How to Unroot/Unbrick the Google Nexus 10 Tablet

never ever as soon as in here from Cuba King 77 tranquility below to do a video showing you the most up to date technique to unroot or unbreak your Google Nexus 10 tablet this will certainly bring it back to complete supply I am rooted you’ll see supersu right there in my app drawer so I am fully rooted but anyways what I’m gon na go on and show you individuals exactly how to do is bring it back to complete stock whether you require to bring it back for a guarantee factor you just wish to get back to stock for anything so this will certainly reveal you how to real a cube loader so you do not have that padlock down at the base of the display when your phone as well as your phone when your tablet computer start up so initial of all you’re going to require to click on the web link in the summary of the video clip as well as download as well as set up the one fresh toolkit on your computer I’m not mosting likely to reveal you how to do in this video but a my just how to root video clip I show you just how to establish that up on your computer so you can proceed and also examine that my how to root video clip the start of it reveals you just how to establish up that a person fresh toolkit so you can take a look at the start of that how to root video and also then come back to this video

as well as follow my directions however anyways as soon as you have actually that downloaded and set up on your computer go ahead and go right into setups scroll all the way down you’ll see designer options if you do not go to concerning tablet computer and swiftly tap on build number a lot of times then you’ll see programmer options turn up go on as well as go right into it turn them on and ensure USB debugging is inspected when your speed of bugging is checked we are prepared to go currently you can go in advance as well as go to that go to your computer as well as most likely to that tool package and also when we have this device set up you’ll see you need to select the device proceed and also push this fall and press Nexus 10 as well as then it claims choose the Android construct you are presently running so ensure you recognize which develop you’re on I get on 4.2.1 if you’re on a custom-made ROM so like that if you’re on as well as if you don’t recognize you can choose that however 4.2.1 is the current that is what I am running I’m out a personalized ROM at the moment I’m gon na go on and also apply it and currently it says see to it you speed an irritating as enabled hit alright currently what you’re gon na intend to do is set up the vehicle drivers on your computer so go on as well as choose full vehicle driver setup I’m thinking if you rooted you have the drivers currently on your PC I suggest simply avoiding the action 2 and also press P being that chauffeurs and also install those to ensure that is what I advise

anyways now we are ready to go what we’re mosting likely to require to do is now connect in our gadget right into our PC so get our nexus 10 as well as connect it right into our computer system once more as well as this desires vehicle drivers have been installed so plug it in once you’ve plugged it in we can go ahead as well as we prepare to go so you’ll see a back to stack switch I do intend to make a quick note that this will certainly do a complete manufacturing facility reset of your gadget so while your applications your contacts etcetera will be white I do not believe interior storage spaces cleans your pictures need to still being intact so simply kind of keep that in mind when you’re running via this procedure alright so currently what we can do is click on this back to supply button this flash supply and also unroot select whether your soft bricked or in a boot loop if your device isn’t setting up appropriately you’re gon na intend to choose that yet my gadget is on regular so I’m gon na choose that first flash supply this is claims it will totally wipe your gadget once again I don’t understand if it cleans the interior storage space I’ll make a note currently allowing you know if it does however if you’re ready to continue press ok so I’m gon na press ok and also it brings up this which factory image option we’re gon na desire to choose whichever ones there is it looks like four factor 2 point absolutely no is the only one available today which is fine due to the fact that you can just pick an over-the-air upgrade once you flat flash back to it

I’m gon na select instantly download and also draw out the picture for me so you’ll see right there pick that automatically download press ok num1 that’s gon na do is go on and also locate the download and also download it for us it’ll use up at once I do not understand why it’s this download condition total if it does that departure from it as well as begin again and also go on as well as begin to download and install again so if for any reason that it stops working like that you might desire to just attempt it again I don’t recognize why I maintain claiming complete ok so I attempted a few more times and continuously just said total inequality I believe the download link is might be broken if it’s working potentially in the future from this video if it functions fine let it download and also then it will immediately begin the process yet if it does not work just like it’s not helping me we’re gon na require to by hand download and install the file which is immaterial what you’re gon na require to do currently is just leave out of this as well as then click on the link in the description of the video clip it’ll most likely take you to my site where I’ve a download link to the specific data that you require as well as then simply go ahead as well as click it and download it it will certainly go into your downloads folder more than likely so now what we can do is just go back to blink supply and also unroot press ok and now we’re gon na wish to do is other brows so we already have the manufacturing facility picture downloaded ourselves so I’m gon na hit okay as well as after that it raises my downloads folder

