New MacBook Pro w/ TouchBar Review: MacBook Challenge Complete!

everyone in Schofield here and my two-week challenge is complete I successfully used the new MacBook Pro with a touch bar for two weeks I did not think that would be an issue as my daily laptop now if you missed my previous videos I would link to the playlist down below now this is actually the first MacBook I’ve ever owned I’ve ever used really have had no experience with mac OS prior to this video and throughout this two-week challenge now I struggled for a little bit to kind of grasp the operating system itself kind of get used to the glass-top in general specifically having only four USB type-c slots talk about that in a second however I did find to pick it up after about a week more and more and I feel like I have a decent grasp on the laptop in general now so anyways let’s go ahead get started going to do a full review on the new MacBook Pro with the touch bar to begin this review I’d like to talk about design and I do have the 15 inch model with the touch bar and it seems like Apple has decided to go the route of keeping things slim and light which was great when I was traveling I had no issues with it fitting in my

backpack I wasn’t necessarily too heavy by any means however it does satisfy some things such as battery the new MacBook is a very premium looking and feeling device I really do like the aluminum unibody designs they went with I have shadow slick wraps they sent me this marble wrap to put on my devices been protecting my new macbook for the time being the new MacBook has only four USB type-c slots two on the left and two on the right which is the new standards I have no problem with it however for the time being you are going to have to purchase some adapters I have an entire video talking about my experience using adapters and just kind of living with these four slots now one thing that I really do like about it is that they’ve decided to use all four of them for charging so you can plug it in on the left side or maybe you can plug it on the right side kind of depending on where that wall outlet is all four of them work to charge so it’s pretty nice that you don’t aren’t stuck to one side especially with a cable running across the floor maybe and it might get in your way there also to speaker grills right to the right and left of your keyboard and they are great to be on a sound quality is very good it gets very loud as well let’s play a quick sample track so you can kind of

get an idea of how loud it can actually get and you’ll see it’s very soft right now but if you go ahead and turn it up [Music] it gets real loud as you can hear all the way up it’s very loud it easily fills a room and it doesn’t get distorted at all it’s very clear bases are pretty solid as well considering it’s just kind of two speakers and a very thin laptop so overall I’m very pleased with the speaker quality the MacBook has a 28 80 by 1800 Retina display and I am very happy with it whether it’s viewing angles colors as well and speaking of colors if you go ahead and jump into system preferences and go to displays you’ll see you have a bunch of different color profiles that you can apply based on what you’re doing so this is very good for people that do a lot of things like video editing photo editing if you’re more serious into that it’s very easy to kind of change them all on the fly overall you really can’t go wrong with this display it looks gorgeous unfortunately it is not a touchscreen some people don’t like it some people do like it but I think when at the price point that they are making this at they should definitely have included a touchscreen just for those of you that want to use it instead they include a touch bar next to the touch bar is a touch ID input where you can go ahead and scan your finger to make purchases sign into your account as

well and it also couples a power button when at your desktop the touch bar has it escape key right here and also for customizable buttons now I have Siri right here go to the launch pad and then you can you have volume and brightness as well there’s a couple ways you can adjust it by pressing and holding to go up and down or of course you could just tap it and then you can kind of scroll this bar if you’d like to exact same with the brightness press and hold which is probably what I use the touch bar the most for to quickly change the volume and brightness you also have an arrow where you can go ahead and open things up or you can customize the brightness of your keys and then also you can show all windows as well and like I mentioned you can customize this and here’s a look at the customizing screen kind of takes a little bit to get accumulated to all the options whether you want to add you see I can just drag things down with my mouse and also I can take things off with my mouse to see it highlights right here I can press and hold and drop things up if I don’t want them there and these customizations are all on a per app basis as well so you’ll see if I go ahead and open up Safari Safari is going to go ahead and show off all these various tabs that I can go to that are open right now and then if I want to go and add a tab I can go and do so and it shows all of my bookmarks as well right here so let’s say I wanted to hop into reddit real quick it loads that on up and then you’ll

