Review Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Worthy OnePlus 8T & Samsung S20 FE Rival?

so as we thankfully reach the arse end of 2020 there have been an absolute shag ton of flagship style premium smartphones hit in the uk for around that 600 pound price point stuff like the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition and the oneplus 8t which packs some proper bonus stirring specs but thankfully won’t set you back a cool grand and now xiaomi is weighted into the free with its fresh me 10 t pro a 600 quid handset that serves up a mighty 108 megapixel camera some super fast 144hz visuals and a bit of proper snapdragon 865 grunt now i’ve been using the xiaomi mi 10t pro as my full-time smartphone for the past week or so and here’s my in-depth review and for more on the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so your feelings towards the xiaomi me 10 t pro are likely to be swayed by how fun you are of phones that are big enough to chalk a blue wheel at 6.67 inches this is one of the bulkiest smartphones of 2020 especially when you factor in those bezels surrounding the screen which isn’t exactly super skinny and the 218 grams that is a proper weighty more for as well but at least you’ll know when some thievin bugger tries nick it out of your trouser pocket because suddenly you won’t be struggling to lift your leg every time you walk but godzilla-esque size and weight aside i do quite like some elements of the me 10t pro’s design for one that gorilla glass 5 court and back and front means it is tough as well as huge just yesterday in fact this thing slipped out of my grasp and slammed onto a hard floor and not a single scratch dent chip to speak of in fact i’m surprised they didn’t just leave a crater in the ground and this shiny lunar silver backing doubles as a mirror whenever you want to gears adorantly at your luxuriously bushy eyebrows as long as you clean off all of those greasy prints and muck first sadly it is still the older android 10 on here rather than the fresh new android 11.

But at least you do get xiaomi’s latest miui 12 launcher which is a definite improvement over previous incarnations i love how you can swipe down the left side of the screen to open your notifications and the right side to open this new apple s control panel which is completely customizable and crams in all of the shortcuts you’ll ever need unfortunately you do not get an always on display feature on the mi 10t pro because it doesn’t have an oled screen but you do get most of those other miui 12 features on here including the video toolbox for enjoying a nice bit of youtube audio even when the screen is off and you’ve also got that security app as well which gives you fast access to a whole bunch of really useful tools and features and i’ve actually covered most of the new bits and my favorite features of me ui 12 in my in-depth tips and tricks guide so go check that out for all you need to know the only other miui 12 feature that doesn’t come as standard here on the me10t pro is the super wallpapers feature which is a real shame because it’s really bloody good and again i think that’s down to the fact that it does not have an oled display but again go check out that tips and tricks guide and i’ll show you how to get super wallpapers onto phones that don’t naturally natively support it and all of the usual android features are present and correct here on the xiaomi mi 10t pro including google peer support which worked absolutely perfectly and don’t worry about ads popping up all over the place in miui as some youtubers seem to be doing a bit of scaremongering about because i literally saw a single ad the entire time i was testing out this me t pro in the past week or so and that was when i was using one of xiaomi’s own tools to clean out junk files from the storage oh and speaking of storage the good news is you’ve got 128 gigs packed inside the xiaomi mi 10t pro perfectly respectable amount at this sort of price point and also it’s ufs 3.1 as well so nice and fast and energy efficient just like on the oneplus 8t sadly that can’t be expanded by microsd memory cards however if you pull out that sim chair there’s room

for two sims but no memory cards now while the mi 10t pro sports the kind of premium hardware that prompts thighs to be rubbed all over the place things are a bit more sedate when it comes to the display tech so what you get here is a 6.67 inch full hd plus ips display there’s no oled tech there to speak of which is something that a lot of rivals at this sort of price point do offer so yeah you don’t get quite the same deep blacks or gorgeously crisp whites as alternative options but don’t think for a moment that this is a substandard display the mi 10t pro could still play hdr10 content on the likes of netflix with very eye pleasing results while colors are accurately reproduced too the lord just noticeable color difference of 0.39 isn’t far off the oneplus 8ts 0.3 reason and certainly photos are realistically reproduced here but best of all because it’s ips tech the mi 10t pro sports a stunning 144 hertz refresh rate and if that was an oled screen that would have really bumped the cost up quite a lot so that’s the kind of feature you only find on those really beefcake gaming smartphones and like said beefcakes the xiaomi mi 10t pro is powered by a snapdragon 865 chipset ably backed up by eight gigabytes of ddr5 ram so it’s not exactly hugely surprising that this blower can absolutely piss its way through any game that you want even if

