HTC One M8 Review

hey everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 come here with my HTC One gonna go ahead and do a full review on the device actually you got a lot to cover I will put a table of contents so if you want to skip the certain segments you can i will post everything in the description of course you want to check that out but i will also be getting be galaxy s5 this weekend so I’ll be doing comparison video in the near future review of that so if you’d like to please subscribe but anyways let’s go ahead and check out the HTC One m8 alright so here it is the HTC One m8 gonna go ahead and turn it on actually in my unboxing video the first boot up took a long time so I want to go ahead and show you what an actual boot up time is gonna take and while it’s booting up I want to go ahead and talk about some of the design of it on the back you’ll see I did get the gunmetal gray variant there’s also a silver and a gold the silver is gonna look something like this color which is the m7 HTC One m7 but yeah so this is the gunmetal grey variant you can give obviously you can have your choice this is the sprint variant as well you’ll see on the back it does have a nice little curvature to it so it’s not completely flat on the

back at all down at the bottom you do have a charging port you’ll see it as turned on now so fairly quickly just want to make a note of that that it did turn on pretty quickly in comparison to obviously my unboxing video boot up but anyways as I sit down at the bottom charging port headphone jack up the top all you have is the power button which is right here on the right side on the right side of the phone you do have volume up and down you also have a little slot for a micro SD card which supports up to 128 gigabytes so you’ll see you can slide one in there I do not have one in at the moment a little goofy honestly in my opinion that you must have basically a sim ejector to go into this very small little hole here to pop it out but there’s a SIM card slot in the left side as well that’s all that’s on the left there’s no buttons at all anyways flipping it on over on the back you’ll see all it says is HTC right there sorry I’m actually turning on the phone with some gestures I’ll talk about those in just a second you’ll see there’s dual cameras I’ll get to that in just a bit I’m gonna go ahead and explain a little bit on why they decided to have two cameras and a dual LED flash as well flipping out and over on the front you do of course have the speakers there which again in my opinion I said this about the HTC One m7 it is more manufacturers need to start doing this honestly one thing to note is that since the speakers around

the front a makes the device taller of course if they don’t have the speakers on the front they can go ahead and slim it down a little bit but it’s actually even taller than the m7 was so you’ll see it’s even taller obviously the screens a little bit larger but honestly the device is very tall also I want to make a note it is all aluminum so since it is a unibody aluminum device it is fairly heavy you will note that obviously aluminum is gonna be heavier than plastic so just kind of keep in mind that it does have some weight to it and they always wanted to grunt through a few important specs right away you do have a five inch 1080p display that has 441 pixels per inch it is a great display get to that in just a second it has a 2.3 gigahertz Snapdragon quad-core processor which is very quick honestly it’s a fantastic processor glad they included the 801 and not the 800 and there’s also a 2600 milliamp hour battery inside that is not removable you cannot take out the battery so just kind of keep that in mind if anyways a little more depth on the screen as I said a 5-inch display in my opinion one of the best screens on any device out now it is great inside and outside honest so you can go outside you’ll see a great auto brightness works pretty well on this device actually so I just have

auto brightness on you’ll see the colors really do pop the blacks are fairly dark obviously if not being a Super AMOLED display the darks aren’t as dark as they are on those kind of displays but it does a good job at keeping those very dark so overall the screen is great you also notice that there are on-screen buttons you got back home and recent running apps as well so you’ll see that you can press and hold the home button swipe up and go to Google now so you’ll see you can go through Google now see that the Blackhawks have won ix um but yeah so you have on-screen buttons which is a little bit different obviously the old HTC one had the capacitive buttons down here so with it’s just some people like them some people don’t I personally do like them I’m not a big fan of having this big black bar down at the bottom I wish they could have just moved the speaker up in place of that or move the screen made it a little bit larger it just kind of seems unnecessary to have it obviously they might not need that space for some hardware on the internals but it seems like they could have just used the screen rail state and put capacitive buttons down if they’re gonna leave empty space right here so just a personal opinion there obviously I’m actually a fan of on-screen buttons I’d rather have on-screen buttons than capacitive buttons alright next I want to go ahead and show one of the most talked about features on the m8 and