see all those four-state stay there those customizable ones and then you can do a quick search as well which is going to open up your UL URL editor another way that I really do utilize the touch bar is when watching videos and also listening to music it’s very easy to kind of scrub through videos in an accurate manner and you just kind of put your finger here you can slide you can tap as well to quickly swap through parts of a video and that’s really about it so there are lots of other ways it is interesting to get to your function key do you have to press the function button and then they go ahead and pop up so that may take a little bit of time be used to and the touch bar in general takes a little bit of time to get used to I definitely a learning curve something that I’m definitely taking time to have to learn if you tap on a file you can quickly share you can label it and it just always changes depending on the app that you’re in now I have a video going full in-depth on the touch bar oh into that down below next let’s talk about the massive trackpad on this device I really can’t get over how big it is I don’t necessarily know if it needs to be dislodged they might have been able to make it a little bit smaller for my knees but you can also click anywhere on the trackpad which was a

bit of a difference going coming from Windows because they have a right and left click to actually right-click you just press with two fingers as opposed to right clicking and overall this has been my favorite trackpad on any laptop that I’ve ever used it’s really great the gestures do take a little bit to get used to at least for me just to kind of remember all of the different gestures that you can have whether you want to swipe up to go to all available Windows you can quickly swap desktops which I use all the time it’s nice to have a couple desktops up at the top so you’ll see I have three open right now and the quickly swap you just use three fingers if you swipe over with two fingers on the right side it brings up this bar where I’ll go to my calculator real quick open these widgets you also have notifications over to the right as well and then of course even simple things like pinching to zoom work very well it’s very accurate it took me a little bit of time like I said to get used to they double click with two fingers but you can really click anywhere which I really do like because then I can just kind of click and drag anywhere and not have to worry about accidentally right-clicking or left clicking now is also forced touch on the truck bed which is another learning curve whether you want to use it on a file to rename it really quick you can go ahead and come

down to these options and then if you course click on an app it shows all of the windows of a various app if you are in Safari you can go ahead and force click on a link and it’s going to open it on up in a very mini browser window and if you click on it it’s going to go ahead and open that link in a new tab now you can also go ahead and highlight a word so let’s say I highlight nougat and I force click on it and you see it brings up a definition I can go to Wikipedia as well and also Twitter searching as well so force clicking is useful and I do really like the implementation but however like I said it’s a bit a bit of a learning curve and a lot of the times I use it a lot for links to be completely honest as the main reason that I use force clicking is to quickly open up links read what I need to and get out of it and not have to open a new tab or a new window I was also worried with the trackpad being so large that I would accidentally click or move the mouse a lot while typing and that hasn’t been an issue at all Apple has done a very good job at implementing a system where the trackpad isn’t used while you’re typing that brings me to the somewhat compact keyboard that is on the MacBook Pro and this was something that I’m actually not a huge fan of the main reason that I’m not a huge fan of this keyboard is the key travel it’s very shallow doesn’t travel very far

and the keys are very clicky I thought that I was going to get used to the keyboard however I just honestly don’t like it personally it’s not bad by any means it’s just something that I prefer to have way more travel so I can get a little bit more feedback while I’m typing unfortunately those arrow keys are also extremely cramped those up and down arrows are very difficult to press just because they’re so small and that’s kind of a downside I find that sometimes I accidentally hit the touch bar and activate Siri when I go to actually press the delete button which is not necessarily a delete button it is actually the backspace button to delete it’s kind of a pain you actually need to press the function button and then delete to use it as a delete like it is on Windows to delete what’s in front of the cursor as opposed to a backspace which delete what’s behind the cursor now I also want to mention that the text correction while typing is very good so you’ll see that I type there wrong and it redirected it very well as underlined for you there’s also text prediction up on the touch bar so if I want to say thanks to my new video something like that I never use it I’m not going to lie I literally never use this guessing of text because I can just kind of type too fast on the keyboard and I’m always looking at my screen and you need to kind of put your eye level down so you’re looking at your display and if you want to look down at us where you

have to tilt your head down and then look back up so overall when I’m typing I really just go really quick typing and don’t even look at the touch bar now there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that you really do need to learn and the command button is essentially the control button on windows and that is took a little bit of time to get used to pressing the command button instead of control but after a while it’s really not too much different you still command C for cut copy paste command V command X as well you have command Q to quit apps very quickly which I use a lot that’s a good one like I said command-spacebar is the spotlight search for you press and hold on it it’s going to open up Siri as well the escape buttons a physical button which you don’t necessarily always need to press the actual as physical I’m sorry a touch button on the second display and you see on the Left I press escape it’s going to highlight it even my Asus 15-inch laptop has a number pad which I do miss on that next let’s talk about the webcam on the new MacBook and it is a 720p webcam and it is a very good quality 720p Cape webcam

