Black Bean JB Rom on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus [REVIEW]

every person can be king 77 here right here to do a video clip doing it full testimonial on the black bean jelly bean rom on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus is around this courtesy of team bake so large many thanks as well as yell out to them I do have a video showing you how to install this ROM I will certainly connect to that in the summary of the video so if you require to know just how make certain to check that out or else let’s proceed and also enter it so this would certainly be an awesome ROM to take a look at if you have a Galaxy Nexus as it is among my faves it is developed from AOSP four factor one factor one jellybean so you can go in advance and also jump right into setups as well as scroll down most likely to about phone you will see android variation 4.1 factor one jellybean right there baked variation the most recent since today which is the 23rd it states torna plus black bean for so it’s black bean for that would certainly be the latest today you do get to introduce our alternatives you have apex as well as trebuchet trebuchet is they’re both generally the stock jellybean launcher pretty much some have actually other included attributes apex has a bit more features rather than trebuchet so you’ll most definitely have to inspect both of them out yourself you will see that peak has a downloaded and install alternative but both have the

widgets and apps can join into one application drawer horizontal still certainly got that great animation opening applications has clearly the nice jelly bean and also animations you will certainly see that it is does have inverted applications generally instead of the white appearance it has a much more dark and also black appearance which makes it in my opinion look much better together with save battery because it utilizes darker colors you can go as you can see i did send out a test text as well as it is obviously black instead of being white I don’t my number of my galaxy nexus currently so obviously the message did fail otherwise though you have several various settings you’ll see right here I do not have any type of power widgets going on right now i will reveal you those currently you do see you do have baked rom control you which gives you a heap of different options so right here it is you have system options with efficiency setups just mess with these if you understand what you’re doing you can overclock if you want to you can under clock you’ll have to provided superuser authorizations also you can alter your governor so only mess with that if you know what you’re doing together with the prop contemporary init.d tweaks too you have some audio setups so when you plug in your headphones it can in fact open up an application so if you always listen to songs when you plug in your headphones you can have that open up exact same with bluetooth a2dp

connect connected activity as well as encounter down sound when you flip the phone over a tete it has a do an activity as well so there’s some awesome sound settings power menu which is when you press and also hold the power button you can have it reveal screenshot navigation bar toggle as well as account chooser as well so you have those choices to add along with reboot aircraft setting and vibrate sound chooser volume down as well as power does take a display shot much like on stock jelly bean you will certainly see you also have nav bar settings which can transform the navigating bar you have a number of alternatives where you can alter the menu place where the menu switch is when the food selection visibility reveals you can have it constantly show and other options you can alter the color of them so let’s claim I intended to alter it to this light blue I can select that as well as there we go I transform from white to that which is cool you can change the globe color also certain actions you can have it too long press actions and also different points so on the whole very extremely good settings for the navigating bar you can have it be extra or less clear also or else you have system setups which going into them you can have show you I overflow menu button which I’m not certain specifically what it does to be straightforward I really do not know

what that examine button does allow eliminate all button which would certainly eliminate all the applications you can disable the boot computer animation and also force tablet UI this will force the gadget to utilize the tablet interface you can attempt if you wish to I can show you that currently it states needs a reboot so I examined it I’m gon na reboot now and I will certainly be right back alright so I restarted and it resembles it really did not stick I’m not exactly sure why that customer interface did not function I’m not as well worried concerning it I would suggest utilizing paranoid android if you’re seeking the tablet computer individual interface otherwise though you do have a lock display settings here prior to i enter lock display settings i wish to leap down the status bar settings where you have alternatives to activate power widgets or toggles power widgets are I think this signs in mind power widgets and also toggles are the aokp so you have your choice which one you like far better they simply look a little bit different so there’s power widgets on and also toggles I will certainly activate also so you can you can see them both excuse me so I can draw this down you’ll see both of them get on the top ones the cyanogenmod bottom once the aokp aokp ones you have alternatives to change the format too tip from symbols to words so you see of those options generally a great deal of adjustments that you can make to these these standing bar toggles you can scuff you can enable different ones so if i wished to allow lantern an NFC or torch i will

