How to Unlock the Moto X Bootloader [Sprint, T-Mobile, Rogers, USC]

each time Scofield here from Cuba King 77 tranquil doing it video show you how to unlock the bootloader on the Moto X unlocking your bootloader will enable you to root the tool install personalized recoveries which will after that allow you to mount roms and also adjustments etc on your device unfortunately the only sustained gadgets today are the Canada Rogers version of the Moto X in the US Sprint United States Cellular and also t-mobile and the Latin American variation of the Moto X Verizon and xviii he does not have a method to open the bootloader yet it does not look like Motorola is gon na release a means to anytime quickly so maintain that in mind so the initial thing you’re gon na require to do is actually established something up in your computer system called the SDK devices I have a link to that in the description of the video clip you need to first do that I have a video clip demonstrating how to do so it’s rather simple so proceed as well as adhere to that first video because you actually need to establish up the SDK tools so watch that video in the summary currently when you’ve set up the SDK tools on your computer system now we’re prepared to go we’re gon na require to do currently is proceed and click on the next link in the description it’s gon na really take you to the

Motorola internet site alright so you will certainly proceed as well as most likely to this website it lets you understand there’s 4 actions involved proceed as well as scroll down as well as it says if you prepare to unlock make sure you read this allows you recognize what you’re entering into certainly I’m not accountable to any kind of point that goes incorrect with your device or something might go incorrect as long as you follow my directions whatever should go right so go on and also review this scroll down keep scrolling down and click continue anyhow after that it’s gon na go on and ask you to check in so go ahead and also check in as well as ensure that you are checked in I utilize my Google+ account to check in so they have my email address but next you will see you need to install the Android SDK that’s primary which is what I simply told you to do so if you have refrained from doing so adhere to that video next you require to mount the drivers so proceed and also click get them below it will take you to this website as well as simply either if you have Windows or Mac I don’t have a Mac so I’m not extremely acquainted with that yet if you have Windows simply click download for Windows and also get those motorists installed on your computer system next we are

going to need to place our device in fastboot mode so let me order my phone alright so to get our tool right into fastboot setting you in fact need to just power it on off so proceed and also power off your tool alright once your device is completely powered off to really enter into fastboot setting what you require to do is go ahead and press as well as hold the volume down switch and the power switch at the very same time proceed and also press and also pull both of them at the very same time for maybe regarding 3 secs and also just proceed as well as let go as well as then this will certainly take us right into fastboot setting so let me go ahead as well as focus on this and reveal you people what I’m talking regarding so you will certainly see fastboot flash setting up on top so there we go we are currently in fastboot setting all set to go so if for whatever reason you require to get back right into fastboot setting that’s just how you do so volume down power switch at the very same time so what we can do now is actually go in advance and also get our us micro USB cable and connect our tool right into our computer system so just plug it on in while it remains in fastboot setting then when you connect it in you can go to your computer alright and also when we’re back to our computer after you plug the gadget in as well as fastboot setting we require to go on as well as enter into that Android SDK folder that we have actually just mounted once you’re in that folder you require to proceed as well as hold the change trick on your keyboard as well as ideal click in the folder and also you’ll see open command window right here click on that it’ll go in advance as well as open a command prompt for us what this

command prompt is gon na do is enable us to obtain in a lock code that you do need to proceed as well as unlock your tool so what I’m gon na proceed and also do is you’ll see on the site it informs you what you need to key in on that internet site I’m gon na go on and also reveal you just key in fastboot space OAM room get emphasize unlock emphasize data as well as press enter it’s gon na go on and offer you a string of numbers and letters this is great this reveals us that our gadget was identified if your device wasn’t recognized go ahead and attempt and reboot your PC attempt various USB port try different mini USB cable too try and also re-install the vehicle drivers too on your computer system ok and also since we have these numbers and we need to go ahead as well as copy them really so I’m gon na obscure out them just for any type of security factors that I require to yet ideal click up at the top of the screen and really I’ll do it over below so it’s not obscured out right click up at the top go over edit and struck mark so proceed and strike mark then what I want you to do is click to the let the leading left of the number in the top left hand corner and also drag down down right of the entire section so then you have it highlighted every one of the numbers and letters do not

