Tech News: I Found Google Glass! Note 8.0 and More

The various other day like any type of various other university kid I was strolling around walmart doing some shopping in to my surprise I found some Google glass just chillin there on the clearance rack hi there everyone Tim right here from Cuba King 77 deck i’m doing a video compass singh the latest and also biggest Android tech news throughout the week and no of program i did not discover a set of google glasses laying about at walmart duh yet funny rather funny some of you people did too a person in fact stated i think something regarding apple launching the product early so they might state Google swiped their suggestion anyways lots of news from this week right currently Mobile World Congress is going on I don’t want to go in advance and cover a lot of that now I’ll possibly do a wrap-up video covering all the Mobile Globe Congress goodies that are introduced at the end however you want to talk concerning Samsung they introduced a galaxy note 8.0 tablet I presume you call it that is a 8 inch 8 inch screen 1200 x 800 screen comes with an S Pen 1.6 gigahertz X as well as O’s a 9 processors quad core 2 gigabytes of RAM you

have a choice of 16 or 32 gigabytes of the internal storage space and also it has an open micro SD card slot for extra storage space features a 5 megapixel camera on the back and also a 40 600 million power battery so pretty pretty good specifications for the 8 inch tablet computers I do not recognize if you men see it taking off for being prominent once again it could rival possibly the nexus 7 that sort of tablet computer for that kind of usage it is mobile some individuals can fit it in their pockets it matches bags conveniently maybe a trainee might use it place in the dock but no matter still a good choice for a tablet individuals looking for a smaller display on the tablet computer maybe not necessarily the 10 inch 10-inch standard google has actually made one more sort of news they’re holding their google i/o on March fifteenth the 17th tickets can be acquired on March thirteenth so if you’re wanting to go to Google i/o unfortunately I can’t make it this year I’ve got college regrettably so I won’t be going yet if you are searching for it is 9 hundred bucks a ticket so type of a heavy cost to pay I’m sure you a lot of trendy stuff I make sure you’ll get a whole lot of rewards too I recognize in 2014 I think they distributed Galaxy Nexus is as well as such so next I whatever whatever you wish to call it yet anyways that you can really purchase these tickets you’re mosting likely to intend to do it right now due to the fact that they sell out within minutes really if you bear in mind that last year however seven a.m. Pacific daytime time 9 a.m. main 10 10 a.m. eastern so you can figure that out on your very own if you’re not one of those time zones but that is when you can really buy these tickets you’re mosting likely to wish to do that a March thirteenth morning of March thirteenth ensure you stand up early since you’re not going to get them if you do not examine the website right away and purchase them so once again it’s March fifteenth to 17th i really wish i can go i make certain you’ll see a whole lot of amazing google glass stuff and all that a great deal of demonstrations however again ideally in the future i’ll have the ability to go additionally i did intend to speak about the chromebook pixel that google has actually announced i make certain you will see that at Google i/o as well possibly a couple giveaways for those as well I don’t recognize but Chromebook pixel as I make certain you have actually read a great deal of people are a little confused by the launch I was too I am also due to the fact that it will not offer quite possibly however you likewise obtained ta consider the image mkbhd really produced an actually good video clip regarding it talking concerning kind of exactly how it was putting it around to reveal makers that they require to go in advance as well as bump up their specifications for

the laptops that have the chrome OS on it as well as possibly push developers to likewise produce these far better greater end applications to type of grow the OS so it’s certainly a video clip you can examine it out all week to it in the summary he does a good work at clarifying it as well as some other OS information really a boot to is currently they have actually put out a developer sneak peek as I’m certain a great deal of you have seen in fact did a video showing you how to install it on the different Nexus tools together with a complete testimonial of it so you can check that out too it’s actually nice I directly like it clearly because there’s a programmer sneak peek it has a great deal of pests I’m pretty excited to see it once it’s completely functioning fully functioning I it absolutely has possible without a doubt so look forward to seeing that appearing in the future as well as also simply type of wished to touch on the PlayStation 4 Sony did have that large event held as well as they really did not even appear at the system’s mosting likely to look like yet i’m unsure if they are attempting to maintain it secret for Microsoft or just expand expectancy perhaps an advertising and marketing method of theirs they did display the brand-new controller looks kind of trendy it does have a sort of a touch display right there in the center i assume it’s touch screen on if it’s touch display however there’s a screen there i assume i think can be touched yet anyways it looks kind of wonderful what’s what I’m.

type of the anticipates are amazing so anticipate a terrific experience pc gaming experience with probably very little lag very little loading times what I’m stressed regarding is going to be the cost we do not know exactly how much is going to cost additionally the expense of games I have actually heard a rumor that video games could be a hundred dollars each I don’t know if this holds true I believe a game showed up on amazon and also it was something for a hundred dollars so we will certainly see due to the fact that if it does that is pretty silly allow’s state just hypothetically the console costs 4 hundred bucks games are costing a hundred after that you obtained you by 4 video games and also you could have gotten 2 ps4s keeping that so it is kind of a large cost with a hundred bucks video game I don’t understand exactly how well that’s mosting likely to look at with public likewise wish to make a really quick note that the galaxy s4 is most likely going to be revealed on March 14th so if you’re waiting for that I think they’re going to have some type of event on March 14th to hold it likewise i obtain a great deal of concerns if need to i acquire the note 2 needs to i purchase the s3 or wait on future phones at this moment in time I would wait I would certainly hold off with to see what they come out with possibly the HTC One or the s4b choices for you yet once again if you’re trying to find an s3 or a note 2 and you’re you’re questioning on whether to hold back or otherwise I would advise resisting myself as well as prior to I get to the Q&An area I did intend to chat concerning last week’s survey that I posted and also got some rather interesting results as well as the concern was if Android.

