Nexus 6 vs. Moto X 2nd Gen (2014) – Quick Compare 3

everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 calm hope you guys had a great holiday with family friends hope you got some new gadgets etc but today we’re gonna do another quick comparison video between the Nexus 6 and the Moto X this was highly requested so be sure to get your requests for future comparison videos in the comments section but you’ll see a lot of people say hey the Moto X is a smaller version of the Nexus 6 however there are differences so let’s go ahead and talk about them and check it out alright so here’s the two devices side-by-side the backs of them as you could tell the Moto X is definitely smaller than the Nexus 6 the Nexus 6 does only have options of white and blue whereas the Moto X you have the motor make Moto maker option where you can completely customize the front color the back color the back texture you’ll have to check it out for yourself but it’s really cool you’ll notice the dimple on the backs a little bit different I like the Nexus 6 dimple it’s less obtrusive whereas the Moto X 2014 is a little bit more indented and then in the back you’ll notice they both do have dual LEDs and they both have

13 megapixel cameras of course I do have a flag group on the Nexus 6 since it is so large flipping it over I’m going to go ahead and just put the Moto X 2014 in the bottom left hand corner you can kind of get an idea of how much larger it is so there you go there’s just a decent idea at it I mean as you can see there is a pretty substantial difference in the size of you who do have a 5.2 inch screen on the Moto X and then you have a 6 inch display on the Nexus 6 now the size of the screen isn’t the only difference the Moto X has a 1080p display whereas the Nexus 6 is a 1440p display so the Nexus 6 has a 2k screen which a little bit which is a little bit more future-proof however the 1080p screen will save you a little bit more battery I’ll get to that when I compare battery in just a second now when it comes to which screen is better I would go with the Nexus 6 it’s just overall a better screen it is larger of course if you can handle the larger display the larger build I would say it’s better especially when viewing the watching videos playing games all that stuff the bigger screens obviously a benefit but I mean not to knock the moral Eckstein moral experience great they’re both AMOLED displays but I’d give an edge to the Nexus 6 especially with the 1440p display now another main

diff between the two are the speakers now you’ll see both of them have what looks like dual speakers you’ll see it’s a little bit more prevalent their silver ones on the Moto X whereas their dark on the Nexus 6 on the top and bottom however they’re different because the Nexus 6 both of them if you’re listening to audio watching a video both speakers produce sound for stereo sound quality whereas on the Moto X only one of them does they’re also a little bit different when it comes to the texture of them let’s see if I can get to focus the Moto X one right here actually has some ridges right here if you can see that whereas the Nexus 6 is very smooth so of course I’m an edge to the Nexus 6 speakers when listening to to music of course now camera the Moto XS have its own camera application as you can see you can just point and click it’ll focus wherever and the Nexus 6 has just the stock Nexus camera app you can use the stock Nexus camera app on the Moto X I mean the Motorola camera app isn’t a huge difference between the Nexus camera app so I would say camera app wise it’s not a huge deal there’s really not much of a difference you’ll see when taking pictures it’s not too much of a difference however the Nexus 6 does have optical image stabilization

which is a huge benefit when taking pictures it’s a benefit in low-light situations as well taking video so I’m gonna give an edge they both have a 13 megapixel camera however the edge does go to the Nexus 6 when taking pictures and just with picture quality in general now I know a lot of people see the Moto X is just a smaller Nexus 6 however there are difference on the internals actually so processor wise the Moto X is a snapshot gonna eat a one processor whereas the Nexus 6 as a Snapdragon 805 which is a bit of a newer processor so you’re gonna get a little bit better processing again it’s a little more future proof the Moto X s two gigs of RAM whereas the Nexus 6 has three gigs of RAM which is again more future proof with just larger software updates and just etc however I would say performance wise they’re very similar at this point now once again like I said for the future it might be a benefit to go with the Nexus 6 is better processor and a little bit more RAM now let’s go ahead and talk about the software real quick they both do run Android 5.0 lollipop both get very prompt software updates we notice that with the lollipop they Motorola did a great job so expect that in the future of course the Nexus device is supposed to get the update first as well so again they’re both running lollipop here that being said there are a couple additions to the Moto X that add to the enhanced the experience actually with manufacture overlay such as touch with sometimes it gets a little blow T however the Moto features that they added kind of add to it so assist they adjust automatically was sleeping driving home meeting

could turn those off if you don’t like them actions they react to motion I’ll get to that in just a second wave to silence twist to quick capture so twist for quick capture is actually if your phone’s off and you go like this twice it’s going to vibrate and open up the camera app real quick which is a nifty feature however it will only open the Motorola camera application so if you want to use a different one you’re out of luck approach from moto display I’ll show that in just a second talk about motor display which is right here motor display is on it selected which apps up here on display I’ll talk about that probably right after this and then voice listen and response very similar to Google now except you can have okay Google anywhere you’ll see it’ll bring it up there obviously hit I’m sorry I probably triggered it on your phone as well sorry about that guys okay now I want to talk about moto display versus ambient display real quick so moto display is on the Moto X not on the Nexus 6 however a mean display is on both of them now there is a difference now it’s easy to show off the Moto display on camera if I approach the Moto X you’ll see the screen will light up it’ll just show these white pixels it is an

AMOLED display so it’s not wasting too much battery it’ll also show notifications if you have any emails text messages anything like that I don’t have any at the moment but you’ll see approaching it and approaching this does nothing however if I pick up the Nexus 6 and move it around this is ambient display it will also show notifications as well below it just like it would on a normal lock screen so notifications show up here on the lockscreen they would show up in ambient display as well you can turn off mode of display on the Moto X and that will actually allow you to use ambient display just like the Nexus 6 however I like motor just like better so perhaps the Moto rollout for adding this you can unlock it or go Street your notifications it also detects movement and it’s going to turn on this moto display as well now the last thing I want to talk about it’s actually battery life here so you’ll see and upper right Hank what if you pull down twice or use two fingers to swipe down it’ll show you your battery percentage these haven’t been on the same amount of time so don’t think that the motor works is that’s significantly worse however the battery life the battery size in general this is a 30 to 20

milliamp hour battery the Nexus 6 and the Moto X has a 2300 million power battery which shows the Nexus 6 does get better battery life however the Nexus 6 has a 1440p display which you needs more battery life and it also has a better processor which might need a little bit more battery life as well I would say it’s not crazy difference not as different as you think it would be battery life it’s not amazingly better on the Nexus 6 however it is better I’d say I get maybe about 2 extra hours on the Nexus 6 over the Moto X just from real world views just trying out my on my own doing my own things so I mean take that with a grain of salt cuz everyone’s different however I have noticed that it’s better than the Nexus 6 but not as crazy amount as you think would be the Moto X still has pretty good battery life okay but that would be my quick compare between the Nexus 6 and the Moto X 2014 let me know you think over all my thoughts I’m gonna go with the Nexus 6 especially cuz it’s more

future proof however it’s huge so you need to keep that in mind if you can’t handle the 6 inch display or the bigger bigger device in general go with the Moto X the Moto X is a great device I really like it honestly I almost think the Nexus 6 is too large but I’m gonna stick with it for now like I said the flag grip that definitely helps out with the bigger display and I mean but the Moto X is still a great great phone don’t knock it at all don’t think it’s a lot worse it’s it’s still a great phone especially for those of you that like the 5 5.2 inch displays but let me know what you think also be sure to suggest future comparison videos I take your comparison I mean your comments into account so be sure to have your own thoughts on those let me know you think leave a comment and thanks for watching be sure to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links are in the description the v below and thanks guys

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