Moto G 2015 Review: Motorola’s Budget Flagship

hey everyone Tim Schofield here from cubic 77 common motor oil is released another device in their best-selling Moto G line so they are at the Moto G third-generation I’ve been using the 16 gigabytes of internal storage to gigabytes of RAM model which is gonna run you about 220 dollars whereas they have another model which is a gigabytes of internal storage and also one gigabytes of RAM and that’s gonna cost you $40 left at $180 anyways been using this for a long time got lots of thoughts on it so let’s go ahead and review it and see if it’s one of the best budget devices out there right now all right and here is the third generation moto G and as you can see it’s actually submerged in water right now and why am i doing that it is actually ipx7 water-resistant so it means it can withstand up to one meter of water at for 30 minutes actually you’ll see it’s been in there for about ten minutes now and I think that’s more than enough time to test it let’s go ahead and pause this you’ll see the touch screens working but I’m actually gonna dry it off just real quick that we see if you’re gonna get it wet it’s you’re gonna want to dry it off right away so there we go and you’ll see it works fine touchscreen working

great still responsive it’s sealed very well on the back edge ship clips around the camera here where you have to make sure they are pressed in just fine but no water gets in anywhere I mean you’ll see there’s no bubbles no water leaks inside at all so like I said it that’s a really neat design feature Motorola also added the moto g2 moto maker so you can actually customize the look of it you’ll see I just kind of went with a pretty minimal black-and-white look to my Moto G when I customized it but there’s many different colors many different options in moto maker when it comes to design you’ll see the backplate actually has some texture to it which allows for some added grip and it’s not slippery at all let’s see that signature Motorola dimple still there very minimal though you have an LED flash along with a 13 megapixel camera moving down to the bottom you have your micro USB 2.0 charging slot on the right side you have volume rockers and a power button as well taking a closer look at the

buttons on the side you’ll notice the power button actually has some texture to it which helps in differentiating between those volume rockers below it when you press the buttons it’s kind of springy I guess you could call it and it overall it’s just kind of has a a bit of a cheap feel it’s something to bad but it’s just a little cheap compared to a couple other phones I’ve used absolutely nothing along the left side of the device and then up at the top you have that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack now I want to peel off the back really quick and it’s actually a little difficult to do which is good obviously for that water resistance and you’ll notice there is actually some water that did get into the back which it should be okay honestly it should actually be pretty normal so you have a SIM slot and then expandable storage so a nice micro SD card slot to expand either that 8 or 16 gigs of internal storage and then on the front of the device you actually have to what looks like speakers actually the main speakers on the bottom here and then you just have an earpiece at the top so it’s not stereo sound you have a 5 megapixel camera right there when it comes to this speaker quality it’s actually pretty good honestly being on the front of the device is a huge plus and overall I’ve had a decent experience pretty average quality and loudness but I mean it

does the job especially for a budget device now when it comes to budget devices you will need to make a couple sacrifices with them and in this case I think the display is a bit of a sacrificing of a 720p 5-inch display it’s IPS LCD actually and to my eye it looks like the colors are just a little bit washed out I mean overall something to bad but when I watch videos and play games it’s a little bit noticeable also when you’re outside the display doesn’t get as bright as you’d like it to it’s still not terrible but still you wish you could it would get a little brighter in bright lights situations and honestly touch input on the device doesn’t seem the greatest I’ve kind of noticed that when I type really quickly on the keyboard it might skip a couple keys and then when I switch to Swift key even from the stock Google keyboard it’ll think I’m using swipe when I’m not I’m actually typing with two fingers there’s also a feature called moto display when you pick up the device it’s going to let you know the time if you have any notifications and with it being an LCD display the entire panel lights up which is kind of annoying when you’re at in bed and it lights up the entire screen right next to you in the dark one thing

