ZTE Axon M: The Foldable, Dual Screen Smartphone!

everybody Tim Schofield below as well as I have the ZTE axon M which is a collapsible double screen phone so one display right here the primary one open it on up as well as you can use it with 2 display screens I want to offer a shout-out to ZTE for sending this phone over as well as additionally funding this video clip I’m very delighted to reveal this person off to you since there’s some actually amazing technology I’m gon na show us some real-world use of the double screens also ZTE axon M features two 5.2 inch 1080p shows with numerous mode choices and discussing layout under here you have USB type-c charging double speakers as well as on the left side is where all of those switches are you have an action switch I’ll reveal that off in a 2nd you have the power button with an integrated fingerprint scanner volume up volume

down sim and SD card tray you have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with a microphone as well as on this side is where that joint is so just showing a little a close-up of that hinge activity you can see it will break into area turn on both the screens if I do intend to unlock it again I can just go on as well as establish my finger on that power button unlocks it right now and also on the side below this is just one of the settings takes you to your residence screen as well as your app drawer on the right let’s dive right into the capability of the dual display screen so see an additional button right below to switch modes and display modes now you can really turn this in and also it will still have an alternative for settings you can still utilize your screen matching mode which is actually double screen setting and then you simply have the solitary mode which it remains in now and it’s terrific to really go right into single mode with a hinge right here because it functions as a stand and you can actually personalize the angle of that stand so whether you get on an airplane you’re just sitting at table the breakfast table as well as you’re seeing something or analysis something you can go on and also just use it as a basic stand undoubtedly that’s simply the idea of the iceberg with capability with style however let’s go in advance as well as talk about the dual display mode so you can open up 2 applications simultaneously as well as that’s the mode I remain in currently so if we want to go on and pack up Chrome for example below’s the the

chrome residence web page and on the appropriate side you’ll see that app cabinet still still is up and also allow’s say I most likely to the Play Store there you have it you have two applications open side by side and you can go on and utilize it horizontal setting rather than landscape setting and also you can rapidly switch between the 2 as well as whatever display you’re touching the navigation buttons will swap now below’s just an example of how you can truly use that full-screen mode so you see I have Chrome open just a web browser a write-up as well as a composing an e-mail now you can likewise make use of three fingers as well as make use of an action to swipe down as well as you’ll see it it brings that app down or I can swipe it back up as well as it will open up back to where I was currently allow’s say for example I intend to go in advance as well as share this article so I can go ahead as well as duplicate and after that hang back down into my email as well as let’s say I desire to paste it right here so press as well as hold hit paste and there we go so currently I have that link in the email currently allow’s go back up to this write-up allow’s say I wish to go back house it takes me into my application drawer I can open up something else let’s claim as an example I could leap into YouTube I could start up a YouTube video clip continue on my email while seeing that video clip too so you can really use that fullscreen on both displays now it’s also secure as an example you’re finished with your e-mail as well as you have an app open that you wish to enter into full-screen setting which is called prolonged setting so right here’s another alternative you can actually simply

swipe below the application you desire to extend and also it will certainly delve into that expanded setting obviously you can go in advance and press this icon as well as simply pick the extended mode and also you’ll see below you can obtain a complete list of a whole lot even more details so if I swipe and go into settings check out the number of settings actually turn up as well as naturally the accelerometer works so you can go on and also use it over below and it does enter into a full-screen setting so I swipe down in the notifications and also you obtain all of that details from your notification so naturally you do have Android 7.1.2 nougat yes you do and you can increase tap that current apps as well as promptly swap apps so let’s say I wish to watch the newest video clip now allow’s use that full display right up on top and near the bottom I can enter into comments I can go review even more info concerning the particular video which is incredible due to the fact that you always desire to go on and view a video in full display but when you have one screen you’re kind of limited to that so you’ll see I have a full display video going and certainly you can lessen it by pressing the back switch that video continues in the bottom edge so you can undergo the perhaps the trending page on YouTube as well as simply take a look at that full-screen mode and