you smash those graphic settings to the very topmost levels xiaomi didn’t disclose the exact touch response period here but i found that every twitch my fingers on that perfectly flat panel resulted in instant reactions so i could actually bring a wee bit of pain to those bloody school kids who spent their entire half term playing call of duty and your gaming prowess is helped along by the usual nifty miui 12 game turbo feature as well which has been slightly tweaked and improved in this incarnation once again offers fantastic notifications blocking and lots of other features to really keep your focus on the game the stereo speakers setup also helps out when you’re gaming on the go and i found that use that quite a lot for streaming video as well because unfortunately there’s no bloody headphone jack on the mi 10 pro thankfully the bluetooth connectivity proved absolutely fine there were no stammers when i was paired up with speakers or headphones and the usual slew of codecs are supported and xiaomi didn’t skimp when it came to the 5g smart either finding presumably plenty of room inside of that massive chassis for qualcomm’s x55 modem now my t-shell also has a 5 000 milliamp battery stuffed inside and holy friggin moly does this thing deliver in the longevity stakes the me 10t pro is like the simpsons still going strong after 150 seasons or whatever it just won’t friggin die a full charge will give you roughly 10 hours of screen on time so i found that i could just about get two full days of use out the xiaomi mi 10 t-pro from a single charge as long as things were too nuts with the likes of call of duty or zoom

and suddenly it’s not the fastest around when it comes to recharging but it’s got 33 watt support on there and i found that you could get full charge in around an hour and 20 minutes or around half charge in 35 minutes and xiaomi has also cut costs based on the axe and the wireless support on this thing as well but oh no you got to plug in a cable at the bottom when you want to recharge it suck it up buttercup now xiaomi was of course the first ford manufacturer to slap a ridiculously powerful 108 megapixel camera sensor onto one of its blowers and the mi 10t pro certainly does not wimp out there you once again have a meg primary shooter using samsung’s hmx sensor and packing optical image stabilization everyday photos came out pretty well you don’t need to jack it all the way up to the maximum 108 meg resolution to bag yourself crisp looking photos colors look true to life as long as you leave the ai mode well and truly alone although even with it turned on the results aren’t crazy artificial just slightly boosted in places and portrait results once again look very good indeed just remember to turn off that stupid watermark feature which comes enabled by default and i completely failed at that for the first couple of hours of testing results are still pretty sharp when you move indoors and it’s not too often you’ll get grainy picks unless the light is particularly ambient and you once again have a dedicated night mode for capturing finer detail when things get a bit dim

and producing a brighter more balanced result it’s nothing revolutionary like huawei’s night mode but it is a helping hand for sure meanwhile you got a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle lens which offers a different view of the world although it also produces warmer colors more often than not compared with that primary lens and i did see some very soft results at times too especially where the background is concerned you also don’t have a telephoto lens here on the mi 10 t pro with an actual optical zoom but that 108 megapixel main sensor means that you can digitally zoom up to around five times and still get some fairly sharp looking photos although beyond that things do get proper hazy oh and there’s also a five megapixel macro lens on the back of this thing as well hooray besides how you get all the usual bonus camera features which i won’t rattle through right here the only notable one being the photo clones which is kind of fun to play around with on the whole movie front you can shoot up to 8k resolution video here on the b10t pro but that does feel like total overkill and i had serious playback issues when trying to watch back that footage on my laptop frankly the 4k results look good enough on a monitor or a telescreen you’ve even got a smooth zoom option which works well and audio was perfectly captured even when i was outdoors and things were a little bit breezy and things don’t get too soft when you move indoors again just like when you’re snapping picks there’s also a 20 megapixel selfie camera which is

absolutely fine for those insta shots although if you are shooting against a bright background you can expect some proper over saturation i’m talking mega blowouts so that right there is my full review of the xiaomi mi 10t pro and it is an absolute beast so if you’re looking for something a bit more compact bit more easy to handle might not be the best one for you and if you’re absolutely adamant you must have oled tech as well then that ips screen might be a bit of a disappointment but i honestly really enjoyed watching media playing games all kinds of stuff on this thing the performance is fantastic the battery life is great and i’m really getting on board with that miui 12. so that’s what i think but what do you think have you been using the xiaomi mi 10t pro probably not something has actually only just become available around about now as this review is going live would definitely be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourself a lovely friggin rest of the week cheers everybody love ya [Music] you .

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