Asus ZenFone 2 Hands On at CES 2015: Starting at $199!

hey we’re on Tim Schofield here we are going to do a hands-on with Asus zenfone 2 very exciting device first for gigabyte device also a very low price point starting at $1.99 off contract so that’s pretty crazy let’s go ahead and check it out alright so here’s a close look at the Asus zenfone 2 as you can see very nice screen at 1080p display Full HD 5.5 inches it’s an IPS display with 503 pixels per inch so very beautiful display it looks great it does have a 64-bit Intel Atom processor that might change if it does come with the u.s. it’s actually gonna start in Asia movie Europe and then go to the United States alright so let’s talk about the design actually sell some interesting features they did include capacitive button so you do have a back home button and a recent apps button as well you will notice there are no buttons on the side of the device at all because they moved the volume buttons to the back which allows for more sleek display it looks really great actually and you have the power button on the top along with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so power button up on top the volume buttons feel really good they’re really easy to reach they’re indented just a little bit which allows you to find them easily as you’re moving your pointer finger whatever finger over the back of the of the device of course you have a 13 megapixel rear

camera in the back we’ll get to that in just a second and an LED flash you have a 5 megapixel front facing camera as well so let’s go ahead and talk about the lock screen real quick you can actually don’t have to wake the device and double tap double tap and you are on the home screen or the lock screen just shut the screen off as well it does run Android 5.0 lollipop they do have a Zen UI overlay that they’ve put on it which added some tweaks and added some features to lollipop so you’ll see you do have some app shortcuts right up at the top of the lock screen here which are not on vanilla lollipop you know of course swipe away notifications on your lock screen as well one feature I like that they added is a messaging quick shortcut from the lockscreen as well you can just swipe out of there and it goes directly into that app another great feature is actually some gestures that you can use I’ll show you that right now actually it’s called Zen motion and you’ll see you can touch screen touch on and off if you don’t like the double deth awake you can turn it off you like but now there’s some awesome gestures such as app launching from your live screen so you’ll see w launches browser s launches calendar might take a little bit to to learn these gestures but once you get used to it you’re gonna know exactly what to type and how to get to those apps so let’s go to the browser so for example I’m going

to you’ll see I don’t even need to go to the power button to do this I can just go home and DoubleTap and the screen is going to turn off so the browser was W so from the lock screen I’m just going to type a W and it unlocks and goes directly into that app so when you’re playing it out of your pocket I can just pick up the device type W if I know I want to go to browser unlocks goes directly to the browser that’s honestly really amazing so if I go back to these settings you’ll see s launches calendar I mean you you would have to learn them you would have to know what specific letter goes to what app you can customize them and to have specific applications so I mean you have all of these applications to choose from I mean your entire app list so you can use your most used apps in the shop so amazing feature we’re using Zen motion now the device does come with a three thousand milliamp hour battery which is pretty large so hopefully battery life is gonna be great obviously I don’t have a chance to test real-world performance and it also has four

gigabytes of RAM the first smartphone with four gigs of RAM which I mean allows for great performance and also future future proofs the device as well so I mean you have been very fluid very smooth for me let’s go to storage real quick and check that out so you’ll see this is a 16 gigabyte model with internal storage system reserved 5.6 6 gigs and I mean like I said very fluid multitasking even when I’m on the lockscreen quickly opening those apps it goes to them quickly it does not take long to go open these apps or web pages look great I mean on this 1080p display running with a 64-bit processor so you should essentially when to no lag with this device okay let’s take a look at the pixelmaster camera on the Asus zenfone 2 I didn’t mention on the back 13 megapixel camera it does have a dual LED flash so I will talk about the great low-light performance whether you’re using the flash or not so let’s go into the camera application there’s a lot of different features that are really cool so take a quick picture here you see very little shutter lag anything like

that it focuses very quickly I’ve had a lot of taking a lot of great pictures with this I mean I try and focus on something it focuses right away it takes a very quick picture there’s a lot of features as well she tapped this icon right here and you have a bunch of different modes HDR mode of course I think it’s selfie the ones I want to show off is the manual mode so if you’re someone that’s familiar with a DSLR and likes to take I guess a higher quality pictures in on your own manually so you can change the ISO you can change so many different things and it gives you total control over the camera so it’s a really great feature they added within the stock camera application but anyways that’s the zenfone 2 made by a sous very exciting I cannot wait for it to come to the United States like I said for Ginza Ram very very future-proof opening up applications everything that’s been very fluid very smooth they do have their overlay but I don’t like their overlay especially these awesome features that allows you to easily access the screen easily access applications opens it up you’re right there don’t even have to unlock the device before you tap on an application you can just quickly do a gesture and it opens that application so let me know we think leave a comment a lot more CES coverage to come so be sure to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ songs and the description below and as always guys thanks

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