How to Unroot and Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S4

everybody Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 I’m doing a video clip demonstrate how to unroot your Samsung Galaxy s4 it’ll be the easiest technique any type of variations this will certainly function for Sprint ATT t-mobile International any variation of your Galaxy s4 usage need to download and install the correct documents which I will certainly show you just how to do so in just a 2nd I desire to make a fast note that your information is going to probably be cleaned so ensure you backup all your apps your contacts or text all that’s mosting likely to be white I don’t think your inner storage will certainly be wiped I’ll make a comment if it does however it’s always safe to backup your internal storage space simply in situation anything does fail but anyways allow’s proceed as well as reach it so the very first step would be to actually click on a web link in the summary of the video it will take in my web site right below all you need to do is proceed and also scroll down scroll down as well as you’ll see a pair download data so you’ll see Odin and also tar files so you require to download 2 files really initially one being Odin every person requires to download this Odin data so click on it download it I let that download as well as then likewise you’re mosting likely to need

to download and install a tar documents so make sure you choose the proper one you’ll see there Sprint AT&T t-mobile Rogers Bell as well as if you have a GTI 9500 or GTI 9505 you require to head to Sam firmware comm to download and install the tar documents so once more make certain you learn whatever variation that you do have as well as download the details tar declare your gadget so I’m the sprint so I would certainly click this one and also download and install the Sprint download however once more so you require two files Odin as well as your details tarpaulin I’ll so go on and download both of those the tar file is probably quite huge so it could take a little bit of time to download yet anyways to prepare we need to go on and put our phone into something called download mode or odin setting so I’m just mosting likely to go on as well as totally power off the device as well as when fully powered off all you require to do is press and hold volume down the residence button and also power button all at the exact same time so press and hold all three of them and that will certainly take us right into download setting this caution screen will certainly show up simply press quantity approximately continue and also there we go so it’ll take us right into download mode right here and also we are almost prepared to go with any luck these downloads are almost ended up once they are done you can go on as well as enter into your downloads folder alright so as soon as in our downloads folder you see you have both of these files downloaded whatever particular tar file you require as well as likewise this onin file so what I.

advise doing is go to your desktop and also create a new folder so simply go ahead and right click brand-new folder as well as I’m mosting likely to call it s4 unroot simply so you understand exactly what remains in there and afterwards we require to go in advance and extract both files out of these so very first I’m mosting likely to increase click ‘include and also 3 and inside that odin 3 whizs you’ll see these 2 documents proceed and also highlight both of them as well as transfer both of them to this s4 enroute folder it’s mosting likely to go in advance as well as remove them right there then return to your downloads folder as well as after that you will see that there is this zip file also dual click that and also then go ahead and move both of these documents you actually don’t require this application extension but you can just proceed as well as move both of them to the s4 unroot folder this set will certainly take a little much longer since the documents dimension is huge as you probably knew by the download time and also so to download and install the tar documents I additionally intend to make a fast note that right below these tar files I’m actually mosting likely to place a link for the motorists I’m presuming if your phone’s rooted you have the motorists set up on your computer already but if you have actually not installed the vehicle drivers I’m mosting likely to put a download web link like ideal there for the vehicle drivers to go.

in advance and download and install as well as mount those if you have not done so on your computer alright as well as once this is done removing you can really double click that s4 unroot folder and also inside it you will certainly see there’s those files that we just extracted so what you need to do currently is proceed and right-click on the odin documents as well as hit run as administrator allow it individual account control and it will open up odin I know it claims that pic 4G up at the leading yet that is not a huge bargain at all and now that we have Odin opened all we require to do is put a documents in this personal organizer port of Odin which would certainly be the tar file that you need to place in there so you will certainly notice that inside this folder there’s this tar file it’ll state your version number etc yet it will certainly claim that tar got md5 your own could not say that md5 it’s not a huge bargain if you’re claims just guitar at the end or guitar md5 so not as well big of an offer if it says one or the other yet anyways just proceed and also push the pe-8 switch and after that we obtained need to go on and also browse to that s4 unroot folder you’ll see mine already did however if your own does not proceed and also go to desktop computer locate that s4 on origin folder and inside you’ll see you require to click this tar data that’s right below Mike’s a md5 file right there dual click it and after that it’ll put that documents right within Odin and afterwards you wish to check make.

