Android O Preview: New Features!

everybody Tim Schofield here as well as Google has actually released an Android Oh Designer Sneak peek and also of course it’s just a Programmer Preview not a beta yet you will require to manually install it I’ll link to all of it down below I’m likewise interested what you assume Android o is going to be called obviously it’s going to be some kind of treat a lot of people are saying Oreo who recognizes what it’s actually mosting likely to be go down a remark allow me recognize anyways I have it set up on my Google pixel now mosting likely to discuss whatever that’s brand-new all the brand-new modifications with the Android o Programmer Sneak peek to start here is a peek at the lock display you’ll see you have voice commands under left and a cam shortcut in the bottom right that can be altered I’ll speak about that in just a 2nd firstly wish to delve into setups scroll to see setups has actually gotten an overhaul we’ll discuss that go to system regarding phone you’ll see Android variation Android oh if you swiftly tap on it here is what the icon looks like as the easter-egg you can clearly swiftly press and hang on it to trigger that cat finder Easter Egg if you would love to activate it very same as it on androids of one more nougat you’ll notice it does feature that pixel watch I did notice a couple distinctions however you can swipe up virtually anywhere on your residence screen also on certain applications to disclose that app drawer as you can see and also when that after it gets exposed those symbols down near the bottom turn black which really did not take place on nougat the pulldown bar got a little bit of a visual upgrade you’ll see when I swipe down two times some symbols from those compressed notifications just pop up to allow you recognize there are other ones available as well you additionally see those fast setups obtained lines to them if

there are added settings so for Bluetooth you’ll see it will certainly open up within the notice panel exact same with Wi-Fi do not disturb SIM card too or else they are just simply toggles it’s additionally worth keeping in mind when you draw the status bar down you’ll see D Wi-Fi mobile data battery icon all keep up there in addition to the battery percentage so when you do pull down that standing bar you can expose the battery percent today like if you draw down twice too they additionally see a little an upgraded aim to notifications if they’re not showing up you’ll see a lo right here has alerts after I restarted my phone if I tap to increase it as well as reduce you’ll see that icon is still not there in the upper left hand edge so that does appear too you can kind of swipe over and act upon that note if you want to touch on its go into it or expand it too I assume one of my preferred features of this Android o preview is going to be the smoothing feature so you’ll see I have some notifications right here you can swipe over or press and hold swiping over you’ll see those two symbols pop up or I can just push as well as hold on them as well as you’ll see you can go into more settings also currently if I swipe over you’ll see a symbol on the far right that you’re not made use of to if you tap on it snooze for 15 mins half an hour hour or do not.

snooze I’m gon na choose 15 mins you can additionally push the undo switch too to make sure that is a choice there’s likewise a brand-new function for notifications called notice channels as well as you’ll see right here’s the google app right here letting me understand what the climate’s like if I press and hold on it you’ll see miscellaneous one out of two classifications for this takes place on a per a basis to type of tailor these categories if you most likely to all groups you’ll see one of them says make sound as well as appear on screen and also this is where you can change the significance you can show it quietly make sound turn up on screen no noise or visual disruption you can customize all type of things in regards to notifications from a details application and also naturally they can be classified too I have actually also seen ambient display obtained a brilliant upgrade so if you double touch the screen you can trigger ambient screen there’s a setup for that as well as after that you’ll see it just reveals a clock and also some application symbols where if you tap on the app icons it says near the bottom faucet once more to open up so you double tap faucet on them tap again to open up as well as then if you do that it will go on and broaden those alerts so when your ambient display is active you can’t simply go on and touch on the display and also it will certainly turn on those notifications you in fact need to double faucet on those icons inbound notices are likewise managed differently so you’ll see I’m mosting likely to send out.

myself a hangouts message and also immediately you’ll notice it shakes and also it gives me who is from hi I can car respond if I touch on it it claims faucet once more to open I can open the application or undoubtedly I can quick reply also as well as if you do not act upon it today it vanishes back into your common notification take down entering into the after you’ll see there is now something called a files app which is practically the precise like your downloads app you see of your drive your photos video current documents so sort of like a documents manager just called data now let’s go in advance as well as go into that upgraded setting screen and it is updated is not always classified it’s very short so they really made them compact on the quantity of choices you do need to pick so they have actually added extra options once you go right into it so and certainly a visual overhaul on them as well so there’s simply Wi-Fi nothing truly insane out of the blue connected devices you’ll see that’s where cast NFC is publishing also app and notifications a heap of various ones you can go on and also customize which permissions are used on a per app basis together with your notice preferences so if we go into that so you can draw the light on the lock screen and swipe for notices this is where you can utilize that fingerprint scanner to swipe down you see that notification just turned up you have unique accessibility also and here’s what I wish to discuss picture as well as photo to see Google Play services and also YouTube have this alternative I.