however there’s a huge problem it’s 720p makes absolutely no sense why they couldn’t have included a 1080p front-facing webcam at all I mean you’ll notice the difference even in the quality this isn’t even a very expensive webcam but if I go switch to this webcam you’ll just kind of notice it is way less grain the quality is definitely better using 1080p just because you’re going to see more pixels in the 720p integrated webcam and it’s really a bummer you’re gonna spend as much money on a high quality machine and you get kind of gypped in the webcam category now in terms of performance and OS on this device now with performance I did upgrade the processor to the 2.9 gigahertz Intel i7 16 gigs of RAM now you’ll see here is the setup that I have I also upgraded the graphics card to the Radeon Pro 460 with four gigs of memory as well and you’ll see the price is over three thousand dollars you’re spending over three thousand dollars on a laptop so kind of keep that in mind now in terms of performance when it comes to just swapping between apps multitasking with our video editing gaming doing a lot of browsing writing articles anything like that any specific thing seems to be very smooth very fluid I will occasionally get random stutters that really don’t make sense because it’s not like I’m doing a lot at once it’ll just be

occasional little random stutters that aren’t very common but it will happen maybe happen to me me four times through the course of the two weeks are not very often at all but it did happen a couple times right to wait maybe like a couple extra seconds for a menu to pop up which was a little bit strange as for gaming on the new MacBook I was actually a little bit upset and I kind of knew this going in that Mac’s are really not for gaming and that’s pretty true if you were a power gamer I would not attempt to buy this MacBook attempting to play a lot of games now some games do work run fine you’re not going to be able to run them in high graphics settings I also found that a lot of games were not compatible with Mac a lot of my skiing games that I have a lot of my EA origin games are not none of my EA origin games are actually compatible either and no I don’t necessarily do a lot of PC gaming but I will from time to time and I was pretty upset with the framerate drops that there were from around 6 50 to 60 all the way down to 20 to 30 at times while playing rocket

League even not on full high setting and of course you’re gonna have to bump down the resolution you’re gonna have to bump down the graphic detail as well to get it to run a little bit more smoothly and to be honest it’s fine if you want to do some here and there gaming I guess for my knees this would be fine but I still wish you could utilize that display a little bit more have some higher graphics games going and running smoothly but that’s not an option with the MacBook Pro video editing on the MacBook however has been amazing I really have enjoyed my time editing some 4k video on this device I did by Final Cut Pro which was $300 so a little bit steep in terms of buying that software however there is so much to this video editing soft that it’s going to take a lot more time than two weeks to learn all of it I don’t dive too much into the video editing but it has suited my needs and the renders very quickly I really have no lag in terms of where I’m cutting cliffs merging them together and then like I said rendering that 4k video clip at the end when I have finished does not take very long at all now for me a huge factor on this laptop is the operating system so it does run Mac OS which I really

haven’t used before I was always stuck with Windows and there are similarities between the two however there’s a lot different way to go about doing various things so for one you have this top bar and the top bar is kind of your go-to in terms of finding your files going to preferences about a specific application any changes based on the application you’re in so you’ll see if I open up Safari it go out you can go ahead and go to Safari preferences from that top bar that top bar is also where you can go ahead and press this Apple where you can shut down the computer you can go to sleep I don’t know why it’s not letting me press the top bar right now that’s a little strange so that’s a little bit of time to actually make note of those are the random stutters that I will get occasionally you see I wasn’t able to click that Apple but anyway talking about the Apple you have the sleep restart shutdown logout you have a bunch of recent app recent items you can force quit so ctrl to lead force quit applications which I find that I need to do is scheme fairly often and this or System Preferences can can be and then of course your status of your laptop your battery percentage I have a battery health app that lets me know I have four hours and four minutes remaining on 53 percent

battery right now you can activate Siri you have spotlight search which has been great I really do like spotlight search when I’m searching for files searching for emails searching for apps I mean there’s so many integrations with spotlight search engines is a very good job at searching across the board very quickly now a quick example is if I type weather so if I say weather it knows I’m in Chicago so it tells me the weather of Chicago very quickly I just say command space to quickly get to that spotlight search and it brings up suggested websites Wikipedia pages searches through my file names as well and my email of course series there as well what’s the tallest building in the world so here you go so you’ll see all the various series of Siri features that you have on your iPhone can now be used on this macbook course there’s also this bottom bar where you can dock specific applications that you use all the time for example Final Cut Pro if I go ahead and open it on up you see it has a bit of an animation if you click on it it’s going to go ahead and load up Final Cut Pro and you can quickly swap between various applications whether you want to go to finder to go through all your files like I said steam you can open calculator app which of course you’ll notice the touch bar does change based on the specific application that you’re in now in terms of the OS even things of exiting out are in the upper left hand corner you can minimize as well and when you maximize an application so let’s say I go into Final Cut Pro real quick and I press this green button now it’s going to go full screen you see that top bar goes away you can reactivate it by swiping up however you can go ahead and swap their desktops if