immediately if it does not navigate to it however you’ll see this manta manta ray submit right there that’s the file we just downloaded and install dual click it then it says the documents you’re attempting to blink is for a nexus 10 Wi-Fi tablet computer nevertheless you recommend defined your gadget to be a Nexus S 4G I don’t understand why it’s stating that I’m gon na strike okay it states fifty percent’s check confirmation and also struck alright and also after that we prepare to go now so I think it ought to actually immediately begin when you strike alright it says your documents is great to extract and also flash press ok to proceed currently what it’s mosting likely to do is go in advance as well as instantly extract the documents I don’t recognize eventually it’s gon na reboot our tablet right into the bootloader I believe and also it says tool linked so once so it’s examining fastboot condition it did reboot us right into the bootloader you’ll see that right there and afterwards this display shows up it’s this flashing pile will certainly factory reset your device so once more I’m under the perception that it’s going to clean your inner storage space when I hit ok if I prepare to proceed it raises this command prompt right below what it’s mosting likely to do is type in some commands it’ll bring us back it to the back to the bootloader and also once these commands are key in it does take a little bit of time it’s mosting likely to blink all the system submits all the image submits to our gadget automatically it’s actually excellent that it does it for us so I’m mosting likely to let it run through and also do its thing and afterwards I’ll be back as soon as it’s.

done ensure your gadget doesn’t go right into hibernation make sure you do not unplug your device if you’re having issues try using a different cable television attempted using a different USB port as well as attempt re-installing the drivers on your computer as well so those are some troubleshooting actions I’ll be back once it is closer to completing ok so it says ended up and it is restarting our Nexus 10 now so what it’s going to do is really appear like it is in a bootloop it’ll head out and keep resetting you’ll see that unlock the padlock still down there so we’re not totally done but it is doing a manufacturing facility reset now so it’ll take a little longer than usual too up so keep that in mind let it boot and I’ll be back okay so my gadget has booted I do desire to make a fast note that you can establish whatever up like you would know mark data will be gotten rid of however we’re gon na require to go into setups scroll now as well as most likely to concerning tablet swiftly tap on your develop number a bunch of times until designer option turns up on the left as well as proceed as well as examine USB debugging hit OK make certain that it’s checked you can revoke it now now what we’re gon na need to do is.

return to our PC you can exit out of the script press any type of crucial to continue it’s allowing us recognize that given that we flashed the four point 2.0 image our build number has changed from 4 factor 2 point one so you ought to have an over-the-air upgrade extremely soon but press ok I advise transforming it just go ahead as well as pick change most likely to nexus 10 and after that transform it to 4 factor 2 point absolutely no or you can allow the over-the-air upgrade use it does not matter I’m gon na hit use struck okay now all we have to do is relock that bootloader and the lower right below you’ll see om lock all that’s mosting likely to do is simply real energetic loader no information will certainly be white hit OK it’s gon na examine a TB condition it’ll reboot our Nexus 10 into the bootloader now ok so you’ll see in the bootloader now it’s as checking fastboot standing ok as well as this screen comes up it states secured it claims your gadget ought to now be loosened up once it boots back up you’ll see that lock is now gone you can just press ok to continue and afterwards it’ll reboot our Nexus 10 once it boot you should see that padlock is no more on the bottom of the screen sorry there’s leaving focus it is rebooting ok so there we go it states Google there’s no padlock down at the bottom sorry regarding that yet you’ll see there it is so our device should boot ought to be fine we are totally back to stock which’s it so ideally this video has aided you out be sure to subscribe to me you can follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all links will certainly remain in the description below as always thanks make certain to provide this video clip a thumbs up.

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