can’t show it off yet I can not get it to function even in a YouTube video clip I can’t get picture-in-picture to function I will certainly do an upgraded video in the future once I can get that to function obviously you require other apps to really permit it for developers to execute it I’ll speak about that once it appears so make certain you place that subscribe switch currently backing out of that you likewise have battery and this has actually been a little bit of an upgrade simply kind of a visual overhaul you can trigger battery saver flexible brightness rest and after that of course application usage since charge and it right down at the bottom below it says gadget usage simply lets you understand just how much your screen usage has actually been screen intake and mobile network scanning also so just offers you some fast updates on estimated time left you tap on it lets you recognize a little bit of a malfunction and also what’s utilizing exactly how much successive is display screen and right away you’ll see some extremely standard ones up on top and also you have a decrease down for more innovative settings nightlights still there you can personalize when it activates as well as off dropping to sophisticated anything unusual device style as well as I have not tried this out yet I’m going to give some impressions sort of so I’m going to tap on inverted as well as it states reboot so I’m going to reboot my phone allowed’s check out what inverted appearances like also as a side note looks like they added powered by Android down at the end of this google sprinkle screen mine has a padlock due to the fact that I open the.

bootloader to flash this to regarding the sneak peek however powered by Android do not think was there before on the pixel booted back up appears like inverted brings much more white so you’ll see there’s no blah history to these icons just slots extra white let’s go back right into display and switch it back to pixel and I’m thinking that default style is just mosting likely to be the standard one as received the start of this video all right boot it back up and you’ll see back to the standard look so truly no inverted theme a great deal of people were inquiring about that I do not see one anyways continuing it obviously there’s advanced setups as well as seems actually absolutely nothing uncommon they’re going jumping into storage space you can free up space manage storage space where you have your clever storage to backup photos using google images you have that choice safety and security you’ll see simply a little bit of an aesthetic overhaul I’m not precisely certain why that just opened it could be a little buggy if you do choose to mount it is a Designer Sneak peek nevertheless and also you’ll see really nothing.

display pinning is still there user accounts access you have a bunch of different alternatives there now there’s a couple one to C system rather than about phone it is called system there’s assistance for your conversations for your Google setups however let’s proceed and also delve into system too which is where your regarding phone is but I did trigger programmer alternatives nothing also crazy see sRGB still exists currently I did trigger system UI tuner which is under the system setups to do so use press and hang on the Setups symbol right there anyways system UI receiver here is some new personalizations absolutely examine these out so firstly lock display you have a left and appropriate faster way as you saw at the start of this video clip by default it’s a voice search and also a video camera shortcut however allow’s go on as well as tailor these so left faster way let’s launch Chrome ideal faster way you can release a bunch of different ones one that I located quite amusing was the let’s see launch images feel lucky opens up the Photos app you can cost-free space there’s so many different faster ways that you can have you can compose an app just recently played music just examine out the number of different points you can do and also of course this can just broaden as well as get even more particularly on a per application basis.

due to the fact that your designers will certainly need to go in advance I unintentionally tapped one called new checklist but you’ll see there are numerous even raise include a pair right there I did download that so releasing that will be an option so let’s include launch clock for currently and also you’ll see they obtain added as soon as possible you have the clock in the bottom right and also chrome in all-time low left so that up proceed and open it is buggy maintain that in mind so you see as well as naturally it is in system UI receiver today when i unlock it you’ll see allow’s go to swipe there’s that clock application open so you can now kind of customize those faster ways that got added finally you can personalize these navigating switches down at the base you see of an added left added right button and format so you have a more portable design which I don’t think I would certainly like you have a left-leaning one possibly if you’re left-handed or a right-leaning one which maybe for far better for larger gadgets to assist with one-handed setting so you do have some options there or just back to normal extra left switch type so here’s the ones that you can add clipboard which is actually amazing show that off in a second key-board switcher as well as key code too so if I include clipboard you see that gets included right there touching on it truly does not do anything I don’t think I have anything in my clipboard added ideal buttons same you can include those with in the right let’s test out this clipboard function okay so in the Google maintain apps I’m going to push the hang on screening as well as copy it add it to my clipboard and also it appears like this switch really does not do.

anything tapping on it not does anything yet when I do tap on it you’ll see it actually brings like it seems like you need to click and drag it see if you can get a more detailed consider that but it appears like it adds it where you require to click as well as drag that specific icon so you can sort of drag it around however it does not appear to do anything however that would certainly be a great little enhancement if you have a global cut duplicate paste clipboard right there there’s additionally a great deal of behind the curtain upgrade to Android oh and also I will discuss more of those in the description I’ll simply connect to a post down below so click that if you intend to see more than behind-the-scene things in terms of enhancing battery life you have autofill api’s like I stated that picture-in-picture I can’t show it off yet but I will do an updated video some more adaptive symbols simply click the web link listed below if you have an interest in examining out even more information on the Android Oh upgrade yet that would certainly have to do with it that’s simply a summary concerning all that’s new with this first programmer preview extra video clips to come click the subscribe switch you recognize so follow me on various social networks all web links down in the description below and also as always individuals thanks quite.

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