you’d like to if I go ahead and swipe up with three fingers you’ll see Final Cut Pro has its own separate desktop essentially so this is nice when I’m in full screen doing video editing and I can swipe over with three fingers to get to my desktop real quick swap back to the video editor it’s very easy even when gaming as well I could do that which is a nice little addition to the operating system and the trackpad now of course Mac OS is even better when you use your iPhone because it does have syncing across devices with airdrop so you can quickly swap files between your laptop and your phone and even cut copy paste so if I go ahead and select some text I can hit copy and if you have it synced up it will actually sync to this laptop and we can go ahead and hit paste and it’s going to go ahead and paste that could even use and no I didn’t do that before that actually did it automatically for me if you go up to the top and you hit Wi-Fi you’ll see that it brings up my iPhone which we know

my connection status my battery status of my iPhone as well so it’s really amazing if you use iMessage you see I load up the messages that I don’t use iMessage because I’m not on my iPhone right now but if you do I’ve seen friends do it they can text through iMessage on their laptops which is an amazing addition you get notifications as well in your notification tray they kind of pop up in the corner like so your message is when you can quickly reply to them it awesome so this is a really great feature the synchronization with your iPhone is amazing however as I mentioned in my adapter video it’s weird that this isn’t USB type-c considering the MacBook is and there’s no way to connect your phone to your new MacBook which is insane Apple did a terrible job at using physical connections between the two devices I guess maybe they’re going for more of the airdrop style and over-the-air sharing now I really haven’t had any compatibility issues with devices such as keyboard mouse webcam printer even I just hit him up print and it went ahead and

automatically found my wireless brother printer on my network I went ahead and installed everything for me and it was good to go it was very simple I was very impressed at how the OS handles of physical devices now a main question that I got paid is the mac OS similar to iOS in terms of how easy it is to actually pick up and start using and to be honest know it is a little bit difficult to pick up and it takes time it takes practice all those shortcuts all those trackpad gestures that you have they takes time to learn and it’s a little frustrating at first don’t don’t get me wrong it was frustrating switching over but now that I have a decent grasp on it I actually am coming to light the OS now the OS is pretty much what sets Macs apart from Windows they have very good hardware as well don’t get me wrong but they are using similar chips similar specs and so you expect the higher cost of these laptops to be kind of made up for with the software and their software and I don’t see it being worth the money that they are charging for I guess to have your mac OS software on this

device now next time I’ll talk about battery life and this seems to be a pretty widespread issue and I’m having very inconsistent battery life a decent amount of the time it’s pretty solid battery life i’ll get maybe about nine hours total of just general usage when i’m web browsing maybe occasional gaming watching videos but overall there are days when i will only get three hours four hours of battery life it just drains so quickly and it’s pretty inexplicable to be honest and i’ve heard that they are working on the software update not exactly sure if that’s going to happen anytime soon but a little bit disappointing in how inconsistent the battery life is about but anyways that’s it so two week challenge complete i honestly say I’m going to keep using this laptop day-to-day at least for now in terms of gaming definitely go with a Windows PC video editing I definitely like using this laptop this trackpad is

phenomenal speakers are great as well it is overall very well built device it looks great like I said there are downsides to that battery could be a lot better but overall it’s a very laptop but it’s not worth the price it’s really not I would never recommend someone to buy this laptop it is not worth it yeah the touch bar is cool yeah it has some really neat features but it does take time to learn all these various features so it is what it is it’s way overpriced don’t buy it it’s not worth the money at all if it was a little bit more competitively priced I would say hey maybe actually consider doing it because I really did enjoy Mac OS anyways that’s it hopefully you enjoyed the review who didn’t click that thumbs up button you can also subscribe to me lots more videos to come I might even do more max videos in the future you’ll see videos on other various products as well so as always guys thank you very much

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