin 3 with that said little symbol right there Odin 3v 1.85 double click that permit it customer account control right there struck indeed and also this will certainly open odin for us so this would certainly be Odin right below you must familiarize yourself with Odin with all Samsung gadgets due to the fact that normally Odin is used to unroot your tool as well so when we have Odin opened you can simply proceed as well as push the PDA button right here on the best side press that button as well as as soon as you press the switch go in advance and go to your desktop as well as discover that origin note folder that we did make that root note folder locate it and also inside you ought to see this tar documents Odin and also 1-7 once I won seven I 7 one 7 clockworkmod recovery before data dual click on that recuperation and you’ll see the personal organizer box obtains examined and it has that file right there aside from that though that Odin is all established to go currently what we require to do is proceed and also power off our you can see galaxy notes so just proceed as well as hit shutdown as well as it perseverance off as soon as it powers off we’re gon na require to enter into something called

Odin or download setting alright once our phone’s completely turned off to get involved in Odin electric motor download oil press as well as hold quantity down as well as power switch at the very same time keep them held back and also it will take us to this warning screen right here press volume up to proceed so simply press volume up as well as you will see downloading right below so this is download mode when you’re in download mode you can actually proceed as well as grab your microUSB cord and also connect it into your computer system so go ahead and also connect that on in and also once plugged in your PC can potentially start downloading and installing vehicle drivers so allow those mount when installed you ought to see a yellow box in Odin and it ought to state typical than a number it does not matter what the number is simply make certain there’s a yellow box with common than a number once it reveals the yellow box as well as the pide box is examined and just car reboot is examined right here you can just go in advance as well as hit begin what that’s gon na do is in fact install a personalized recuperation called clockworkmod it will immediately reboot your phone you will certainly see it claims reset Nodin which our Galaxy Note must immediately reboot you’ll see it claims pass it just took 13 seconds if you do have any kind of concerns with Odin in all usually the offender is the wire try a different USB cable television try re-installing motorists try using a different USB port so those are the main troubleshooting steps with Odin so proceed as well as

let this reboot I do want to offer a shout-out to my friend Michael Tom flag group for sending me this phone so I can do videos to reveal you men just how to path it and also unroot it and various other various videos but definitely be sure to look into a flag slit on your Galaxy Note it’s rather much a necessity since the screen is so huge it makes it a lot easier to hold in any direction and utilize your phone so much simpler so certainly be sure to take a look at that flag hold considering that it’s already connected right into our computer system that’s what we desire we want it to appear on our computer system as a storage space device so leave it plugged in as soon as I Holden says past though you really disconnect your tool so you’ll see it states pass you can in fact leave out a ballot as well as you don’t need it anymore this is what we want we want this autoplay to come up as well as you desire to strike open gadget to check out data so you will see phone right below this would be the inner storage space of the gadget you will certainly additionally see an SD card if you have an SD card in there yet what you desire to do is go in advance and click as well as drag this extremely customer zip data where it’s a superuser which was in that origin note folder among the four files click and also drag that zip data right into the phone storage you could potentially

drag it to the SD card storage space it really does not matter yet simply make certain you drag that zip file over to your phone storage space you will see it there Super User 3:07 right there and as soon as it’s moved on over you can proceed and also unplug your tool from your computer as well as once unplugged we prepare to go so currently we are gon na require to mount root we do not have root yet we just have a custom-made healing if you’re seeking to mount a ROM you can simply go on and do so currently or else though we do need to enter that healing and get us rooted so allow’s most likely to our phone so we can do is proceed and power off our device because again we require to enter that customized healing allow it close down all right when your phone is fully closed down to get involved in that custom recovery that we simply mounted press as well as hold the quantity up quantity down and power button all at the very same time till the first Samsung display illuminate so proceed as well as press as well as hold all three of them and also release as soon as that Samsung display brighten and after that what must take place is it will go ahead and take you into that customized healing that we do have so let that tons on up as well as below it is right below clockworkmod based healing 5 point 5 point absolutely no factor 4 as well as awesome so we do now have clockworkmod mount them device once again if you want to set up about just go on and do so now rounds are typically pretty rooted or else though let’s go on and obtain this infant rooted utilize the volume backwards and forwards tricks to navigate via

clockworkmod as well as the power switch to select whatever option you would love to mount so now what we need to do is simply go down to install zip from sdcard press the power switch as well as then go on as well as hit select it from sdcard or down at the bottom pick it from interior sdcard which is what I’m mosting likely to pick even if I place it on the inner sdcard that s you whiz data so pick that and afterwards you proceed as well as browse to that Super Customer zip documents I navigate to it press the power switch to select it as well as after that go on and also browse to of course install Super User dot zip hi of course and also then what it’s going to do is go in advance and run with and obtain our tool transmitted it claims setup aborted so it’s that installation aborted do not stress concerning that simply proceed and also return and afterwards hit reboot system now so go ahead as well as reboot your device and also allow it reboot all right so our phone has actually rebooted and also even though it did claim aborted it ought to still be rooted you can enter into our app cabinet and in our app below you must see a application called Super

Individual right there which was set up when we blinked that zip documents so currently you see Super Individual let’s check as well as make certain we are rooted you’ll see an application called root check here I downloaded that from the Play Shop you can do so yourself as well it’s simply called origin check you can go on as well as go right into it and allow’s go on as well as check that we are rooted hit concur and after that we’ll all we have to do is struck confirm origin accessibility select that switch and afterwards you permit it Incredibly User authorizations and also then there we go congratulations this tool as origin gain access to there we have it we are now totally rooted on our AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note you can currently go on and secure free tethering all that great things as well so I will certainly do a video clip revealing you just how to break out Wi-Fi tethering so you can check that out if you wish to otherwise though make sure to sign up for me you can follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all the web links will certainly be in the description of the video if you have any type of concerns do not hesitate to ask simply leave a remark other than that though thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up

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