Google Nexus 10 Tablet Full Review

everyone came here from Cuba Kane 77 dot-com you’re doing a full review of the Nexus 10 tablet which is recording right now using the front-facing camera so that you can test out the quality and audio quality of that as well but let’s go ahead and check out the device and give it a run-through so here it is the Nexus 10 tablet right away it comes with two variants of 16 gigabyte variant a 32 gigabyte variant $400 and 450 dollars respectively there is no expandable memory so when you go ahead and make your purchase decision keep that in mind right away you’re greeted with an amazing display a 10 inch screen it’s an IPS panel and has a resolution of 2560 by 1600 yes I said that correctly it’s an amazing pixel resolution it also has a ppi of 300 which is higher than the iPads 264 PPI pixels per inch taking a look at some of the internals of the device it does have a dual-core 1.7 gigahertz cortex a15 processor and don’t let that dual-core deter you the processor has been fantastic it also couples with a quad-core mali t60 4 GPU so the graphics are great I’ll get to that in a bit I’ll play some games high intensive games etc it also comes with 2 gigabytes of RAM on the front of the device you have a 1.9 megapixel front facing camera and on the back of the device you have a 5 megapixel camera both take pictures both shoot video obviously the front-facing cameras gonna be a little less quality than the back if the front-facing is for maybe video chatting taking pictures of you and

friends the rear camera actually takes a pretty good pictures I’ll post some on my website along with a 1080p rear video camera test video I posted on YouTube a little while ago so you can check that out as well to kind of see the quality of the 5 megapixel camera on the back the device does have a 9000 milliamp-hour lithium polymer battery which is okay battery life has been pretty subpar actually with heavy use of the last around maybe eight hours watching video browsing clean games etc so it could potentially get you through the day but you are gonna need to recharge it and recharging time does take a bit of time from empty it’s gonna take you maybe around five hours to recharge maybe even more than that anyways I want to go ahead and grab the device and talk a little bit more about the design of it so on the front you will notice that there are two speakers one on the left one on the right and they produce very good sound quality I’ll test that in just a second but it’s great that they have them on the front as opposed to the Sun going out the back of course because when you watch a movie etc you want it coming towards you as opposed to going away from you anyways on the side here we go ahead and take a look you do have a microUSB slot to charge the device

plug it into your PC transfer files etc you have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which is pretty standard as well up at the top you have a power button right there and volume rockers and then on the right side you have a mini HDMI out slot which I showed at the beginning of this video of course you do need a separate cable it does not come with one and then you have a connector down here for a dock and I don’t know of any docks that are out right now right now unfortunately on the back you do have a nice clean look to it so you see it says Nexus and Samsung down there it’s got a really great feel to it it has kind of a rubbery plastic to it which allows for you to really grip the device when holding it so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands a little bit of a different texture up here let’s go ahead and zoom in on that and check it out right where the camera meets it so again it’s got a really sleek look to it I definitely like it a lot but let’s go ahead and turn the device on and take a look at the operating system and some other amazing features that this tablet offers so right away agreed with the lockscreen in my opinion

one of the best lock screens out there it has multiple options that you can mess around with you have the unlock button right here which is pretty standard you also have an option to switch user so I have two users right here I have myself and then I created one named Joe which you can switch to straight from the lock screen you just tap on and you’ll see my background changed i unlock it the whole screens different if I wanted to change back to a different user I can just go ahead and tap on my name once more and then it switches back to mind and you’ll see the home screen is completely different so this is fantastic if you have multiple people in your family I live with someone that also wants to use the tablet so they can have their own synchronizations to it you will of course you can have a password when you unlock your device you can have it enter a password so if you want to protect it you do not have to worry you can just set up the password and it’s locked for you also another feature of this lock screen is down here you’ll see a little circle you just press on it and you can go straight to Google now I’ll show off the Google now in just a bit you have the clock right here and you can also swipe over and you can you have little widgets on the lock screen you’ll see I have Gmail

I have Google now as well and you can add certain ones certain ones you can add a sound search Google Plus email calendar so you have some really great options for widgets on the lock screen so you can also open up specific things so if I want to open up the clock I just tap on it and then I’m lock then it takes me straight to that clock application these are all features of Android 4.2.2 jelly bean which is the latest as of this video I can go ahead and go into settings scroll down go to about tablet and you’ll see Android 4.2.2 it’s great about this tablet is being a Nexus device it’s going to get the latest and greatest Android updates right away great from Google so you do not have to wait for a manufacturer to put their changes in you do not have to wait for carrier to push out and over-the-air update Google does it straight from their servers and pushes them right to your device so you never have to wait for a specific update so let’s say 5.0 comes out you’re gonna get it right away also one more thing I wanted to point it out point out straight from the lock screen is that you do have a notification bar you can pull down you’ll see you have notifications right here with your notification bar you can actually pinch in and minimize and maximize these notifications which is a great feature of the notification bar you can also clear them by swiping them away so if I want to swipe that away it goes away I’m also on the right side if you swipe down you have a little bit of settings here so you’ll notice I’ve got settings brightness auto rotate battery percentage Wi-Fi airplane mode and Bluetooth and you’ll see you have a little contact there with your image so that’s kind of neat it synchronizes with your

account and shows up an image you can actually set with that image to be whatever you like with these icons some of them are where you can press and hold and change them I actually talked about that in my 4.2.