emphasize bootloader do not highlight anything else yet the numbers and also letters because block so proceed and also let go and after that best click up at the top once more sorry about that right click up on top emphasize modify and hit copy so it’s gon na replicate that whole string of numbers as well as letters okay and also once you have replicated that entire string of message go ahead and also right click under where it states ensure your device is unlockable go on as well as right click as well as paste that entire code right into this slot now for me I do not know if it’s gon na coincide for every person for me when I paste it there are rooms in this text as well as there need to not be so what you require to do is go on as well as find them there need to be 4 rooms if your own half has them and also go on as well as simply remove them so simply make sure you struck backspace on all the spaces otherwise this unlock will certainly not work so discover all 4 of the rooms and hit backspace on every one of them and otherwise it’s not mosting likely to function once you have removed every one of the areas go on as well as hit can my device be opened it’ll proceed as well as validate qualification and also now all you need to do is proceed and also scroll down check out the lawful agreement as well as the warning I consent to be bound by the regards to the lawful contract go

in advance as well as inspect of course and also request your unlock secret what it’s going to do is email you your unlock code you signed in with so I’m gon na click demand unlock trick up on top of the screen it claims this will certainly nullify your warranty are you certain so once again see to it that you make sure you desire to you don’t mind invalidating your guarantee as well as your motox go ahead as well as strike OK as well as it’s gon na proceed as well as send out that unlock secret to your e-mail address okay so it takes this display it says you should have gotten an email with your unlock trick here is what that e-mail is mosting likely to look like you’ll see unlock code I believe you can simply duplicate it now you could need to return to it so leave it open but also for now duplicate that unlock code right into your clipboard then go on as well as go back to those instructions that we require so now our tool ought to still be in fastboot mode connected into the PC I think so you shouldn’t have actually messed with that whatsoever so what we prepare to do now is go in advance as well as scroll down and we’re going to require to open that command prompt as soon as a lot more so I’m going to return to that Android SDK folder once more or you can go back to the very same one you had open I shut out of it hold shift best click open command home window below and we have our command home window opened up as soon as again so now

we’re gon na wish to confirm that our PC identifies the gadget so simply proceed and also type fastboot tools and press ENTER it’ll see some some letters and also numbers now what’s following after that is proceed as well as type fastboot room OAM room unlock room and also then we need to proceed and also paste because secret that we copied in our email so up on top right click emphasize edit as well as strike paste it’s gon na paste because special unlock secret that they sent out to you using your email currently I’m mosting likely to reveal hold my device up there I’m gon na press Enter it’ll go in advance and load up and it’ll possibly open bring up an unlock bootloader screen on my gadget itself so allow it go ahead and also go through the procedure okay so it’s stated opened on the screen for some time for some factor it claims failed it states warning bootloader unlock your device’s bootloader has actually been unlocked so it says failed on below but I do not assume it failed I’m rather positive it unlocked it states after the tool is opened it will certainly reboot as well as when it starts once again you’ll see a various display so looks like my gadget is gon na reboot and afterwards I’m gon na go on as well as see one more boot lock bootloader screen unlock so it’s just failed here however I do not think it failed so don’t be too stressed it says a great deal completed though so we’ll see I’m gon na allow it start up as well as I’ll be right back alright so you’ll see it’s.

preparing my gadget I do think it every little thing if it does I’ll make a massive note at the start of the video clip letting every person recognize that your tool is mosting likely to be cleaned so it’s preparing it like I stated the bootloader ought to have been unlocked it states congratulations you have actually opened your device so despite the fact that it did claim fail in there that alerting screens have warning it if a boo loader has actually been unlocked so indeed it looks like things have gone as scheduled alright there we go so now we have the welcome screen looks like we do not need our PC any longer you can most likely to disconnect it you do not need it at all anymore to make sure that is some great information okay so my phone’s fully booted it’s undergoing the process every little thing did obtain cleaned so once again you’ll recognize this at the start of the video clip I’ll make a huge comment yet you intend to check as well as make certain the bootloader is opened so to do so go on and simply power off the.

gadget I’m gon na power it down okay once it’s fully powered down return into fastboot setting press as well as hold the quantity down the power button at the exact same time and also release and after that it must take us to the fastboot flash setting currently up at the top I’m gon na go on and reveal you individuals tool is opened before it did state locks so now our bootloader is opened so excellent job with any luck you followed this properly your device’s unlock so now you can go on as well as mount a personalized recovery if that is offered I will certainly be doing videos on how to do so so please subscribe to me I ‘d really value it likewise connect to those various other video clips in the description so simply read the description as well as you will certainly be great to go so I’m gon na actually go ahead and also check and see if there’s a an opened ID so this turns up whenever you boot cautioning bootloader opened so that’s type of intriguing that that actually turns up so the motorola is truly saying oh your guarantees void yet anyway that has to do with it ideally this video has helped you out let me know if it did please leave a comment likewise register for me as I stated I ‘d really value it you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all the links will certainly be in the description listed below and also as always many thanks make sure to offer this a thumbs up.

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