Idol 3 (4.7) Unboxing and Impressions

everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 common lately manufacturers haven’t really been putting out devices with screen sizes smaller than five inches while Alcatel One Touch looks to have you covered with a new version of the idol 3 a 4.7 inch variant as opposed to the 5.5 inch variant which I’ve actually done a review on already and I actually enjoyed that variant but anyways let’s go ahead and open this guy up to show you real quick what’s in the box give some first impressions and also maybe a quick size comparison with the 5.5 inch variant all right opening it on up here it is displayed with the you got the phone right away of course also obviously with some packaging on it feels a little light I don’t know if the batteries inside or not let’s go ahead and attempt to turn it on obviously I’ve been peeled anything off yeah I don’t think the batteries in it anyways you got some booklets instructions in different languages QuickStart guide and then you have some headphones you’ll see they have partnered with JBL by Harman Kardon and we are gonna open these up and see what’s inside so inside you actually have some extra earbuds right there fierce fall out or get damaged or something but these are actually a little bit different than the ones that were included in the 5.5 inch variant more of a flat cable as well I’ll update you guys on how good these are actually when I make my full review video we’ve also gotten Alcatel OneTouch AC adapter along with a USB two micro USB 2.0 charging cable always love peeling off

stickers on devices just because it shows off the actual phone and its full glory so there’s one and then of course the front one as well showing off that 4.7 inch 720p display and you have front-facing speakers I really hope they use the same ones that run the 5.5 inch variant because those were fantastic I really enjoyed those speakers and then of course a little film on that 13 megapixel rear camera now the batteries actually inside right now and it’s really light that’s the first thing I noticed press and hold that power button that’s on the upper left hand corner and you’ll see Alcatel One Touch powered by Android let it power up you have a SIM card slot right there ejecting that slot gives way to the SIM card slot along with the micro SD card slot for expandable storage and then down at the bottom charging slot microphone on the right side you have volume rockers up the top 3.5 millimeter headphone jack another microphone because it is reversible so you’ve got speakers stereo speakers on top and bottom and microphone on top and bottom so you can answer phone calls upside down I’ll show that off once it boots up a little more you see I did get the gray variant on the back it’s got a very sleek look let me grab the 5.5 intro variant alright here are both idol 3 side by side you have little brother and big brother and honestly the form factor that comes with the smaller screen size it’s actually pretty

refreshing now here is the back of the 2 let’s go ahead and throw the bottom left hand corner is lined up so you’ll see there’s actually a decent amount of form factor difference between the two and it’s actually a decent amount lighter as well that I’ve noticed but anyways let’s go ahead and grab this and you’ll see we are now on the start start guide you’ll see skip all which I’ve actually never seen on a phone before I’m gonna run through and see if there’s any notable things that are different about it you’ll see setup screen lock and I want to see if it has and it does it has ID you’re right there it’s actually a really neat way to unlock your device I have a video demonstrating it I’ll link to it in the description of the video alright that’s about the only notable thing I noticed so finished here we go we have the device booted up and you’ll see is Alcatel is custom launcher with their custom icons as well obviously you can install third-party launcher but overall it still has essentially stock Android on it not very heavily skinned at all you’ll see with the pull down bar let’s go to settings scroll all the way down go to about phone and you’ll see it’s on android 5.0.2 which is lollipop not the latest 5.1.1 is the latest the 5.5

inch variants has not gotten the 5.1.1 update yet I have no news on that just as of right now I guess I’m gonna make you guys watch flappy bird like I do in all my unboxings era I only got to want anything anyways I got the four in one of my videos so I’ve yet to beat that anyways I wanna go ahead and trick for any bloat where I guess you’ve got antivirus right here which you can uninstall you’ll see uninstall is right there let’s see Adobe Reader is there you can uninstall that as well real quick running through if I skip any sorry about that WPS office uninstall that as well so that’s really good so it doesn’t include that many bloatware apps and they are all uninstall Apple now I want to go ahead and go into settings because I believe there’s some gestures that I actually want to test out real quick double tap screen to turn the screen on or off turn over to mute and turn over to activate the alarm so let’s go ahead and try double tap to sleep that is with the stock launcher and then double tap to wakes with any launcher and here’s the lockscreen you’ll see you have customizable

shortcuts right here so let’s say I want to actually go to the calculator you press on it swipe up and I thought it was actually gonna open up the calculator maybe I have to just tap on it so it says touch again to open the calculator so my bad you just kind of double tap on it and it opens up that app but obviously it feels really smooth coming right out of the box has a Snapdragon 410 processor which is actually the same one in the new Moto G alright let’s go ahead and load up the camera I believe it has the same 13 megapixel camera as the other Idol 3 and I actually was pretty pleased with it I want to go ahead and snap a very quick picture alright so took it I moved it right away so I don’t know if it’s gonna get have good focus on it but here we go not bad so you’ll see some blistex right there and some decent quality on it so like I said I I enjoyed the other variants camera and I believe it’s the exact same one so hopefully I’m just as pleased I’ll let you know in the review video anyways last thing I wanted to mention is that it’s reversible so you’ll see you can actually flip it upside down I’m gonna press ok and anywhere on the device you can have it upside down or right side up and it’s got a little neat animation right there so it’s nice when you’re on a phone call if you accidentally answer it upside down hey it’s still gonna work anyways that would be its that’s what’s inside the box and a first look at the idle 34.7 variant hopefully enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all the links in the description below subscribe to my channel a lots more to come very soon like I said a review of this film coming soon as well that’s about it guys so thank you very much

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