Samsung Galaxy Note II Issues – Screen Lag and More

everybody came right here from Cuba King 77 commie right here to do a video I’ve been utilizing my sprint samsung galaxy note 2 all day today and I have actually been enjoying it I actually simulate it nonetheless I have located some concerns with it some features and such that are causing concerns and also they require to be addressed really soon so to start with well my most significant problem in fact this is the biggest one somehow it troubles me a lot my main phone prior to the Galaxy Note 2 it has actually been the galaxy s3 I have actually been I utilize that greater than any type of other phone that I have and also I’ve become accustomed to how it functions and also just how it runs so when I got the Galaxy Note 2 I’ve observed it as soon as possible it’s the initial point I saw just because I’m so utilized to just how it ran on the galaxy s3 and also it’s a really simple attribute that requires to be repaired immediately so what it is is basically some lag on the note 2 when you turn on the display and also I observed it as soon as possible in some cases it’s not recognizable often it is extremely visible so what I’m gon na do is press the switches on the very same time I have a sprint samsung galaxy s3 running jelly bean right here a my note 2

running jelly bean too so yeah otherwise I’m gon na go ahead and push the every single time you see the screen line up I’m pushing the switch at the very same time so right here we go BAM right there that was that’s generally how it functions you saw just how much quicker the s3 display transformed on rather than the note 2 I’m gon na try it again take a look at that it’s not also a competition I’ll attempt it with the residence button also so let’s attempt it with the home switch pushed at the exact same time as well as do you see the lag as well as I suggest it’s so recognizable I indicate I go to press the screen I go to unlock it and also it simply it’s not on yet so I mean once again I was utilized to the s3 I transform it on as well as I know the quantity of time the reaction time between the display turn on and also being able to unlock it so we can do it twice much more so press it at the very same time again very same concern right below so you’ll see me pressing it at the precise same time that time I wasn’t regrettable however about 80% of the time I imply also that you because time Esther was quicker not by much however it was a little quicker yet I suggest 8090 percent of the moment the Esther he transforms on I mean practically a hundred percent of the moment necessary turns on prior to the note2 to ensure that is one little concern that requires to be attended to

Away because occasionally as you saw it took a little while to transform on as well as you require to rest there and wait for it to turn on prior to you can open your display so that is one of the primary issues that I am addressing right now that Samsung and Sprint require to resolve as well as push out an upgrade for it another one there are actually a couple of others is the multi window function is not available so when you press and hold the back switch you must be able to have a multi home window option that is not available right now I believe it had not been readily available in the international variation came out as well as they pushed an upgrade so I think they should eventually put out put out an update as well for the sprit berry to obtain multi home window functioning so that’s another concern I’ve been having an additional one is I do not understand whether or not it has an s-video radio as well as that would certainly be synchronised voice and also information I recognize the galaxy s3 does I recognize that HTC EVO 4G LTE does when you make a phone call for 3G will certainly function while you are linked to that phone call on the GAO its history and also the evo LTE however it will not on the note 2 I noticed that today I was I was on a phone call I was in fact on a lengthy phone

telephone call as well as when I hung up I obtained about 3G talks and a lot of e-mails simultaneously just from since 3G was separated so I can show that currently good so I got a number right here I will phone you’ll see I am attached to 3G right when I make the call 3 jack on it goes away as soon as possible there you have it which is a substantial problem due to the fact that undoubtedly that ought to be a lovely standard feature currently even though it is a CDMA tool you can not have an s-video radio within the tool to have it work with information and also calls so once more I do not recognize if it has that radio I don’t know if an updates gon na repair this yet that is something that needs to be attended to by Sprint and Samsung also and also the final thing I have observed that requires to be resolved is the reality that Google Purse is not sustained on this gadget yet which ought to come basic I don’t recognize why they’ve decided not to have it supported when you go to Google Wallet this shows up sadly Google while is not yet offered for your gadget or mobile network I do bear in mind a taking a little while for the evo LTE to be sustained on with Google Purse so I’m gon na obtain a little of time

but ideally in the close to future Google Budget will certainly be sustained also yet those are my initial problems with the note 2 apart from that though I mean all those other points I have actually truly enjoyed the device until now today I indicate I have actually just utilized it wherefore half a day so I indicate from what is so from what I have seen and also utilized it is very great as well as most definitely has a possible it would be a superb tool if those problems obtain dealt with the major one being this screen lag when I turn it on that is undesirable if you ask me so I figured I would certainly do a video clip as I know lots of people definitely want to see this type of things prior to they do purchase the tool I imply I spent over $700 on this tool today and also it’s having insignificant concerns similar to this that is inappropriate in my eyes so once more Samsung Sprint obtain your act together get out and upgrade as soon as possible to repair this or a minimum of recognize that it’s a concern because I have actually simply confirmed that it is I indicate the s3 clearly is turning on and also off much quicker equally as an example and also s-video radio services the s3 as while I can’t place my number on two devices so once again I can not reveal you that 3G works I I count on my evaluation video I chat concerning that with the s3 but otherwise those are some concerns with the note 2 anticipate many a lot more no. 2 videos so make certain to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all links will remain in the description video listed below as constantly many thanks be sure to offer this a thumbs up

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