that would be the camera and honestly it’s almost talked about just because it does have a dual camera and he goes the route of using ultra pixels on their rear camera so they went ahead and chose for ultra pixels or essentially megapixels as well on their camera as opposed to you have 16 megapixels on devices now and I’m the front cam front-facing camera is 5 megapixels so that has more megapixels than the rear camera megapixels don’t necessarily mean image quality though so keep that in mind you can actually swipe and it’ll switch to the front-facing camera so you can see me right there and you can swipe again and it goes back to the rear camera when taking pictures there is honestly very little shutter lag it’s very quick to take pictures also want to make a note when your screen is locked you can actually press one of the volume buttons and turn the device sideways I don’t know if it’s a awkward angle if I do it like this but you can turn it sideways and it will open up the camera real quick so it’s a good shortcut to know just to quickly take pictures because on the lock screen I’ll show in a bit it does not have a camera shortcut you have a lot of options software options actually you can go to Zoe camera video selfie it’s funny they call it selfie dual capture and pan 360 so those

are just the various options when you go to your taken pictures so you see there’s a picture I just took I’m gonna go ahead and swipe through some of them actually I took this picture today and honestly in my opinion it takes really good pictures I do like the quality of it and all so another thing to note is that in low light it is the best camera without a flash so if you were in low light situations trying to take a picture and you don’t want the flash run this is the camera to choose so you’ll see got a nice little tree there it looks really good honestly when I’m taking standard pictures I do like the quality of it you also see that the on screen buttons go away when I’m in the gallery so you’ll see you do get the full width of the screen at times you’ll see I was on the golf course obviously so yeah there’s just some pictures if I want to go ahead and edit it I can press the edit and here’s essentially what the use for the second camera is on the back so as I said there’s two cameras a dual camera it essentially manages depth when taking pictures and it allows for you to I guess make edits like the you focus so what its gonna do is you’ll see how it blurred the background and only focused at a certain point in the picture so if I want to go ahead and focus on the trees in the back I can tap on the trees in the back and you’ll see it blurred out the front and went ahead and focused on the rear of the picture honestly I don’t you

wouldn’t use this I don’t need to have these kind of effects in my pictures I’m not an avid picture taker in that sense I’m a casual picture taker I take pictures at social events that’s essentially all I’m doing with my pictures so I really don’t need these the fancy feature of blurring out the background it’s really cool for those of you that do take pictures but if you’re someone that needs this you probably not gonna be taking pictures with your cell phone in the first place so for me it’s pointless I don’t need that kind of feature but for other people it could be useful so that’s why I’ve decided to show it off so there’s that honestly like I said it’s a pretty standard I wouldn’t say it’s the best camera on them on the market the LGG twos is better than no threes is better but shutter lag and focus speed is one of the best for sure on this camera so that’s one of the main benefits that of the camera on the m8 alright next I want to go ahead and talk about the battery it’s kind of funny that that popped up I’m at 9% now so what we can do is go ahead and go into settings i’ve actually been charging my phone on and off all day so when i go to power it’ll say let’s go to usage oh sorry wrong one history so there we go we go to history and you’ll see it’s a at 8 hours 30 minutes it started at 75 percent though so keep that in mind it didn’t start at 100% with these eight hours I generally get about 12 to 13 hours use and I am a very heavy user I would say I’m on LTE often using my phone for daily data use I guess so I would say the battery life is very good it’s definitely a step up from the HTC One it’s definitely a step up from the galaxy s4 I would say it’s not as good as the LG g2 S and not as good as the note threes in my

opinion so just kind of keep that in mind that’s with real world use I mean just using everything phone calls gaming browsing the web emails all of that I still would say the note 2 and the note 3’s battery life is the best at the moment out of any phone that I have used personally so but as I said like I said not just because it’s not as good as the note 3 and g2 doesn’t mean it’s not a good battery it’s a great battery you can generally get a full day’s use out of it so I would say if you’re if you need a phone with good battery I would go for it and your if you’re worried about it at all don’t be because it does last just about all day 1213 hours is what I get for heavy use now I personally do not want to run a benchmark I know a lot of people like to see benchmarks but honestly companies skew them and they’re just not the same as real-world performance so I’m gonna load up a game with a game you can check out the screen the color see how they pop this is a full screen game the developer does have to implement that into their game so you’ll see the back and home buttons all disappeared so it uses the full width of the 5-inch screen which is nice if you want to bring it up you can swipe over a swipe from the top so here is a game called the asphalt so if I wanted to go ahead and hit play we can load up a game loading up any game does not take long in this device it’s quick it’s it’s great honestly I don’t know why this isn’t going there we go so let’s go ahead and hit next and next and star race so let that load up but yeah I mean loading games is fine you don’t get any

