Install Android M Developer Preview on Nexus Devices

every person tim schofield here from Cuba King 77. com here to do a video demonstrating how to install the Android M designer sneak peek on your Nexus device right currently it’s sustaining the nexus 5 Nexus 6 Nexus 9 as well as Nexus gamer so at the time of this video clip I’m mosting likely to show you on a nexus 5 now make note this is a programmer preview so it’s for designers I would certainly not suggest installing it simply for a regular individual if you intend to try it out wonderful this will wipe all of your information so make note of that as well all right so let’s get this going it does not matter if you’re rooted or completely supply it does not matter you will require to unlock your bootloader I’ll reveal you exactly how to do that in this video clip anyways most likely to setups scroll completely down most likely to regarding phone and afterwards go on and also scroll right the base and quickly tap on build number about seven times so proceed and also do that press back and after that you’ll see designer choices go into it in the settings and also then turn USB debugging on as well as additionally genuine quick if you have a device like a nexus 9 or nexus 6 you require to examine

the OEM opening allow and also enable OEM unlocking because we need to have actually an opened bootloader flash the manufacturing facility picture all right and also as soon as you p debugging’s on and also if necessary make it possible for OEM unlock is inspected as well as on we prepare to go you require to go on and establish the Android SDK as well as Ed get on your computer system i have a very easy guide video in the summary i’ll link to it if you’ve never done it it’s extremely easy go do it you need to do it so you can kind some command triggers to obtain this flashed alright and once you have the android adb as well as educate you will certainly establish in your computer we need to download and install the details data now it is essential to choose the right one it’s rather noticeable if you have a nexus 5 you wish to download and install the nexus 5 file etc i will upload it download link in the summary of the video clip so go to it click on it download it it’ll be the factory image will certainly be a dot tgz data i think ok as well as as soon as you have that data totally downloaded and install and android sdk setup you wish to double click that data that we just downloaded it’s going to open up a I have actually usage

7-zip it’s a zip file and also I’m mosting likely to increase click on it so make use of 7-zip or a program that’s like that and also inside you will see a folder right here i’ll just suggest moving that folder right into the android sdk folder that we have in our desktop here so you’ll see it’s right below and afterwards I’m mosting likely to in fact transfer that folder into the system devices folder too within that so so I understand where everything is you’ll see I have that hammerhead folder right there yet now we require to in fact unlock the bootloader on our tool genuine quick it’s extremely simple so real simple plug your device right into your computer system real fast once we have our gadget connected in i want you to head to that android sdk folder again double-click on system devices and also hold change on your keyboard right click someplace within that folder without out a documents as well as struck open command window here it’s mosting likely to open up a command motivate it’s mosting likely to say Android SDK system devices and so on as well as I want you to take a television space tools it’s mosting likely to go on as well as acknowledge the tool connected in alright so ADB

gadgets it appears like it really did not show up my tool so if this happens to you if it’s this tool not found I want you to proceed and also up most likely to gadget supervisor right click on it as well as hit upgrade motorist software as well as I want you to bruh search autumn brown my computer I’m sorry and afterwards I desire you to strike allow me pick from a list of device chauffeurs on my computer and also here is where you intend to pick the ideal one you can attempt the different ones yet I’m mosting likely to recommend Google Nexus adb interface I believe that’s one that works with the Nexus 5 specifically however may be different depending on the tool so I’ll link to the device drivers you require in the description to set up however if that’s an issue there you go alright once I change that it really raised a screen permit USB debugging you need to inspect alright on this or else it’s not mosting likely to function I’m going to check always allow from this computer system as well as press ok if you do not do that you’re not going to be able to type in command so if that’s an issue unplug replug your gadget in anyways if i kind adb tools is mosting likely to show a checklist now what I want you to type is a TV space reboot hyphen bootloader so we need to go right into the bootloader to open it fine you’ll see under of my device it claims opened already so mine’s.

currently unlocked yet you just need to type quick boot room OEM area unlock and press get in so you could fail this is already unlocked now as soon as that occurs if you type it in most likely to your tool make use of the volume tricks to navigate in power button to pick it’ll claim hi there are you sure you intend to manufacturing facility unlock the bootloader because it’s going to factory reset your device whatever’s mosting likely to be wiped like I said so yep go on and follow the phone to open your bootloader mines out locked so I don’t need to unlock it so as soon as it’s done opening let’s go ahead and also reboot our gadget all right and as soon as your tool’s Bulo doors opened ideally if your child was currently opened you avoid to this part allow’s proceed and also obtain the gadget back right into the bootloader actually so on your computer system go back to that platform tools folder hold shift right click open command window and afterwards just kind adb reboot hyphen bootloader once more as well as press enter it’s going to reboot right into the bootloader now when it’s in the boot loader like so I want you to in that platform devices for the.

