Blu Pure XR Unboxing and Impressions

every 110 Schofield here it’s time to unbox and take a look at the blue pur XR a device that’s three hundred dollars comes with a 1080p display four gigs of RAM octa-core processor so it looks pretty promising on paper and they also talked about a 3d touch feature that’s available on this device so I’m kind of excited to try that out let’s go ahead and open it up show you what’s in the box and also give some my first impressions alright to start let’s go and take a look at the back of the box where it gives off some specs letting you know 5.5 inch Super AMOLED 1080p display fingerprint sensor 3000 milliamp hour battery and just other various ones as well so there you go it also says super strong curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so we’ll take a look at that as well so slide this open and you have the device as usual and we can take it out of the plastic again more specs it does come with Android 6 data which has of right now is not the latest anymore so that is going to be a common thing in all my videos so now it looks like when I take this off it has a screen

protector below those specs so I’m going to take that off as well just because I like to review devices without screen protectors on but it is nice that did come with one kind of pre applied for you now it does feel pretty light actually I’m kind of surprised at how light this feels on the back lets you know there’s sim 1 and sim 2 slots as well finally I’m gonna go ahead and peel this plastic off and it does have a metal unibody design it has a nice accent I kind of like that that little light blue X and I’ll get a closer look in just a second but let’s go and turn it on it’s fairly thin and light as well that’s one thing I’m noticing so now continuing on let’s go ahead and see what else is in the box now you have your sim ejector tool you have what looks like a an adapter USB type-c and USB type-a input as you can see so you just have a bit of an adapter there which is nice to include now moving on you have your charging cable USB type-c as you can see so the device does have type-c which is great because that is becoming the new standard now a fairly larger AC adapter but it

did say it does have quick charge which is good to see now you have some headphones which are always great that they include some extra goodies for you like I said that screen protector looks like they have some headphones right here as well so you could take a look at those and now let’s go ahead and continue on you have some booklets something that you should never eat as well so Purex our booklets dual SIM installation guide you have a case as well so looks like somewhat opaque case and then looks like down at the bottom here is another screen protector so that first one may not necessarily be as good as this screen protector but hey if you want to go ahead and try it with that one you can always add another one at the end but real quick I want to go ahead and slide this case on the device so you can kind of just take a look it does cover the buttons on the right here up the top cutouts not completely centered with the microphone but still doesn’t cover up the microphone by any means you have to take it off to eject your sim card and then on the back with the camera absolutely fine with the cutouts as well as I mentioned here’s a closer look at that blue band strip and actually upon closer inspection you’ll see right here just a little lopsided in this specific corner right here so didn’t do a great job at making sure that was completely

straight but overall that was about the only blemish part I’ve seen on this blue strip but it’s still a nice accent color I do really like the look of it in general then here’s a closer look at those buttons on the side volume and power which do actually shake a little bit as you can see I can kind of move them right there which is that a little bit of a cheaper feel being able to do that I’ll talk more when I do a full review of this device of course and then your speaker USB type-c microphone and headphone jack as well at the bottom now one more thing in regards to those volume rockers shaking and power button it does make a little noise when you shake the device so listen I’m gonna do this a little bit over my microphone so that specific noise is actually the volume rockers and power button shaking back and forth when you actually shake the device not sure you’re going to be shaking the device very much but gives you an idea of that it does actually a wobble a little bit now let’s go ahead and turn on the device and you’ll see skipped any startup and went straight to the home screen the front you have two capacitive buttons

bottom right bottom left and a home button along with the fingerprint scanner as well let’s go ahead and unlock this device looks like it did took me straight to the startup with blues skin they have no no after as you can see you swipe up from the bottom and you – those quick toggles what’s that kind of like a lot of people may not like that but I don’t mind having swipe up from the bottom and the top top for notifications bottom for other settings that is not a problem for me let’s go to about device Android 6.0 so not on android 6.0.1 just Android 6.

