Galaxy Note 7 Unboxing and Impressions!

hey everyone tim scofield here and finally my galaxy note 7 has came i pre-ordered it a long time ago it did come with a 256 gig micro sd card and it has finally shipped to me today so figured i’d do an unboxing for you guys show you what’s in the box show off a couple things about this new device and just give some overall impressions of mine so let’s go ahead and get started okay so i do have the 64 gigabyte model and have decided on buying the black onyx variant now let’s go ahead and slide it open i’ve already uh broken this seal and right away we have the note 7.

pretty excited to actually use this as my daily driver for a while and of course i will do my full review pretty soon and also other accompanying videos so make sure you click that subscribe button but let’s go ahead and peel off this plastic this is talking about how to eject the sim get to your micro sd card slot as well and there you have it so we do have an embedded battery i’m going to go ahead and power this guy on and while it boots up show you real quick what else is in the box so we do

have a t-mobile sim card because i did get the t-mobile model which i already have a t-mobile activated t-mobile sim because that’s what i use at the moment uh we have looks like some booklets let’s go ahead and take these out some t-mobile booklets some samsung booklets and user guides so here’s a welcome start guide for your note 7 um and then you do have your sim ejecting tool uh and then finally in the box i do remember actually taking headphones out of my note sorry my s7 and thinking these were purple because of the tint on the box but they’re actually not they’re just the standard samsung headphones i can open those up in a second and finally you have usb type c cable so that’s gonna be a little bit different you’re gonna need uh maybe some extra components i can potentially link to some recommended cables in the description and of course usb type c so you could reversible finally you’ve got your ac adapter fast charging ac adapter you have some extra pins for your s pen and then you have a usb connector to actually help you uh you’ll see it is male for type c and then input for shoot what’s it called type 2.0 and then here’s actually a converter a micro usb connector so it goes usb type c to micro usb so that way you can use all your old chargers as well to charge your device if you don’t feel like purchasing updated cables there’s also just a quick look at those

samsung headphones as well they don’t stay in my ears very well i find very few earpods stay in my ear too well but yeah so there’s just a closer look at those all right so our note 7 is completely turned on before i run through the startup i do want to talk about design and it feels very comfortable in your hand uh it does have curves on the back and front on the back there’s a little bit of a camera bump as well not terrible by any means it’s very slim you have samsung galaxy note 7 12 megapixel camera heartbeat sensor you have your led flash as well on the front here you have your uh camera on front earpiece uh some sensors as well down at the bottom here is your fingerprint scanner home button and you have capacitive back and recent apps buttons down at the bottom you have your headphone jack usb type c slot microphone a speaker and your s pen so we can go ahead and eject that for the first time and here we go so taking out the s pen and here’s a closer look at that of course with the button and as i mentioned it does have those extra tips and then of course like i always like to do i’ll sit there and just click this like a normal pen i think that’s a neat addition to kind of give it a more real pen feel just that click right there so overall very similar feeling and looking to the note 5’s s pen but there are some new added features as well i’ll go over those uh probably in a separate video actually now that i think about it

um now on the left side you have your two volume rockers a little thin on the aluminum but it’s not sharp by any means it’s very well rounded up at the top here you got your micro sd card slot and sim card slot another microphone on the right is your power button as well and uh that’s really about it now i do want to make note that the back is not necessarily slippery but it does collect some fingerprints so uh that is actually pretty noticeable now with that being said i do have a spigen case right here which i’m gonna pop on my note 5 you’ll see it does have a slick wrap on it that justin muller design i will link to these in the description these cases actually so they have a nice partnership going on see it’s a spigen on the side here just kind of wanted to show it off real quick uh in terms of it does cover the entire thing i want to check out all the cutouts and everything down at the bottom here and with the s pen to make sure okay so it’s very easy to access the s pen it doesn’t necessarily you see the s

pen uh kind of comes out on the right here so you really don’t have to worry about accessing your s pen that’s really not a big deal and uh overall buttons are fairly easy to press it’s not difficult by any means and there you have it and on the back it does not cover the camera at all i hope not now anyways i want to go ahead and get started i’m only going to skip through everything and maybe show off the fingerprint scanner and also the iris scanner as well now i will do a more in-depth video on the iris scanner but you’ll see that it talks about glasses maybe sunglasses affecting it and also if your phone’s tilted a little too much and obviously lighting conditions as well so i’ll do a more in-depth test of that very soon but let’s go ahead and set it up might be a little difficult behind this camera but i’m still going to do it you’re ready to unlock your device wearing glasses or contacts or verifying your identity may cause the device have difficulty recognize so even contacts pretty interesting

so it says 10 to 14 inches away um let’s go ahead and turn it up to i guess my face position your eyes and circles circles shown on the screen so it looks a little strange i’m going to try and get a little bit closer open eyes fully okay this is actually kind of creepy how this is uh working you’ll see that red light right up there that iris scanner right there try again so i do have to try it again let’s go ahead and move a little bit closer i’m clearly just too far away so success so that was pretty quick um obviously like i said i’m behind the camera so it’s a little bit difficult to get an angle but that was very quick hold your device up um glasses or contacts open eyes fully avoid direct sunlight and keep the camera clean and then obviously the iris scanner up there let’s go and hit ok uh notifications on lock screen i’m going to hit done uh this says your screen lock has been set up successfully so i don’t know if i can actually set up the fingerprint scanner along with the iris scanner so it can use both but let’s go ahead and just run through i’m going to skip there it should take us to our home screen now it looks like samsung account all of your samsung pay i’m going to skip that for now obviously i’m going to go back later and uh go ahead and sign into all that stuff but there we have it smart folder protecting private data as well that will be added to your home screen