2 review I don’t want to get into it too much they’re just little specks of Android jelly bean but you can check out that video if you want to learn more about the latest Android operating system anyways let’s go ahead and show off this beautiful screen I wanted to open up planet Earth which came with the tablet I’m not gonna go ahead and show any sound but I did want to show how amazing it does look on this screen this will be streaming so you might want to take that into account it’s not just on the device but it will be streaming in HD so let me go ahead and just fast-forward so overall you’ll see the screen quality it’s just magnificent honestly this by far the best tablet screen I have seen personally just watching this video alone is just great I mean I enjoy watching it on my tablet over my TV even just because especially just planet Earth it’s it’s a great it’s a great tablet for watching videos anyways a tablet is also fantastic for playing games I want to go ahead and try out a couple of

games tempura onto being one of them so I want to go ahead and test that out so load it on up the graphics are fantastic I mean loading games I really don’t see any stuttering in any of the games that I have tried no lag whatsoever so we can go ahead and play this one I’m not very good at it but we can go ahead and try it out it’s very difficult through this camera too so but you’ll you’ll notice when I’m playing it really doesn’t lag whatsoever when trying different things it’s not going to stutter or maybe glitch any frame rates are gonna skip you really don’t have to worry about that playing games one thing that’s kind of a downside is that the screen resolution is so high developers might kind of forget about that and some of the games are kind of noticeable that it doesn’t fit the screen resolution so that’s kind of one downside of having such an amazing screen so you’ll see I died there not a big deal one to try out and one more game called dead trigger there’s kind of a zombie apocalypse kind of game that does take a very short amount of time to load I have the settings all the way up for graphics so there we go daily reward I did I just want to go ahead and try one out so I don’t know what this is I’m just gonna accept it and here we go so it’s gonna load on up drop the game if it’s free actually so and the graphics are really good let it load up and we will go ahead and just kill some zombies so running through you can see the graphics are fantastic I mean even just the the attention to detail that the developer has done you’ll see fire extinguisher right there can

run into it you’ll see it’s little goes to a little bit of a black screen but I mean even the fire extinguishers you’ll see I’m getting attacked I’m trying to play this through my camera so you guys are gonna have to cut me some slack when I die right away so sorry about that I’m trying to do this but I really just want to show off the the graphics of it in the fluidity of it you’ll see I was getting attacked right away I can zoom in and just go ahead and mow him down this is a fun game so definitely try it out but yeah that’s about all I wanted to show off you’ll see it’s not lagging at all I’m running through the level and it’s got a great attention to detail etc so that’s about it but overall games run great that quad core GPU is just fantastic again you’ll see it couples with the screen resolution great and you get a great experience Multimedia especially games movies etc and again I want to go ahead and test up these speakers so let’s go ahead and play some music alright so go ahead and play some music I can’t play any copyrighted music I apologize for that but here’s one that my good friend has made it’s called 8:31 and we can go ahead and play it it’s on soundcloud and we can hear what it sounds like all the way up so you can get a good look at that it’s just a basic song that just has different sounds to it you’ll hear that bass very clear no muffle whatsoever with that big bass nothing at all with any of the noises there you go just a good look at my song there I can try it another one if you guys want here’s more of a bass heavy song he’s just doing some testing in these I believe and just came out pretty good so all right so there you

go um just figured I’d show that off the speakers are fantastic hopefully the camera could kind of pick up that great sound quality if you want to check out my good friend max music I’ll link to in the description I link to a SoundCloud or whatever is a website as well I can link to that but yeah he’s got some cool songs all right want to run through some of the Android features some quick ones you can press and hold on the home button and go to Google now Google now comes with this device you’ll see it comes up with these cards letting you know who’s birthday on Google+ it is whether or not your favorite teams won some stocks upcoming games and weather so Google cards is great you can also do some voice search what’s the weather like in Phoenix Arizona clear in Phoenix there you go so I wish I was there right now sitting in the Sun you’ll see – supposed to get up to 75 so I really wish I was in Arizona right now but anyway some other things other than Google now you’ll see it did have that widget there that Google Mountain widget which kind of condenses your cars into a widget which was also on my lock screen that I showed you have folders so you can put apps drag and drop to have some one another you’ll see I have one name Google there you have all your great Google Apps Gmail Google+ Google Maps it doesn’t a GPS radio which works pretty well especially if you’re tethering your phone or something in the car you can try that out or maybe even if you just have Wi-Fi and you want to try out you can see direction etc Google Talk calendar I mean calendar works fantastic and your camera