stutter any lag I really don’t get any lag with this device whatsoever so the Snapdragon 801 does its job you’ll see it load up check out graphics check out the screen see how it works I’m not gonna play for too long but I want to go ahead and let you see how it’s loading up check out the graphics of it developer Philemon come out with too many graphic intensive games where it would put it to the huge test but I mean this is a pretty graphic intensive game so you’ll see running into some people it’s hard to play through this camera actually but didn’t want to play too much just wanted to kind of show you guys what it looks like it is quick so if I run into a wall or something here you’ll see that have some nice graphics to it so there you have it if you want to exit you just press the home button the back button you’ll see you do have the recent running apps button so if I want to go ahead and hop back into settings go ahead and go back into asphalt 8 it’ll load it back up and it’s pause it automatically pauses it so multitasking is fairly quick which is part of the software as I said which is running HTC Sense 6.0 some things I want to talk about with the software is actually one of the main things is the lockscreen this is actually one of my favorite features about the HTC One m8 being the gestures that you can use on your lock screen so you have different swiping options actually the first one I talked about the double tap they kind of taken it from the LG g2 which is what they used on it if you double tap the middle of the screen it’s actually gonna bring the screen up the lock screen up and if you double tap while the lock

screens up it’s gonna darken the screen so you’ll see if you want to get to your lock screen check things out you can go ahead and just double tap on there it’s very useful I like it a lot you can also swipe from the bottom and it unlocks the device which is another great feature so you don’t have to readjust you can actually while you’re holding your phone you can just swipe down from the bottom and start using your device very quick very easy it’s really great so you can also swipe from the left and that will bring up blinkfeed which is a another feature of this sense launcher of course and then also you can swipe on the right and I’ll bring you to your widgets and apps home screen as well you can swipe from the top and it gives you an option to shortcut to call someone and I don’t like it at all so if I want to say swipe from the top call Adam so there you go brings up a list of different atoms I never use this feature I wish I could turn it off but you can’t you have them all on or all off um fortunately you cannot edit them so sometimes they’ll accidentally swipe on like I said was showing the back of the phony alors if you grab on the front and have your phone on the screen it sometimes turns it on I would say it’s more useful than it is a burden it works how it should so I really like this feature honestly more phones need to implement the either the

DoubleTap feature the swipe up swipe up especially I like a lot it just makes it so much easier especially when the power buttons on the top if the power button was on the side it wouldn’t be too big of a deal because you don’t have to readjust that much but since it’s on the top I like the swipe up feature that being said going to the lock screen you can add widgets as well to your lock screen if you would like to you’ll see I can swipe over from here and add certain widgets if I want to there’s no camera shortcut but there is that shortcut I mentioned earlier in the video pressing and holding the volume button and turning it sideways it also uses the shortcuts in your sense launcher so you’ll see all the same ones are there you can actually swipe anywhere up and in the middle of the screen and it’ll own lock the device you can also use it to swipe over to the left and get to blinkfeed or swipe to the right and get your apps or widgets a little interesting also you can go from the bottom swipe up and get to Google now so those are your very various options on the lockscreen honestly if I wanted to get to one of my biggest complaints about this phone it would be the status bar honestly up at the top you’ll see I have 0 notifications right now absolutely none and you’ll see how

