Review Huawei Watch 2 : Half-Marathon Complete!

I saw you wearing it got the t shirt all prepared to go shout-out to huawei respond through this like I claimed before making this small pasta check out my previous video clips too if you missed it do some checkin video clips while I’m running it’s gon na be a little bit of a struggle alright so pre-race I’m in the VIP booth which Huawei hooked up you’ve seen the edge there’s some massages which I may require after the race we obtained lots of beverages treats and also also an individual shower room which is wonderful due to the fact that the line finishes if the various other ones were incredibly long now it was very loud a lots of songs yet the race has begun I began it on my watch set 13.1 miles as my objective let’s proceed and also run up this hill to begin currently I am seeing my heart rates a little higher than I want it to be at once however I think it’s just a little of adrenaline pumping I’m rather excited I can start to see the Golden Gate Bridge off in the range it’s an actually amazing environment all right so we’re mid race around 4.6 miles according to Huawei watch which has been really precise until now great deals of hillsides you’ll see individuals running behind me as well as that Golden Entrance Bridge right there so I figured I would certainly pause allow you ideal because great looking bridge yet anyways the pace has been excellent whole lots of modifications in altitude as expected in San Francisco and also with that being claimed it’s simple to keep speed they’ll decrease on the up hillsides as well as I can simply examine my watch as well as see to it I’m doing that so excellent to go still really feeling excellent alright we’re in fact doing it truly loud yet stumbling upon Golden Gate Bridge actually great view it so we’re on our method back throughout the Golden Entrance Bridge and also what’s really terrific concerning this watch it shakes and also allows you recognize when you hit particular signs so this about to hit mile eight and also you’ll see it provides me what your rate went to for how long you’ve been running simply a little fast sign so you’re not constantly looking at your watch

waiting for that mile marker to strike all best so we’re just making clear the last time good so we’re off the bridge in the final stretch currently you’ll see the Golden Gateway behind me still going solid all right only about another mile to go and also we have people holding indications Nashawn actually terrific atmosphere much less than half a mile left we go to twelve factor six 5 miles so concerning the last stretch actually excited to end up let’s just maintain it going below is the and I was super excited so I actually simply sort of removed dashing as you can truly inform with the unstable the shaky phone yet really did complete a fifty percent marathon obtained that equipment did it all right so simply finish simply consuming some food refueling I’m below with I’ll link to his channel down below that Carl what was your favored part about the wall surface they view the truth that I didn’t in fact have to carry a phone and I could utilize my wireless headphones and it was amazing yep yeah entirely similar to right on the watch switch over the sides as well as match the mood huge brush okay so I’m back from San Francisco now as well as I desire to continue my full testimonial on the Huawei watch 2 as well as also flaunt some statistics from the fifty percent marathon I.

just ran I do have my steel right below from finishing which I discovered in fact has a bottle opener up on top so a little cool addition to this metal however anyways allow’s go on as well as do my complete testimonial on the Huawei watch 2 currently allow’s have a look at that information from the marathon and also below’s the training leading up to that sushi I did seven miles to miles miles one mile and also then obviously the 13.1 fifty percent marathon so let’s tap on it examine out what the training effect was certainly my physical fitness has been enhanced 100% goal accomplished it lets me find out about just how far or the length of time it was as well as my typical time so I’m really pleased keeping that ten as well as a half min mile time ordinary tempo over 22,000 actions and also over 1,500 calories shed so running most definitely assists you burn some calories and it offers you a graph of your heart rate from beginning to end and also section Eliza’s all of them so it damages them down into areas of anaerobic cardiovascular Xtreme so I only made up to that extreme limit concerning 3 mins so I’m assuming that I might really have actually bumped up my speed which realistically I probably could consider this it even provides you a map and I started about below I went throughout the Golden Entrance Bridge we did a little loop de loop came all the way back and also it’s very precise due to that general practitioner radio constructed in and also my vo2 max was concerning 45 while I watched 2 attributes a 1.2 inch AMOLED display which I am a follower of very simple to see outdoors inside any kind of lights conditions you can envision now around it has a ceramic bezel and in my instance this is in fact the rubber strap which I have actually been a fan of to function out it’s very comfy and also I can.