sure only vehicle reboot is inspected as well as we are all set to go so Daan’s all done what you need to do currently is go in advance and also order your Galaxy s4 as well as simply plug it right into your PC so plug it on in if drivers are installing allow them take their time and mount but you ought to see a yellow box turn up it need to say comm and also then a number it does not matter what the number is but it needs to pop up with usual than a number that lets you recognize that Odin does identify your tool however anyways when odin does acknowledge your tool you see this yellow box you can simply proceed and press the beginning button so proceed as well as press Begin you’ll go on as well as go through it’ll show your progression in this upper left box it’ll in the reduced left box it will actually reveal it as well just endure it this will take an excellent amount of time you’ll see mine states not reacting at the moment it need to it does that in some cases it should proceed as well as respond at some point so simply endure it so you’ll see my own go on went on and also react it again and also currently you’ll see a development bar a blue progress bar appear in your Galaxy s4 right there it’s very small at the minute just started yet you also see an eco-friendly progress bar in the upper left hand corner of Odin some troubleshooting steps if for any type of factor.

Odin does not identify recognize your tool get rid of any issues whatsoever attempt a different wire USB cable is generally the primary culprit of any kind of issues with Odin you can attempt re-installing drivers you can likewise attempt securing your battery putting it back in attempt it without the battery and there’s lots of various troubleshooting steps that you can make also try different USB ports also so those are the main troubleshooting actions if you have any kind of problems whatsoever with Odin additionally ensure that your PC does not go into sleep or hibernation mode relocate the mouse whatever it shouldn’t take shouldn’t take anymore than 15 mins with this if it takes longer than 15 minutes something went incorrect attempt those repairing steps that I simply stated however anyways I’m going to go on and also allow this one with and we’ll be back once it is nearing conclusion you’ll see it appears like it’s almost finishing up once it is done it must immediately reboot your gadget so you’ll see a reset pass mine took 5 mins and 31 seconds for those of you don’t need to know your time might be a bit various however once more I believe it’s mosting likely to in fact go into supply recovery right after this and also do a factory reset and also I am right so you’ll see in stock healing now as soon as it’s done with supply recuperation it’ll reboot your gadget once more and afterwards you must be great to go okay you’ll see mine booted in this particular tar file did not.

wipe any kind of information none of my information did obtain cleaned up however I’m not rooted anymore what you can really do is go in advance and you’ll see I go to root checker and also it’s not rooted I can go ahead and also strike validate root gain access to so sorry this gadget is not a proper origin gain access to you can simply go on as well as uninstall Super Individual so just go and also go to your application drawer press food selection uninstall uninstall the Super Customer application since you do not require any longer you’re totally unridden if for any kind of factor your tool is embeded a boot loophole after this occurs you will need to enter into supply recovery and do a factory reset so I’ll reveal you exactly how to do that now just go on and also power off your gadget you do not require to plugged in anymore once your Odense is Pat’s you can actually disconnect your device once the tool is fully powered off go ahead as well as push the old volume up the residence button and power switch at the exact same time and after that go in advance as well as release once these Samsung display brighten so go on as well as release and afterwards it must take us into supply healing where we can do a fast factory reset just if your device remains in a boot loophole if you’re not in a boot loophole and every little thing is running good you simply uninstall very customer as well as you should be excellent to go but once again if you’re in a boot loophole this is how you.

enter into stock healing real quick so you’ll see up at the leading sorry regarding that a little too fast you’ll see you have options to volume up and also down to navigate backwards and forwards power button to select proceed and also go down to wipe wipe information/ factory reset press the power switch and after that just proceed and also struck indeed remove all customer data I’m actually mosting likely to do it I’m simply going to proceed and also show you exactly how it’s done but there you have it that’s how you affect your reset that’s only if you’re embeded boot loophole your device isn’t booting you can simply go on and also go to that stock recuperation to a manufacturing facility reset but that should be it hope this video helps you out obtain you back to stock if you require to take it back for any guarantee factor etc leave a remark if you have any type of inquiries please register for me I ‘d really value it you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all the web links will certainly remain in the summary of the video listed below once this is done you just press reboot system currently tool should reboot simply great undergo the begin configuration but that’s it again please provide this a thumbs up and also many thanks.

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