0 at the moment now in the bottom left is your back button and then the bottom right is your recent apps button so you’ll see recent apps you have a clear all button as well so let’s go ahead and go back and go back to their home screen and now I kind of want to set up that fingerprint scanner now real quick looking at the hardware of the fingerprint scanner when you tap on it and don’t actually press the button it does move a little bit and makes a little bit of noise as you can see so hopefully you can kind of see it moving just a little bit and that’s me clicking it so a little bit of a cheap feel to that home button as well just kind of moves a little bit if you don’t even actually press it but let’s go ahead and set up that fingerprint scanner all right place your finger here let’s go ahead and just drop my thumb down looks like it’s gonna take a bit of time to actually completely register my thumb which is fine as long as the fan

print scanner works great then I have no problem with having this setup take a little bit longer than other devices so here we go I’m going to hit done so fingerprint was added successfully so using a secure password unlock guest mode easy unlock as well so let’s go ahead and go to our lock screen now and test this guy out so with that lock screen you also notice a bit of an animation with the clock calendar let’s go ahead and try and unlock it says enter password or fingerprint let’s drop it down and there we go unlocked it now I’m going to try and do it without pressing a button so you can’t you have to actually physically wake up the device which is fine because you press the button right here and it’ll axis so that was very quick as well so kind of keep that in mind let’s try once more one two three unlocks it so seems to be pretty quick of a fingerprint scanner let’s try one more where it’s not a registered finger and just vibrates finger identity failed so overall seems very quick and uh I actually do really like the speed of this fingerprint scanner as usual in all my unboxings I want to go ahead and go into storage settings so advanced let’s go to storage and USB and you’ll see out of the 64 gigs being used eleven point eight of them are full so that’s right out of the box install anything I haven’t set up any accounts and it does have a

micro SD card slot as well so that’s really not too big of a deal at all and of course 64 gigs is still a decent amount of space now let’s go ahead and open up that camera and I want to snap a couple pictures so that was the first time I loaded it up let’s go ahead and focus snap a picture so shutter speed seems fairly quick as you can see let’s try a close-up focus that looked okay so let’s take a look at one of these that I took so just once a system alert welcome to the gallery okay so this is just that close-up doesn’t look bad obviously these are a little blurry because I was moving the camera around pretty quick so that’s totally fine let’s go to the one where the first one I took so yeah here we go so here’s one of them I took seems pretty good obviously this is good lighting scenario so it should be very good but I’ll take a little bit more pictures in the future overall it does have their their scan over we have some a bunch of different modes professional mode is available for those of you wondering so ISO shutter speed focus all that good stuff you can mess around with that if you do like to do that now finally I want to show off that 3d touch feature which is pretty interesting so let’s go ahead and try it with the camera I’m going to press and hold the camera and you’ll see it allows me as usual to move an icon around but now I’m going to go ahead and press and push in on the device so it’s a pressure-sensitive

device so let’s go and push in it says selfie video or snapshots so let’s go and switch it to selfie opens up that front-facing camera real quick now let’s try with let’s say phone I’m going to push in a new contact pops up I’m not exactly sure how many of these apps are actually 3d touch enabled you see ad alarm timer chronometer let’s try calculator looks like calculator didn’t open anything up messenger no it looks like messenger didn’t open anything up either so you’re just gonna have to mess her out I mean I’ll have to mess around and see what specific apps work but pretty cool pretty interesting that they’ve implemented that into Android

because obviously it’s not a very common thing but overall that would be the blue Purex are my first initial thoughts click that thumbs up if you enjoyed this video overall with a $300 device seems like they have to make a couple sacrifices in terms of maybe build quality of these buttons that casing a bit of an issue and of course that could be just my device it doesn’t necessarily mean all of them are going to be like that so keep that in mind but overall seems pretty promising of course with their blue skin you can add a third party launcher if you’d like to I mean that three touch pretty interesting feature as well I’m pretty excited to actually test it out and use it in a real-world scenario so more it come pretty soon so click that subscribe button you follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links in the description below there’s always guys thank you very much

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