Leaked FK09 Jelly Bean Rom on Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

everyone Tim right here from Cuba King 77. com below to do a complete evaluation video of the FK 09 jelly bean Android 4.1 point2 rom on our sprint samsung impressive 4g touch this is a dripped bill that does have a couple insects which i will cover in just a second first off i intend to go ahead and also enter into settings scroll down go to about tool android 4.1 point2 you’ll see constructed number is FK 09 i wish to make a note don’t mount any kind of previous modems ensure you remain on the FK 09 modem which it will certainly trigger problems if you install previous modem yet otherwise let’s go in advance and speak about the insects of this rom most of them have to do with calling as well as making calls some people are affected by them some individuals aren’t sometimes in the middle of a phone call you’re going to get an insect where the other individual on the line can’t hear you i think they’re referring to it as an unsusceptible to maintain that in mind that if you make a great deal of call you might want to rule out mounting this rom as every occasionally so I might not be able to hear you need to hang up going back and likewise I believe if they have a get in touch with picture at the end of the call when you strike

end or they hit end I believe your phone application force closes and also you might need to reboot your tool so those are both pests that I do find out about if any type of wishes to fill up individuals in with other pests feel complimentary to leave a comment but those are the two main ones that this ron has but or else 3g is mosting likely to help g works Wi-Fi works great yet i suggest everything else simply seems to be working simply great samsung has actually done a rather great work with this construct they’ve carried out a whole lot of features from the galaxy s3 which I’m excited regarding I in fact got it right below to show you men some comparison so I’m thrilled to get this video going okay so right here we go you will certainly see a new launcher immediately we have a comparable launcher from the galaxy s3 you’ll see you have four symbols down there as well as in app drawer when you enter into your apt or you have an area for apps as well as widgets apps are continuously scrolling and afterwards you visit your widgets those are constantly scrolling also you do have some brand-new widgets application keeps an eye on some climate widgets really comparable widgets that are on the galaxy s3 or the note you there it looks like they’re attempting to integrate the operating system on all the tools and also simply trying to keep things consistent which is a great concept

on Samsung’s part so so really amazing widgets other application sensible nothing always out of the ordinary it is pre rooted I have actually set up the pre rooted version there is an option to set up an unrooted version you can examine out my how-to video which I’ll link to in the description however or else we can proceed and also experiment with the cam application I intend to reveal you people that I’m mosting likely to hit terminate I have not made use of the cam the stock Gelato Sandwich electronic camera application on my epic 4g touch in a while but we can proceed and take a fast photo which takes it all so you have some effects that you can do no impact black and white negative as well as Sofia you have some other capturing modes view elegance smile shot and also cartoon as well so those are some options there and also of training course your typical setups just a various aim to the electronic camera application you can switch to video recording switch to the front dealing with cam so we can take a quick image we can take one more one so it seems to be running rather well we can go ahead as well as look into our gallery then loads it on up you have other motion things which I’ll obtain to in a 2nd appears like it lets you understand the date and also time of the photo taken that image looks actually really excellent you can see the simply the kind of indents on my hand it looks really excellent to ensure that’s sort of cool

otherwise though let’s go in advance and back out of the electronic camera application various other things I wanted to reveal you is we do have google now which i recognize a great deal of individuals are going to be excited regarding this is really great that samsung is actually carrying out some excellent functions with this legendary 4g touch and also maintaining points upgraded it’s superb Samsung’s doing a great job at maintaining their tools upgraded they’re most definitely go in advance in the best direction with updating devices so I do wish to take my avoid to Samsung on that note what’s the weather like in Chicago Illinois okay there you go 51 levels overcast in Chicago we will certainly now functioning great I do have a video speaking about some cool things you can ask google currently i will connect to that in the description of the video so you can ask them some amazing points and also attempt this out if you do mount this on your gadget so Google currently is functioning simply great you likewise observe that it does consist of the Samsung key-board which I do not believe was consisted of prior to so if I wish to do a quick Google search of something let’s state I wish to just claim hi there for no reason it does have swype attributes so it is similar to swipe or you can type normally so you can state hi there exactly how are you takes a little

while to obtain utilized to it’s hard with this camera in front of me yet anyways it does have those features also which is which is fantastic you can likewise take down as well as change your input technique you do have swype still if those of you that like swipe you still have that choice there are likewise a lots of lock display choices so you’ll see it appears like the basic unlock option but you additionally notice you have faster ways down near the bottom so allow’s claim we desire to go quickly to my phone application whoops I missed it that’s sort of embarrassing so you push on the symbols swipe away much like on the galaxy s3 and also it will pack it on up for example we got it right below push on the icon swipe away as well as it brings it up and also what do you know the dialers look the very same so there you go so once again despite having theming they’re trying to keep things really comparable which is wonderful so I’m mosting likely to set the s3 aside in the meantime therefore those are some lock screen alternatives we can go straight right into setups I also wanted to make a fast note of the updated want to our alert bar we have icons right below Wi-Fi 4G Bluetooth GPS sink and also display turning Quick Settings switch you got the moment and the day right there you can press and hold on a legendary promptly takes you into that setting so that promptly took me right into 4G setups which of program if I intend to get involved in gps just press and also hold

