How to Install CyanogenMod 10 JB Rom on Samsung Galaxy Note II SPH-L900

every person came here from Cuba King 77. com right here to do a video showing how to set up the signage in my 10 rom on your sprint samsung galaxy note 2 this will certainly reveal you the needed steps to start with you need to be rooted and have a custom-made healing mounted you must have either torpor clockwork mod mounted i have excursion by my device presently yet first off i advise backing every little thing up due to the fact that every little thing will be cleaned make certain you back up by your contacts your applications etc due to the fact that factories that will certainly be required anyways once you are rooted and have a custom-made healing you can click on the link in the description like Annaly and also the summary of the video clip is mosting likely to take you to this internet site to start with i intend to give a proclaim to s britain along with group hack track see the centimeters team TSM and also Glossy Rick as well shout out to every one of them for obtaining this with each other for us today as of this video since 1231 December 31st this is an informal build as well as additionally it is alpha 2 so it’s still in alpha state you are going to encounter some pests my evaluation video clip will cover those bugs as of this current develop nevertheless the just how to set up

need to not alter anyways go on and also scroll down as well as you’ll attend downloads alpha 1 as well as alpha 2 proceed and also download and install the most up to date one with it whichever one’s the most up to date if there’s a beta out if there’s a steady out simply download the most recent one click on alpha 2 it’ll take you to a download website it’ll take you to this website then click this eco-friendly switch to download the documents so download that now go back to that site and after that click this link right below goood IM/ gf’s click that and also it will take you to this site you’re going to intend to download the 2nd row the indicator has to do with 10.0 appear like since today it’s 2012 10 11 download that whiz file too so you’re going to require to download those two data the rom zip as well as the gf’s Adam you need both of them and then once both of them are download transfer both of them over to your inner or exterior storage of your gadget once you have actually done so you can go back to your phone and also when you’ve moved those files onto your tool we are going to require to enter into that personalized healing so you can simply power off your tool and as soon as completely powered off to getting that customized healing press as well as hold volume up the home button and the power button all at the very same time keep them held down until the Samsung display brighten and also let go and also it ought to take us right into our torque recovery or clockworkmod whichever one you have actually mounted ok took a little while

Lots it up group win healing anyways let’s go in advance as well as obtain this installed initially of all I highly recommend making a nandroid back-ups go to the backup food selection you can set a name so you can state stock or you can put a particular day so you bear in mind when this was made hit go and also after that you can utilize internal storage or exterior storage either one and after that hit swiped it back up I require to make a nandroid backup so I’m doing it as well so make one if you do not have one and also after that I’ll be back once it’s done alright so you’ll see back up this full do not reboot the system go ahead and just go back go back once more and also then what we’re going to require to do is go ahead and go right into our clean food selection as well as do a manufacturing facility reset so go in advance and do factory reset it swiped to clean that is the initial thing you’re going to require to do that’s very first thing I advise doing currently once you’ve done that go back as well as go to cash as well as clean that as well then go in advance and go back and hit dalvik cache and wipe that go back once more go back again go to the install button and also then as soon as you either select external or internal SD card anywhere you move those data to go ahead and also pick the rom zip itself so go ahead and find that rom zip that CML 900 could right now it’s alpha 2 zip go ahead as well as select that

and also hit swipe to verify flash this rom zip will certainly take a little bit of time to to set up typically signage ahmad roms aren’t as big as touch with roms simply just it seems to be in this way with all samsung tools or really any type of other tools generally even if of the bloke that make overlay uses so it won’t take as long as it touch was rom would certainly once that’s done struck the back end Oh one more time and after that find those G apps that you transfer it over choose that zip data and hit swipe to validate flash so right after you’re done setting up the rom zip locate that Google Apps add-on that’s mosting likely to install the play store for you google talk all those great Google Applications and when you’re done there don’t you’re refrained right now return one more time return once again and then go to the White food selection once again and do a manufacturing facility reset hits clean to wipe and afterwards go back and also go to pay once again clean that and then return and also strike dalvik cache as well as clean that so those are the essential steps needed to set up hit back once more go to the back arrowhead after that just hit reboot system and after that that ought to be it so our phone ought to reboot as well as once it boots up that

ought to be simply concerning it we need to be running the signs of mod 10 rom on our sprint samsung galaxy note 2 i’m mosting likely to go on and allow you men look into the boot computer animation yet as i claimed i’ll be doing a different evaluation video of this rum going over some features together with insects of the present develop and so on so be sure to inspect that out I’ll connect to it in the summary of the video clip below but let’s check out that boot animation currently and there it is to ensure that’s that cool signage ahmad boot animation there which would certainly be it so once more this initial start up is mosting likely to take a little longer than any type of other succeeding blue bathtub even if it’s a clean rom install maintain that in mind this start up will certainly take a little much longer however if you have any kind of concerns do not hesitate to ask simply leave a remark be certain to subscribe to me also you can follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all web links will be in the description would be below and also as always many thanks make sure to offer this video a thumbs up

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