sweat as well as I’ve also entered the shower this is actually ranked ip68 water resistant and also dust immune so I think you can have it approximately thirty minutes in 1 meter of water under water if you ‘d such as to I’ve never ever tested that and also I don’t intend on it yet I have enter the shower it’s been raining when I have actually been educating now this isn’t the only watch face you can select from I just been a fan of it since I can really touch on let’s say the schedule it’ll provide me events for this particular day if I tap on my heart price it will proceed and also provide me a very detailed take a look at my heart rate I can additionally check out a graph of my last 6 hours and also what my heart prices been as well as you’ll see I have automated dimensions on so it provides me some real-time data of what my heart rate is and also then if I touch on these actions I can go in advance as well as take a look at what my health indices are BMI vo2 Max and also also a task reminder so about every hour if I’m being in my desk for a while and also I state hey you also rose in a while why do not you rise as well as stretch as well as it will really give you advised stretches to do to swiftly exchange between watch faces you just swipe on over and it provides you a list of ones that you have actually included so you’ll see if I let’s say I head out to supper or something I desire a bit more classier.

watch face or something I can go on and just include this and you’ll see I can add even more watch faces yet the aspects electronic ones just invest the one I’ve always returned to as well as this does run Android put on so there’s a lot of attributes included with that said and swiping down you can shut off sound or do not interrupt mode you can swiftly jump right into settings this button in the upper right-hand man corner is the power switch but also to reach your applications so you have a lots of apps that can sync throughout such as uber also I’ve called an uber you’ll see Spotify play songs can have offline music on one’s guard as Carl said previously in the video and it actually convenient that a clever watch is just seeing your notices turn up so you recognize if you actually require to consider your phone or otherwise or if it’s something you can just disregard and to be completely sincere among my favorite functions of this watch is pressing and also holding the power switch turn on Google aide so you push and also hold and also vibrates hey how are you today today has been fantastic I’ve been discovering a great deal of various things so you see it just activated anything else I’m in fact gon na liquidate of it by just pushing the power button I can.

ask another point how several miles are in a marathon and there you go 26.
2 one nine miles in a marathon you can open out on your phone if you would certainly such as more info or where it in fact located that source yet you see very fluid extremely quickly it actually acknowledges my voice virtually every single time with the Google aide the Huawei watch 2 additionally has NFC so you can utilize Android pay as well as make mobile repayments strictly from your watch simply go on and also touch and it will make the payment and also committed button right below is on the Huawei watch 2 is really an activity button so it’s a very simple way to begin a run you can do various other various ones and also it in fact offers you some real-time training you’ll see weight loss cardio go for a fast leave door cycle which I have actually used in the past too because I simulate the bike or you can in fact start a training plan now to transform your objective extremely basic just tap on the flag you can pick distance time I run out calories burned or simply have no objective as well as you can just have a maintain track so if you wish to go on and begin a range one 2 three 6 thirteen factor one twenty 6 point.

two or tailor them if you want to go on a mile by mile basis like I did when I in fact trained often I want to do a four or 5 mile run so I simply can set it and also it allows me recognize what I’m a heart percent full I have actually likewise found the heart price to be really accurate and really regular there was no actually arbitrary spikes that just made no sense because I was just being in my desk and you’ll see right here please remain fixed I’m speaking to make sure that may affect it which it possibly should not but this is just to get a very precise consider my heart price and you’ll see 98 beats were in it 97 it’s in fact kind of high I just assume it’s cuz I’m speaking and also thinking as well as I was moving about before so you see about 95 beats per minute but it’s extremely accurate extremely consistent as well as if I push that residence button you’ll see it even updates in genuine time up at the leading and also lastly here’s a better look at that band as well as the watch I will connect to everything down listed below and afterwards in terms of battery life I found the very first couple days I utilized this watch better life wasn’t that fantastic I couldn’t survive a full day I was a little upset yet after those initial couple days it was great it was really wonderful it obtained me through each and every single day after that even after even the day I ran that half marathon it tracked it as well as battery life was I believe n 65 % when I was made with that marathon perhaps even 70% to inspect your battery percent you can simply swipe down and there it is 62 percent there yet battery life has been excellent after.

You have to get over that first couple day hump and I believe it was just synching with your phone and also downloading apps and just train the battery yet after those first couple days I can conveniently get via a full day typically I can get through possibly the morning of the next day yet I would certainly advise is billing it at night and also throwing it on the battery charger absolutely worth noting if the battery does occur to die you can really still examine the time and it will additionally keep track of your steps as well truly good feature so that’s about it that would certainly be the Huawei watch to full review hopefully you appreciated this video and the video series in basic training with this running the marathon this was a load of enjoyable huge yell out to whywe for making this all feasible and also that’s pretty a lot it everything I desired to cover so I would certainly suggest this watch if you’re looking for a terrific watch to educate with possibly some running biking or any type of other physical task and also maintain track of it even with your heart price so this worked actually well to educate for a half marathon for me that’s about it so all the links down below as constantly men thank you extremely much.

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