close it as well as you will see torches there now i can go on and also switch on the lantern it should not use my LED light to transform that on them not exactly sure why it’s not operating at the moment so i don’t possibly the top of the lantern toggle does not function I don’t know there we go so just head to toggle it again so torch toggle works just fine dud I can riffle of them also toggle or again choose whichever one you desire whether it be sized amount or AOKP toggles it’s an individual preference honestly I like both of them so I would certainly have a difficult time picking in between the 2 you have signal setups battery setups where you can alter the battery symbol design from icon to message just so it’ll show you the battery percent symbol with message symbol with focused text which is where the message remains in the center of the battery and also circle robot also which shows you a blue circle with the battery portion in the middle to change the battery message shade you can likewise alter the charging text shade which is really nice changes be you can also have a battery bar up at the top that shows what your battery portion goes to that’s additionally a neat function clock settings you can actually change the clock style and also p.m. And the color of the clock and also condition bar settings which is where you can have a custom-made carrier tag you do have a lock screen settings we can proceed and also examine those out you’ll see you can add personalized faster ways to your lock display you do have the Google currently video camera and unlock established by default you simply browse to anywhere you want that custom-made shortcut to me can touch on that particular as well as you can pick an application contact trashed message direct dial I’m mosting likely to proceed as well as choose the messaging application so if I desired to choose that I just struck OK press the Save switch in the upper right-hand man corner and now when i most likely to my lock display the messaging application is a shortcut a fast shortcut right there so general that’s very amazing you can include custom-made shortcuts you can include whether you can present luxury yacht climate and you can transform the update interval I uncheck use statistics if you like Fahrenheit is rather than Celsius you can additionally have schedule on the lock screen as well as you have black display setups where you pick the background battery status make it possible for lock screen rotation all those numerous settings so on the whole you have a crazy quantity of setups that you can tinker extracted from whether it be aokp sign is your mod or developed by themselves but there are a crazy

quantity of settings within this rom control so substantial extremely fantastic that you can mess with all those setups you have device alternatives where you can alter the the shades on them together with the cpu only mess with that if you’re utilizing a custom-made a custom-made kernel I believe you also have the motifs alternative where you can transform the style I directly actually like the style that they utilize you will see even the food selection switch the settings food selection is all black as well as dark I truly like it a lot but if you like a various motif you can browse for I believe indications of my 10 styles from the play store as well as you can apply them if you want to an additional little cool point is that you can have individuals as well as limitations users it can actually it’s simply like a PC where you can have numerous individuals on their usernames as well as you can have it signed in let’s claim I have a Tim account as well as an allow’s state my sibling utilizes it i can have a sis account so we can enter between them and undoubtedly the symbols are going to transform every little thing like that so you have a pesky kid one where let’s claim if you have a pesky youngster option and you do not want them to make use of the browser or the calculator you also don’t desire them to use your messaging application let’s do that so no web browser nope

calculator as well as no messaging application now what you can do is press on the power switch and also you’ll see you can transform it from primary to pesky child it will primarily rejuvenate and afterwards you can see that there is no calculator messaging application or internet browser application in your app cabinet so they are not allowed to make use of that it’s just a little trendy attribute a little amazing setting that you can tinker with this rom itself general though it is exceptionally smooth I haven’t had any kind of lag issues anything like that the key-board is outstanding it’s inverted also so you have the very awesome jellybean key-board however it’s inverted so hey there how are you doing as well as send out and really great so recent running applications functions wonderful certainly entering between your various applications browser you got the stock browser nothing uncommon there you will certainly again you do have inverted applications so if you wanted to go to the Play Store let’s say the Play Store is inverted you will see things are extra dark as well as you have the wonderful black color to them when you go you’ll see right here so you’ll see you have that wonderful dark want to it aside from that you have obviously all the various jellybean attributes such as if I took a screenshot up at the leading it will reveal a fast picture of it or if you get a message you can pinch in clearly the various jellybean setups which are excellent you have

google currently which you can most likely to i think it is inverted as well so you have a good dark appearance to google now instead of that white look I again actually choose the even more dark aim to these applications since it versus its battery and also it simply in my point of view total appearances better what’s the weather like in Chicago Illinois it’s 57 degrees and also primarily over cast in Chicago okay so there you have it Google now functioning wonderful I do have a video clip talking regarding numerous points you can ask google map google currently and also with the voice search so you can inspect that out if you like to aside from that that has to do with everything i intended to cover so certainly allow me know you believe make sure to try this rom leave a remark make sure to subscribe also follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all web links will remain in the description of you listed below and as always thanks make certain to the a thumbs up

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