there really it’s pretty precise and switching over the displays when touching this is something I was bothered with was losing connection when you look at that middle but it really does a truly good job at sensing what present running quickly swapping in the prolonged mode it takes to 5 point two inch displays and transform it right into one 6 point seven five inch display screen so see I both my homepage is revealing if I go in advance as well as enter into settings once again and I enter into screen setups up on top you can require apps to collaborate with your twin display no matter supporting or not an expand setting for all apps so you have both of those alternatives to extend setting is let’s claim it does not sustain expansion now if I enter into Mario run I in fact required this into expand setting it didn’t support it but it functions just fine and also consider just how much even more screen properties used well this offers you that Nintendo DS feel so right here’s an example of simply me playing Super Mario run simply going through works just fine currently allow’s say I intend to go ahead and press the house button now it’s gon na take me right back residence as well as I wish to go on and leap into Twitter see below Twitter loads up and this is the extensive setting currently I can actually enter into horizontal and also struck make up as well as make use of all all-time low this display virtually as a key-board as a landscape key-board while I can see precisely what I’m inputting up top which is fantastic so I wish to state hi Twitter watch this video as well as see right here I had a little typo

there however as you can see it’s simply a truly cool usage of space let’s check out an additional alternative and also this is the share mode as well as you’ll see you’re swiping up I have my complete list of applications on both screens this is so cool it’s just a truly cool assimilation so allow’s claim dive right into YouTube I intend to check out a YouTube video clips so if I enter into collection below’s my collection as well as I touch on a video as well as I desire to share it let’s say I ‘d press this option and also you’ll see below a a so this is actually just how you go to share setting and it will certainly reciprocate everything you do on both sides to see also notifications are twin anything I do is simply totally mirrored and one wonderful point you can do is if possible you’re sitting across from somebody you can go on and turn that hinge and also you’ll see if I proceed as well as do anything on one side it’s still mirroring it on both so allow’s say we intended to see a video clip with each other I can go ahead as well as load up that video clip one side two sides and I have the video going on both of them you could do the very same thing with a prospective discussion with a customer if you intend to go via some slides so they can see it as well as you can see it at the very same time I assume that’s an actually amazing combination when you’re at job you can go in advance as well as run through some slides below’s a perfect example of that I actually simply gave a discussion on ethics in the social room I can go in advance and run with all of the slides and you see there is just one of the slides I can go with most likely to the following slide and also both sides are mirrored it’s simply a truly wonderful alternative which is the share setting and also possibly if you’re playing a game you want somebody else to see what you’re doing check out this degree you can play the video game and after that why

you’re playing they can have a look and certainly I really did not forget the action switch on the left side currently you can actually double tap it as well as it will certainly load up that video camera app and to give you a fast example of exactly how the camera works so you have this camera which functions as your front facing and rear video camera so we’ll check this out I get on the front encountering camera hi there everyone currently I flip it and also currently it states go ahead as well as simply switch to the other screen and also there you go currently you can use it as a horizontal video camera so really a truly cool execution as well as again change to that front-facing camera and also just do a fast flip flop and we get on that front facing cam and also this is a 20 megapixel camera with that said LED flash and also certainly with the back camera you expect high quality images however with a front dealing with camera you do type of sacrifice top quality however with this phone that’s not the instance as I revealed earlier enjoying video clips is an actually huge major function when you can use a complete screen while doing other points so they make it quick and very easy to enter into television mode to do so you press as well as hold this activity switch launches TV mode in my case I have the YouTube application all loaded up for television setting nonetheless I sort of want to switch that potentially the Netflix so if I leap into setups you see up on top button app for television setting you can promptly enter into that and also I can just rapidly swap it to Netflix so currently when I press as well as hold this button it need to just fill up my Netflix app which it’s doing and also certainly I can proceed and also put it horizontally view a video clip and afterwards

possibly this is expanded mode nevertheless if I wish to go in advance and also change to a B setting I can have Netflix increasing leading or I’m sorry YouTube up leading or Netflix so potentially you could view two points simultaneously I believe it simply selects the sound of whatever one you have actually selected so you can view two sports video games at the same time that might be an actually excellent application so just actually well I can go house as well as certainly open a various application while I enjoy Netflix so a lots of various settings on the axon M I think the extended modes are most likely my favorite due to the fact that it truly simply makes use of both those screens nonetheless having the ability to use 2 apps at the exact same time in full-screen mode is an actually really wonderful choice due to the fact that I know a great deal of times I’ll be watching a video clip and also I’ll be messing around with my dream soccer team just brings open an entire checklist of possibilities as well as obviously you can simply utilize it usually like any other normal phone simply holding it and afterwards of training course with the power button being a finger print scanner you simply go on and also set your finger on there and also it will open your phone that’s concerning it everything I desire to speak about with the ZTE axon M with any luck you enjoyed the video clip if you did make sure to click that thumbs up switch as well as additionally make sure to click that subscribe button and also as constantly people thank you extremely a lot

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