many icons are up there it might be different based on the version you have let’s be honest because the LTE I believe this is specific to the Sprint model this LTE icon but for some reason they decide to have the data icon and the Wi-Fi icon up when you’re connected to Wi-Fi I don’t get it it is awful honestly if I get two more notifications it starts to have a plus next to it and I don’t know what other notifications are up there so I get an email and let’s say a text message and a missed call I can only see two of the three of them it’s awful you got actually a Wi-Fi I mean sorry GPS whether it’s on or off vibrate sound this is actually an icon that’s on when there’s music playing I believe that time because there’s a game running in the background that’s why that is up there so that’s that turns on sometimes you can turn the battery percentage on and off but I like to have it on but honestly they need to get rid of this dual and the LTE and the Sprint spark symbol just takes up too much space so HTC really needs to fix this status bar it’s very cumbersome to mess around with even when you have noted no notifications when you actually get them it’s it just acts goofy sometimes the clock will be pushed over to the side here is actually a perfect example you’ll see the clock doesn’t even show

and you had I don’t have any notifications i Pandora playing I have music playing I have headphone jack in and then all the other basic ones and it pushes the key camera the clock over to the side for some reason so as I said they really do need to work on the software and get rid of some of these icons up at the top another little neat feature of the device is obviously you can use two fingers it is running sentai Android 4.2.2 KitKat so if we go into settings I can go ahead and scroll all the way down go to about go to where software information you’ll see Sense 6.

0 Android 4.4.2 so it is on the latest software that being said as I said you can use two fingers get to your shortcuts you can edit these shortcuts which is great whether you want the Wi-Fi or you can actually have screenshot media output screen timeout you can customize them drag and drop put them in any order you can have up to 12 shortcuts there to change you can actually press and hold to get to the specific setting or tap on it to toggle it if I want to go and go into settings you can actually personalize another nice feature is you can change the theme so if I want to go ahead and change it to let’s say this purple purple ish color I can apply I don’t want to use the wallpaper but you’ll see some parts of the overall operating system color change so you’ll see it has purple now in those settings and you’ll also see purple icons here just kind of how you personalize it it’s really up to you it just changes some of the various things within the the sense I guess operating system itself alright one thing I would like to do is run a quick speed test on my data speeds this

is Wi-Fi one the only reason I really want to do this is to note how quick the speeds can get I believe I pay for about 50 megabits per second but this pulls the fastest download speeds and upload speeds out of any phone that I own so it doesn’t good job at utilizing all of the speed that you can get from your Wi-Fi connection most other phones I only can get up to like 25 megabits per second so this does a really good job at using the amount of speed that you can actually get from your data connection so this is great really it’s it’s a huge improvement the Wi-Fi radio is really good just one that kind of point that out so you’ll see I got thirty three point five megabits per second download also on the point out I just ran a test not too long ago and got forty two point eight seven megabits per second so to put that into perspective it ranges from around in between those two speeds so very consistent Wi-Fi radio on the device is great but that’s about it all I really want to cover with the HTC One m8 HCC’s current flagship device some final thoughts I wanted to give I would say this is a very solid device overall it does a great job at just about every aspect as I said my main complaint was the status bar which is a software thing they probably won’t fix but a very minor complaint like I said the speakers are great you’re not gonna get better speakers than any other device especially with it being on the front the camera could use a little work hopefully some software improvements in the future will improve

upon the camera but like I said not not as good as the note threes or LG g2 S at the moment so that could use a little work if you’re if you’re looking for great amazing pictures I wouldn’t pick up this phone but first pretty solid pictures definitely a go-to device the design is great I love the aluminum it’s very sturdy it’s a little heavy which is the only downside to it but obviously you sacrificed the weight for the aluminum and the sturdiness of the device itself but yeah like I said currently my go-to device I will be using this device like I said I’ll get an s5 this weekend so I’ll probably start using that but and then I’ll compare the two and let you know which one’s gonna be my daily driver but overall I would say this is my daily driver at the moment the HTC One m8 if you do have an m7 the previous HTC one I would say I wouldn’t upgrade I wouldn’t say it’s worth the upgrade unless you’re not pleased with the battery life on the m7 you can’t handle the battery life then I would say potentially upgrade but I wouldn’t say it’s a huge step up I would say it’s a good step up in the right direction but nothing worth upgrading at the moment yet so yeah that’s just my first let me know you think leave it comments please subscribe to me I really appreciate it you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all the links will be in the description below and as always guys thanks I really appreciate you

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