Motorola said they were going to improve a lot upon is the camera and in my opinion on the Moto G I think they did a very good job overall software on it’s very simple you’ll see you can flip it at that 5 megapixel front-facing camera it works pretty well and then you have a video camera on the back as well it’s really a quick easy point-and-shoot you’ll see I quickly tapped it and it snapped a shot it overall focusing it does a very good job in good lighting situations you swipe over and it you have your basic functions sound HDR mode flash point to focus etcetera now I want to go and talk about a couple pictures I took and bright light situations it does a very good job it has the same sensor as the Nexus 6 however does not have optical image stabilization so overall when it comes to low-light pictures they get kind of grainy focusing it doesn’t focus very well either so I mean in low-light situations it has its

drawbacks but overall in good lighting situations I’ve been pretty impressed with the camera when recording video you have two options HD 1080p or slo-mo which is 720p as well overall I mean it did a pretty good job like I said in good lighting situations uh it doesn’t really have tapped to focus so when you get close-up on subjects it doesn’t do a very good job at focusing on them the Moto G has a two thousand four hundred seventy milliamp hour battery and this is one of the best things about the device battery life is ridiculously good I am super impressed with it standby time is just insane here is one day you’ll see I get over four hours screen on time honestly my usage is very heavy I use my phone a good amount with emails games watching YouTube videos essentially everything streaming music etc here’s a day when I got 4 hours and 47 minutes screen on time and then another day when I got the exact same thing overall get about four and a half four hours in 35 minutes screen on time average so overall battery life has been fantastic now a couple

drawbacks is that it is an embedded battery so no removable battery also no NFC in it as well and then also when you charge it there is no quick charging we use the charger that actually came with the device it takes about four hours to completely charge it and that’s pretty annoying now software on the Moto G it has essentially stock Android with a couple tweaks it has android 5.1.1 lollipop which is the latest as of this video and honestly the tweaks that they’ve added are very useful and they’re not very obtrusive so let’s go ahead and go to the Moto app here and here’s some of the ones that you can do assist it adjusts automatically whether you’re when you’re sleeping it’ll put it on quiet if you have at a place during a meeting etc so those activities you have actions you react to motion so chop twice for flashlight and twist for quick capture a couple of these chopped twice for flashlights is really convenient you just kind of go like this and the lights the LED lights going to turn on and you can go like this and it will turn off and that even works when you’re in

an app so let’s say I’m scrolling in an app and in the dark and I need to just look for something you’ll see the app still open and we can turn on and off the laughs light you can also double twist the phone whether the screen is on or off and it will open up the camera application and this is very convenient the only time I’ve noticed it might occasionally open up is if you set it then drop it down on your bed or a soft surface and it will maybe land on its side and then twist you’ll see it will open up the camera that only happens occasionally and it’s not a big deal to me at all again they’ve added moto display which I really like when it comes to just wanting to check the time or check your notifications really quick and it doesn’t have a big drain on the battery either like I said battery life is really good now what it doesn’t have is moto voice when you can just say okay moto and it’s going to open up a search when you have your screen off etc they have not added that to the Moto G now when it

comes to overall performance I have been impressed that has a Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor and it does a very good job at loading up apps and multitasking as well as been good with two gigabytes of RAM I mean Ram management has been good on android 5.

1.1 and it’s you can see switching through all of these apps it does a very good job at loading them up and not having many stuttering much stuttering when you play games as well games look ok on the display they like I said look a little washed out the colors etc but I mean performance wise even high-end gaming has been good you might get an occasional stutter here and there but nothing too bad at all honestly unless you’re running a ton of apps at once performance has been great alright just want to give some quick final thoughts on the Moto G third generation and overall battery life has been really good Motorola did a fantastic job camera it gets the job done I would say overall especially at that price point the 180 220 low-light shots just not that great but overall it does get the job done like I said the screen is probably my biggest complaint it’s just ok it’s nothing – it’s not terrible but it’s just not that great and then when you add Moto maker to customize it u.s.

LTE support and also essentially stock Android it’s a really good budget package at that price point I would say it’s a go for me it’s I had a really good experience to performance I was very impressed with performance multitasking as well running high-end games so I would say to go for me good job Motorola I’m impressed you are definitely at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to budget devices so let me know what you think hopefully enjoy this video if he did you can give it a thumbs up I would appreciate it you can subscribe to me as well a lot more coverage coming soon you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links in the description below and as always guys thank you very

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