application I want to get into that real quick you’ll see it is my front-facing camera and there is me everyone so that’s front-facing and we can go ahead and go to the rear cameras well I did show off the front-facing camera at the beginning of this video if I want to take a quick picture let me grab a pen so we’ll see that right there close up on a pen and go ahead and take a quick picture you’ll see it it’s zero shutter lag what soever takes them very quickly if you put it up here you can swipe from the right and I believe show off some of your pictures and videos etc so that’s kind of nice there I will post on my website some pictures that I took hopefully I’ll get some better ones I’ll try and get some color ones etc inside outside so we’ll see what I can do there I’ll post some images on my way so be sure to check that out I’ll link to in the description of the video another neat feature of jelly beans got these soft keys down at the bottom back home and you also have recent running apps button here so it’ll show off all your recent apps that you have opened on up so if I want to go back to Chrome I could either loan it on up if I wanted to let’s say go back into Temple Run it’ll load Temple Run back up very quickly actually multitasking has been great so if I wanted to go ahead and go back to them you’ll see it shows a lot of applications as well in your recent running apps just on one page you’ll see you’ve got four five clear applications so you can quickly go in between them go back to my clock application let’s say I want to go back to Temple Run it should be open already and load on up so you’ll see it’s loading up I can go back and go back to my camera so you see I’m quickly switching between applications and the processor is handling it very well no lag at all with opening these applications it’s been very smooth very fluid what I wanted to show you is that you can go ahead and clear all these

applications I wish there was a clear all button that’s something I’m hoping they’re gonna include in Android and a new feet in a new OS update is that clear all button but I’m gonna reboot the device actually and then I’m gonna run a benchmark so I can show you guys how good it is running a benchmark benchmarks I’m not too keen on them but some people like them so I want to run one you saw some real real-world performance considering the game’s multitasking etc now when I show you a benchmark all right so just went ahead and rebooted the device you’ll see no recent apps at all I want to go ahead and run quadrants standard which is the typical benchmark that people run I’m gonna run a full benchmark and we will let it run through you’ll see I don’t know why I guess I guess it has to be in this mode which is fine take a good let you’ll see it this is kind of an example of maybe app optimization you’ll notice that some apps have to be vertical as opposed to horizontal so there we go runs through that those cpu tests etc so here’s a good look at a graphics test running at about 60 frames per second jumping kind of so you’ll see at this about fifty to fifty three frames per second I like the planet test the best I feel like in between those two planets that can get a little glitchy but it seems like it’s pretty smooth around 60 frames per second and here’s the DNA one as well running about 35 37 frames a second so that’s I just find it for graphics I’m pretty interested to see what the final result is let’s go ahead and take a look and you will see

your device is 46 23 which is okay it’s not amazing the benchmark results are okay as I said I prefer real world performance over benchmarks any day anyways but but yeah so I mean you can always make customizations what’s great about Android and Nexus devices that they’re easy to route easy to install custom roms custom kernels etc if you’re in the development scene if not no big deal but yeah you can you have those options it has a great developer support as well just what the last thing I want to show is a little web browsing go ahead and load up a website I already did a little bit of that earlier but go ahead and load up my website which does have some graphics on it so it’s a little graphic intensive but you’ll see it loads up very quickly I’m on Wi-Fi of course we also notice how smooth it is so the website is very smooth running through if I want to go ahead and click on let’s say just one of these articles that I have written and you’ll see scroll down and it what’s up really quickly actually so you’ll see this pull loaded up comments are loading up now you have options to share etc but yeah images are loading up quickly webpages are as well so overall a really fantastic spear Ian swith Chrome Google is always improving upon this application anyway so that would be the stock browser that comes with the device the the Chrome browser that’s

just about all the features they did want to cover I want to give some final thoughts and on device things I like things I don’t like so some things I do like of course the screen screen is fantastic again one of the best displays I have seen personally on a tablet watching movies playing games graphics are great the graphics processor is amazing as well so also I love that it comes with vanilla Android Android jelly bean at the moment but also with it being a Nexus device giving future updates right away that’s another amazing feature about this tablet is that you don’t ever have to wait for those updates another thing I do like is the price tag the four hundred four hundred fifty dollars is pretty reasonable for a tablet so I mean overall I do like the price tag of its now some things that I don’t like one thing I don’t like is the battery life again it could be better I wish they would do some it would have been better but unfortunately it’s not that mean charging time takes a long time which can be a little tedious and also battery life is subpar I mean it’s not bad but I mean it definitely could be better I also wish there was expandable memory and

micro SD card slot would have been nice so you didn’t have to really think hard when choosing 32 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes I know Google’s trying to go towards cloud storage and streaming music off their google play music which is great but again some people do like to store a lot of videos and photos music etc on their device so not having that expandable memory could potentially be an issue yeah that’s just about it overall thin device not too heavy for a tablet just about the way that you would expect it to be nice grip on the back a pretty a pretty nice look I wouldn’t say it’s completely professional but again a very sleek look to it a nice design in my opinion so that’s just about it you’ll definitely have to let me know what you think be sure we become an if you’re looking to buy one a tablet in the market I would definitely consider one of these it does definitely as I said has pros and cons but overall it’s a great media experience especially if you have access to chargers and I’m a somewhat regular basis again as I said battery life could be a little bit better that’s just about it let me know you think be sure to subscribe as well be doing future review videos etcetera follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links to be in the description below and as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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