Currently we go back right into those settings and also we will certainly scroll down and also we go to show there’s an LED indication alternative where you can have it where it shows an LED when it’s charging a reduced battery alerts and also voice recording so there’s other numerous options where you can have an LED on there you can also show the battery percent so currently the battery percentage is going to show up next to it the style of this looks just like the galaxy s3 as i showed you the symbols up at the top wow that is insane battery portion precise very same on both of them inspect that out so i’m going to show you people that that’s incredible I do not understand why I assumed that was so cool with that it’s kind of cool all right so that’s sufficient of those display screen setups I wanted to obtain to the lock screen setups so I get a little sidetracked there yet we go right into lock display you can change your display lock to swipe face unlock activity pattern all the common ones we have lock screen choices here where you can have shortcuts on or off info ticker with news supply or Facebook information on the lock screen you can uncheck clock you’re going to do a clock if you’re roaming I ‘d such as to transform that off because it obtains bothersome you can also reveal whether on your house display so I can transform that on as well as help message I’m going to transform that off fast camera accessibility I can reveal you people that I’m going to transform on quick camera gain access to it’s when you touch and hold the

display and turn the device I think to so you touch as well as hold and also turn as well as it should open my camera application there you go it really did it to make sure that’s simply a little neat function I such as to have simply the quick faster way on the lock display anyways for cam gain access to I’m mosting likely to transform that off and currently various other choices shortcuts you touch on faster ways as well as it raises a list of choices so allow’s go on and also touch on a symbol allowed’s claim I use gmail more than my e-mail I do not have gmail us oh yeah I do so gmail gets replaced today as well as you will certainly see when I go straight to my lock display as well as now has a gmail faster way as opposed to that e-mail faster way so you can change those faster ways in the precise same point you can do on our s3 so you’ll see I go right into settings scroll down and also go to secure display and unlock display I have black display alternatives shortcuts choose faster ways it does have extra alternatives on the s3 however that I think that’s since the display is larger so they’re mosting likely to consist of consist of be able to add more icons on the display itself as well as we also have movement attributes I will show you that in setups you’ll see activity which is great so you have direct telephone call which is called the call currently displayed on the screen which is when you are in a message messaging string you put your hand up to your ear and it makes the phone call right away which is excellent dual tap to the top to succeed of the list tilt to focus as well as out pan to relocate the icon

panda browse images drink to update commit silence or stop briefly so those are some terrific activity choices you may obtain a bit of bugs with these I think they’re still exercising some some pests with these movement includes so just type of keep that mind direct calls the one I use without a doubt the mall to ensure that’s simply an additional incredible point so I can try as well as demonstrate that okay so to try and show it I’m going to simply try as well as relocate it up within a text messaging string within this number this number is I believe a sprint tech number so I can attempt as well as relocate up as well as it didn’t function i’m going to try as well as do it simply by relocating up to my face as well as we will certainly see and also it shakes and also it must be making the phone call and it did fantastic so dialing you get a little progression 5 and discover that on any kind of gadget to ensure that’s type of cool that when it’s calling it’s not going to function my number is an on my optic 4g touch yet a new in call display also i’m mosting likely to end that call appropriate there you have alternative to call message upgrade existing or create a contact so there you go that activity feature job great yet you can attempt it out for on your own if you desired to mount this ROM likewise when you press and also hang on the home switch it’s mosting likely to raise your recent running apps list which appears to be extremely efficiently of alternative to head to task manager as well as Google currently also so it raises your google search when you press that or you can remove all so if you instead

of manually swiping away all of them you press that rubbish can as well as all of them to get removed you likewise notice that visual bug where that were is that void down at the bottom is gone I’m really grateful Samsung has actually removed that little visual bug with that said gap down at the lower practically whatever I did wish to reveal you all the incredible functions from jelly bean with this stock launcher you can’t drag and go down applications to develop a folder yet it does move the icons like it must and jelly bean but you can drag it as much as produce folder and call your folder hit alright and afterwards you have a folder right there and after that I think you can drag and go down on top of each various other so that’s sort of neat that you have that and also after that you go you obtained a nice folder you got some good computer animations going on within that folder to open your applications but other than that you have a new browser as well the jelly bean web browser you can open new tabs you can open a brand-new incognito window also I am on my Wi-Fi so it must be rather fast i’m going to attempt filling up qbking 77. com and hit go allow’s see if it tons it on up as well as it is loading up terrific and also there it is so there’s my website you can inspect it out for on your own you wish to it’s obtained some

some awesome things on it so make sure to examine it out yet that has to do with it with the bra sir despite everything I did wish to show you people hopefully this review video clip assists you guys out shows you some brand-new functions and also gets you thrilled for an upgrade that need to ultimately pertain to the legendary 4g touch no suggestion when it’s going to be official naturally i’ll be doing upgraded video clips on it so again make sure to sign up for me but it might additionally discourage you individuals from believing regarding buying a galaxy s3 with these included software updates so simply sort of maintain that in mind yet let me understand you believe be certain to leave a remark make certain to subscribe as well ultimately on facebook twitter and also google+ all links will certainly remain in the description vide below and as constantly thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up

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