remember we transferred over that specific folder my ears might not state hammerhead yours will certainly state whatever your specific gadget is double click on that folder and inside you’ll see a flash all dat that in fact wasn’t functioning on lollipop for me so we might need to do it manually but let’s attempt it so dual click it as well as you’ll see here it’s going to reboot the device like so and after that other points it’ll give you a status of whatever that its recalling the tool well see if it in fact runs via and also really does every little thing hopefully it will certainly again like I claimed this is mosting likely to wipe whatever just you’ll see update plans missing system that IMG so let’s simply manually do it I’m going to push any vital to exit all right currently to by hand mount these photos you’re inside that folder still just go in advance and select everything and just duplicate it or suffice as well as paste it into that platform tools folder like so so you’ll see we have all the documents right here on the platform devices folder currently what I want you to do is dual click this zip file right in below you’ll see a bunch of picture files i want you to highlight.

all of them you can cut it out of the photo or copy it either one and afterwards simply go on as well as paste it right into this platform tools folder as well so you’re mosting likely to need to have every one of those documents pasted right into the platform tools folder alright and also when you have actually that done I want you to just hold move best click open command window here once again while we remain in the bootloader you still require to be in the bootloader on your Nexus tool now what we’re going to require to do is really kind some commands so kind quick boot area flash area bootloader area as well as now after bootloader what you need to do is locate the bootloader image so you’ll see this is the bootloader photo it may not state hammerhead it’s not going to unless you get on the Nexus 5 so you’ll see right here copy that whole name and afterwards best click on top of your command timely hit edit and afterwards paste because data name and ensure it says that IMG at the end since it’s going to need to the flash so now press Go into there.

we go it’s mosting likely to compose the bootloader currently kind rapid boot area reboot hyphen bootloader our Nexus 5 or danette your Nexus gadget is mosting likely to reboot back right into the bootloader currently type quick boot area flash based radio now locate your radio data so enter into here you’ll see a radio submit right here go on as well as select every little thing highlight it and also copy the message after that inside your command punctual click at the leading hit edit and paste so paste in that image data that’s the radio you make certain it says that IMG at the end you can edit in if it does not as well as press go into currently it’s going to blink that radio alright it failed due to the fact that I didn’t place a room after radio so I’m mosting likely to hit edit and also paste because photo file once more and press Enter there we go it’s going to send the radio it’s going to write the radio alright as soon as that’s done again reboot into the bootloader fast boot space reboot hyphen bootloader as well as press ENTER and afterwards as soon as its back right into the bootloader I want you to type junk food area flash a system space system IMG keep in mind those data that we transferred over that’s what the name of them were so press Enter it’s mosting likely to take a bit of time this is gon na be the lengthiest one that’s going to take a long period of time to blink so be.

patient with it alright so that took a little time like I stated currently allow’s go to the following command quickly allowed’s reboot back right into the bootloader so quick boot room reboot hyphen bootloader again and after that once its back right into the bootloader let’s type fast boot area flash based customer information room customer information IMG this is going to be factory resetting our gadget press Get in alright so we had an unknown error sending out customer information for one reason or another so I’m mosting likely to by hand reactivate boot loader on your Nexus device you can do that with the volume tricks and also power switch to select as well as then as soon as you do that we can key in some even more commands all right so allow’s tighten up pin that customer information one again so fast boot area flash-based user information area customer data IMG and also press ENTER let that do its point alright this time around no air so we should be excellent to go currently allow’s proceed kind fast boot space flash based recovery space healing IMG press go into all right that one’s done currently fast boot area flash-based boot area boot.img press go into that’s done currently fastboot remove cash money go into now what we require to do is encounter quick boot room blink cash money room cash IMG and also press ENTER and after that that should be nearly it we are all done so we can.

just type rapid boot space reboot and are the Nexus tool is mosting likely to reboot and it need to reboot us right into Android M now I don’t understand if there’s an updated boot computer animation or anything let’s check it out currently fine it looks like no upgraded boot computer animation anything like that with Android M I’m gon na allow it boot up be patient i’ll be back to show you guys we get on Android M all that great stuff ideally it benefited you all right below we go totally started up now warning sneak peek variation of android system move it conditional all that good things as well as right here it is so a various startup screen yet that’s it i’m mosting likely to do a full testimonial of all these all this things so go in advance as well as look into my evaluation all connected to in the description that’s how you mount it hopefully this video clip assisted you out if it did please provide it a thumbs up follow me on facebook twitter google+ only send the script will certainly be below as constantly men thanks very much you.

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