and looks like you can select the size of icons text and controls i’m going to go ahead and use a small just and also there’s a feature i’ll talk about in display where you can kind of change the size of everything you can scale it down to 720p as well so it looks like get weather forecast as well if you consent to location data this is for t-mobile if you’d like device data collection i’m going to hit no thank you and then should take us to our home screen and right away you’ll see in the upper left-hand corner notifications about what do you know some bloatware you got lookout you have amazon app uh so they did obviously include some bloatware and you’ll see samsung pay is popping up down there you have your swipe over just like you do i have on the edge devices like the s6 edge your s7 edge so you have those obviously of course it does have the edge screen on your note 7.

So i did mention this is a 64 gigabyte variant but after going through not installing any apps anything i want to talk about the storage uh let’s go ahead and see how much available storage out of that 64 gigs there is it is nice there’s a micro sd card slot though uh you’ll see storage 52.2 gigs of 64 gigs free so keep that in mind with bloatware included with um with nothing installed no pictures taken anything like that now let’s go and test it out that iris scanner so i’m going to go ahead and turn on the screen and it’s just i’m guessing i just kind of swipe screen to use iris unlock so you have to physically swipe the screen to actually use it and there we go unlocked it right away let’s go ahead and go in to jump into settings and security settings and see if you can actually add a fingerprint as well so you don’t have to just use your iris screen lock type oh good so you’ll see fingerprints right there set up a fingerprint security so let’s set that up as well i don’t know why it’s asking me to set up another pattern since i already have one okay so place finger at home key lift it off and repeat there we go so taking a decent amount of time at

least a bit longer than usual but i have heard this is very quick finger fingerprint scanner will test it out now the fingerprint scanners are really getting to the point where they are just great um and anything that seems slow is just out of the ordinary i guess so here we go uh screen lock type you’ll see pattern fingerprint and iris so we can go ahead and go to our lock screen again turn it on and i’m just gonna set my finger on there and there we go unlocks it right away and of course if you decide to tap on a notification or swipe to unlock you can go ahead and draw your pattern or go ahead and use your iris but this iris uh screen that was really quick but that’s a little creepy that black and white i do have to say so now let’s go ahead and check out uh just take a couple pictures with that 12 megapixel camera so go ahead and load it on up loads up really quick this is the first time i’ve even fired this application up and switching cameras lets you know about that but i’m going to cancel location tags but you’ll see i’m just going to go ahead and snap a quick picture and my guess is this camera is going to be nothing short of awesome especially in this lighting condition it’s going to be great but i will take more shots you can follow my instagram i’ll go ahead and do some i’ll post some

shots there and let you know that i use this for a while this is really great really clear not grainy at all and it’s shutter speed was very quick just overall one it was definitely gonna be the best camera out right now from my guess obviously i need a little bit more in-depth hands-on but if i had to project i would say this is gonna be the best out there i mean obviously the s7 edge right now is my favorite so why would the note 7 not be all right so talked about iris scanner fingerprint scanner let’s talk about the s pen now and uh let’s go ahead and open it up you get options create note smart select screen right and translate and you can add shortcuts as well so there’s other various ones that you can add whether you want to add an application over there you got glance i actually don’t even know what glance is so let’s go ahead and test that one out so let’s go to glance unable to use glance open an app and try again so let’s go ahead and go to the phone and hit glance and there we go hover your s pen over the thumbnail to view the app in full screen so it

looks like it pops that down there and says welcome to video calling right here but oh okay cool so then if we go ahead and tap on another app and you can glance over back to this other app so that’s a really neat feature i didn’t even know this had this uh to be honest i haven’t checked out very many unboxing videos i really haven’t had time been going through some stuff right now but yeah overall that’s a really cool feature then if you tap on it i believe uh i don’t know if you can actually go back into that app okay so you just have to interact with the app and you’ll see it glances and the glance goes away if you interact with it however i don’t think there’s r genuinely okay so if you interact with it and then bring the pen back it goes back down you press and hold to remove and i guess you’ll just have to go back into the app if you don’t want it to actually glance down in that corner so but i still think that’s really neat also with the s pen one thing one feature i really like and of course the s pen can go in

either way let’s go ahead and undock it while the screen is locked and you have a quick screen write a memo right here which i really do like to have i use it all the time when i’m writing a quick number down a quick note for myself as well i had a note for myself anyways when we’re on the lock screen let’s go ahead and press the button with my thumb on it looks like it said no match let’s go and do it when i’m in a more comfortable position and unlocked it a little bit of a delay there let’s do that again all right so i guess you can kind of see your notifications it doesn’t do it right away it turns the screen and goes to the lock screen and then unlocks it so it doesn’t directly unlock the device but anyways that’s about everything i want to talk about i did notice that the settings screen is a little bit different you’ve got them just kind of overall in a lot different places also it’s on android 6.0.1 i’ll keep you guys updated and do a complete update video when android n comes in the note 7 so make sure you’re subscribed as always but that’s really about it that would be my full video on the galaxy note 7 my unboxing impressions overall seems quick uh let’s go ahead and test it out more and do a full review i’ll do other videos i might do after a 72 hour video etc so uh just stay tuned for that and as always guys thank you very much for watching you follow me on various social media all links in the description video below thanks again

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