Android Marshmallow Developer Preview Review!

hello everyone Tim Schofield right here from Cuba King 77 come right here to flaunt the most up to date Android M Developer Preview that was introduced today at Google i/o there’s a lot of added features to Android including the M build so allow’s go on and examine it out and have a look in any way these attributes [Songs] fine obtained it and you’ll see a new wallpaper we’ll check those out in just a second great so I considered it that’s the only new wallpaper I like it though rather cool anyways allow’s go and let me confirm to you I am on Android M so going into settings scroll down most likely to concerning phone Android version M right there so allow’s take a look at the easter egg real fast they did consist of one so an updated Easter egg very comparable to lollipops you’ll see I press and also hold on in there like up we do not recognize what it’s gon na be so there’s essentially no details regarding what M is gon na actually be called you’ll see there’s an extremely comparable style to lollipop there won’t be much of the layout modifications they’re gon na stick with product layout general with the os alright so let’s have a look at the lockscreen it’s a little bit different you’ll see the clock so more noticeable up at the leading looks a bit different bottom left

you’ll see a fast voice search as opposed to the phone symbol which takes either the dialer so you’ll see a very fast easy way to do a Google search so the stock Google currently launcher is very comparable as you can see if Google currently on the far left right here nonetheless one various change is the app cabinet right below so you have a search icon you have Google now recommend application ideas up at the leading so I have recommendations and afterwards an upright scrolling display so a great deal various but it is completely categorized on the entrusted to see by letter alphabetize so a lot various than you’re made use of to swiping horizontally on those various pages currently a much required update to Android M is the quantity controls on the side so pushing the switch you’ll see I have volume as well as after that shakes however if I drop another it actually places it right into quiet mode you’ll see alarm systems only until you turn this off so you can enter quiet mode with your quantity regulates lastly you can likewise push this arrow and also change alarm system quantity as well as songs volume too and afterwards also when you swipe down in these quick settings right here you have a Do Not Interrupt alternative where you can have

alarms only concern only for a specific amount of time till you turn this off or go right into overall silence also all within just this quick setups you’ll see it doesn’t leave it if you push it it opens the setups or you can turn it off right there another remarkable feature is called currently on tap they haven’t truly implemented it yet so you’ll see when you’re within an app allow’s claim as an example someone messages you hey you intend to obtain dinner at Chipotle or something and also you desire to look at Chipotle all you have to do is swipe up from that home button and also you’ll see this is what is going to resemble so karthe concerning the screen we’re simply aren’t readily available in this launch so you’ll see you have a search up there where it’s going to give you tips down near the bottom search results page down near the bottom too you can’t use it so you’ll see if I go to this it’s going to really open a Google search a whole separate one a little concealed menu that I actually found within the settings here when I went to designer alternatives you’ll see you can change the motif of the settings so if I most likely to dark you’ll see it totally altered to dark all throughout the entire settings application very fascinating I really did not actually observe any type of adjustments within any type of other particular application or anything like that you’ll see the history is still light in this Google now still light yet those settings all the means through whether in Wi-Fi display screen settings they’re all have that dark

history instead of light so a great little update and also ideally they make more of those motif modifications available now a pair extra added features to Android M is app permissions and application back-up so let’s most likely to application consents initially so if I enter into apps you’ll see here’s all my mounted applications you can press this menu switch to show system apps as well but if we enter into sophisticated you’ll see below we have application consents right here and which ones access to these numerous points whether it be location your schedule your calls your phone your SMS your sensing units all that fascinating information so if we don’t wish to need to access our contacts let’s say hi cable what are you doing I do not want you to access my contacts this app was made for an older variation of Android refuting permissions because it’s no more feature as desired deny so there you go you can not access my calls once again it could create it to not work correctly yet hey that may be worth it to see as well as check if some of these applications function or not if for no factor if you have a calculator app asking for it access to your contacts hey you do not require that for the app to work so

there’s that as well as then overlook optimizations too so there’s some ignore battery there are battery optimizations and also obviously these applications can ignore them you can allow it to overlook them if you desire I couldn’t discover a method to really transform it on or off it resembles by default they have to be on and also then you’ll see it talking memory so RAM just how much optimal average good efficiency how much RAM was utilized over a specific quantity of time so a lot of fascinating information within that setups now they have app backup too which is something that’s insane amazing so we most likely to backup and also reset and afterwards what you wish to do is you’ll see backup my data gets on right currently so allow’s read this so Wi-Fi passwords call history as well as app information such as setups and documents stored by applications to Google Drive so you’ll see it doesn’t include your Google Drive back-up will certainly not come towards your Drive storage space allocation bigger documents or data designer so picked to exclude from the solution will not be supported so it has indigenous supporting within your app so if you uninstall an app on one device install on a various it’s gon na reset those details settings that you had within a certain application all right now allow’s most likely to the battery screens a little bit different you see this is typically light yet it’s still stuck on that dark setting that I changed it to I sort of like it so we go right into it you’ll see you have

optimizations those battery optimizations you can lower it offers you a suggestion of what you can do to transform the power usage of this display so it states reduced screen brightness and/or screen dot-dot-dot so it doesn’t even offer you a complete list you don’t recognize what it’s speaking about it however it’s display break but it’s the exact same with various other ones as well so stealth standby it states switch to plane mode to save those the power from that all that excellent things and also talking battery life they actually included something called doze as well as essentially what’s gon na take place is when you’re not utilizing it evaluate off and it’s simply sitting there in this state androids mosting likely to tremendously withdraw history activity trading off a little bit of app freshness for longer battery life to make sure that’s what sleep is mosting likely to do so essentially with still with an idle phone it’s going to boost battery life now there’s tap and also pay yet there’s really absolutely nothing included in here just how it functions doesn’t also do anything it’s there’s Android pay now included which will certainly be coming which I actually added finger print API so there’s fingerprint support throughout the whole

Android operating system now which is gon na allow you to get applications and also possibly songs video games all that excellent stuff from the Play Store if you state you intend to get it rather of keying in your password every single time you place your finger on the scanner and also it’s gon na scan it of course you’re gon na require hardware support for that also alright you likewise have reduced copy paste renovations so if I most likely to google essential right here and also I have an Android M note so let’s proceed and also enter into it so now when I select message so if I double touch on this and also I swipe and I relocate over you’ll see it’ll copy the entire word as opposed to just attempting to do it individually yet then after that when you reverse it’s gon na go letter by letter however it’s so far better this way just having a full word due to the fact that most individuals simply intend to copy the entire word currently you can hit share choose all copy or cut so if I.

duplicate it and also I push get in right here as well as I tap on the display I can paste or choose all so I paste it and also there you go work just fine yet overall that’s everything I wished to flaunt I make certain there’s a couple points I might have missed out on do not hesitate to comment and let me recognize if I did I could do an updated video clip too if certain things obtain added or certain points appears so make sure to register for me a great deal a lot more Android as well as coverage.
coming extremely extremely soon they also discussed USB type-c assistance which isn’t necessarily Android certain but just hardware particular which behaves to include too to make sure that’s it that’s Android M Programmer Preview on my Nexus 5 once again Nexus 6 Nexus 9 and Nexus gamer are all supported let me know you assume leave a comment I value you viewing so please follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ subscribe also which’s really regarding it thank you very a lot men.

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