wasn’t an option which mobile os would certainly you pick and Windows Phone in fact took the cake with forty 7 percent of the vote iOS was available in 2nd with twenty eight percent blackberry came in last actually with eleven percent as well as then there was various other being fourteen percent so a great deal of people would certainly just pick and also perhaps always a non-smartphone unless maybe an older smartphone OS such as internet course as opposed to blackberry so blackberry not looking as well hot on that front I did obtain a great deal of concerns claiming why really did not i put ubuntu on there because it’s not official so I’m not going to place it on there since you do not have that choice to select currently I imply you might run the Programmer Sneak peek about you it’s extremely buggy at the minute also I really did not place webos down there I simply figured that would fall under nun or other even if it’s older as well as there’s no devices actually coming out with it currently I was in fact a follower of webos myself as Mark claimed it just didn’t come to fulfillment regrettably as well as some people were asking what I would certainly choose myself with Android wasn’t an option I would personally probably select Windows simply since I run the home windows on my computer so it would kind of sink i play xbox occasionally so as well as so Dennis there you go there’s your solution for that a person yet yeah I would certainly go with home windows I might attempt on iOS awhile I do not recognize I even attempted to help iphone that much I have actually been a big fan of it so I haven’t truly had a requirement to truly.

dive into iphone and attempt it out anyways allow’s go ahead and also talk concerning this week’s survey uploaded at Cuba King 77. com go in advance and address it link will certainly be in the summary of the video clip but this week’s survey is just a fast yes or no question it’s mosting likely to be Google is coming out with Google glass as you individuals recognize and also it has actually been claimed that the rate tag is going to be under 1,500 we don’t know exactly how much but it’s said to be under fifteen hundred bucks so the concern is do you intend on getting Google glass if it’s under fifteen hundred dollars that’s a basic concern of course or no we will certainly see the number of individuals and be truthful to claim i desire to buy it no I’m asking if you’re going to get it so you are pretty committing to wishing to buy it once they launch it and also I’m interested if you simply state no you’re not intending on buying it or even yes why because i don’t understand if it’s as well much or you do not assume the attributes are mosting likely to be worth it it ‘d be intriguing to listen to from you individuals so you leave a remark over on my side or perhaps on youtube here and we are on to the last section the Q&A section where you individuals ask me some questions on the remarks facebook twitter google+ and i go in advance and also select some and address them on the show so proceed and also really feel complimentary to ask them currently you can leave a comment to anything like that I could simply choose some and also.

show them on the program but anyways I have one right here from Devon provost and he would like to know if he wishes to come to be a blogger regarding Android information you have any ideas or pointers it’s really pretty easy to start a blog you can depend on exactly how serious you wish to get if you’re simply doing it for fun delicately get some ideas out there you could intend to check out beginning a blog or profile i assume google runs blogger yet if you wish to enter your own web site you can look up wordpress it’s extremely it’s pretty easy fairly very easy I suggest it’s challenging initially that’s what I’m getting into I still do not understand significantly about it however i’m still obtaining right into it discovering it you could wish to desire to check into that if you’re getting more severe points i don’t recognize what your your main goal is however likewise you intend to attempt and also obtain them you’re your own sort of twist on points there’s a great deal of android news websites out there that do a great deal of the very same things which is great i imply there’s a whole lot of excellent writers around believe me there’s numerous lots of out there you would certainly just intend to get your own spin like what what I try as well as do is I attempt and toss in videos in addition to write-ups to attempt as well as include the two due to the fact that directly I would certainly choose to see a video and check out as opposed to just checking out a post or simply seeing a video so it’s just kind of my choice so I try and also mix my website up with posts and video clips as well tossing maybe like I do polls too for individuals to respond to get some discussion going I constantly love speaking to individuals concerning.

numerous android as well as just innovation things as well so in recap my suggestion to you perhaps look up blog owners begin up a web site there or even search for WordPress those are simply my two pointers as well as the next concern Thal 730 8 needs to know what phone i’m using I obtain that question a whole lot what do I use in my day-to-day chauffeur phone as I do have various other various ones s3 no to evo LTE I do have a nexus 4 yet I can not use it because i have actually dashed so I don’t have a I don’t use a service provider that utilizes a sim card so right now my daily chauffeur is the note 2 which i love I would think of going changing backward and forward from the s3 but the note 2’s battery life is visibly better than the s3 is so I stick to the note 2 so i can make certain i have that maximum battery life however i would certainly consider utilizing the nexus 4 along with an option if I might but I can’t right currently regrettably I’m absolutely thinking of switching service providers I do not understand I have not really chose yet i’m still under contract anyway so I’ve got it about a year and so it’s not Emma leading edge of my mind anyways that’s it to ensure that’s it for Q&A just a couple the day that I went ahead and located so number that was adequate time however once again if you have questions really feel complimentary to ask likewise go on and also address the poll allow me know what you assume possibly concerning the note e point 0 anything anything covered here so expecting seeing your comments be certain to subscribe also you can follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description listed below and also as always many thanks for watching make sure to give this a thumbs up.

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