Official OnePlus 5T Android 8.0 Oreo Update!

everyone Tim Schofield here and I have the 1 plus 5t right here and that is because they just push out the official update to Android 8 data Oreo took a bit of time they are still ahead of many manufacturers including Samsung LG and I will do videos on those phones once they get the Oreo update so stay tuned click that subscribe button so you notified but anyways this is the official Android a 1000 update not a beta and I do want to talk about all the different changes that come to this phone things that oneplus has done even some nice features that you may not know about as well here is the 1 + 5 t I want to show you guys I am actually on the official update file you scroll down to about phone you’ll notice Android version 8 dad 0 also oxygen OS 5.0.2 if you want to get to the Easter Egg just quickly tap an Android version and it gets you to this oh and then also if you press and hold on the o it will get you to a further easter egg of just in floating

octopus and this is android 8 data oreo and that I actually octopus so first things first the launcher got a bit of an update you still the Shelf you still have to swipe up and down to get rid of it but you’ll notice these icons actually have a little icon next to it if you have a notification so notification dots you press and hold and you’ll see it will give you a brief introduction of what this notification is you can swipe it away you can tap on it you can also edit widgets app info and remove I also know I have a Twitter notification so if I had it on my home screen it would show up but even in the app drawer they show up so you’ll see the Twitter one if I press and hold it will show that a brief notification and of course you can just swipe down and get to all of your notifications the dots are color-coded so you’ll see red for Gmail blue for Twitter so it will change on a per app basis now if we swipe down you’ll notice you have a Quick Settings button in the upper right hand

corner you don’t have to swipe down twice and if you do that settings button just stays in the exact same spot and you can tap on it to quickly go into settings these quick widgets got a bit of a theme update and just an updated look to them so you’ll have to wreak ustym eyes them and of course I customize this accent color along with the more dark themes so you’ll see my apt roars even dark you saw the settings was dark so it just kind of depends on the customization you make something very subtle but there is an animation update too when you pull down the status bar you’ll see those three icons popped up with my notifications and watch something just kind of pop off to the side let’s see there’s hangouts Gmail and then Twitter but you’ll see they just kind of join together and there’s

just a brief little animation that I really liked it or you brought a great feature when you swipe over on your notifications you have a couple options you have snooze so if you tap on one it will snooze for an hour you can have it 15 30 minutes or up to two hours or undo it but snoozing notifications is fantastic if you’re in a meeting in a class you need to snooze it and see it later you can go ahead and do so and then if you do have a Settings button to turn notifications on and off or go into more settings of that specific app another really big feature is picture-in-picture mode has come to the 1 + 5 t and this is if you’re watching a video or potentially navigating in Google Maps and I did spoof my location somewhere in Los Padres National Forest let’s say I want to go ahead and drive over to Bakersfield and I hit directions I hit start and it’s going to go ahead and navigate me to that specific spot but let’s say I press the home button you’ll notice look at that a picture in picture mode where you can swipe this application to the left or right side up or down and it will show you a little image of your navigation this works in some videos things like that and if you want to just get rid of it you drag it down and it still has the actual navigation running sorry you can just tap to

go back into it but if you just want to swipe down to get rid of it otherwise it will actually pop up in that picture in picture mode there’s also a new autofill feature and audio so it will save your username and password to specific apps if the developer has it enabled and it will autofill those specific things you will need to type it in and actually enable it to save but that’s a great feature to actually quickly sign into apps if you switch phones a great feature that I don’t think a lot of people really know about is the smart text selection so what Android does is it looks at what your selecting and gives you suggested apps for specific contexts so for example if I double tap you can double tap or do the classic highlight with press and hold but if you double tap on something it’ll recognize what you’re double tapping on and autofill all of it and then even suggest an app so you’ll see this is an address so it suggested maps now let’s say if I wanted to double tap on the email address or the phone number it suggests the phone app or if you double tap on something with all caps it will actually select all of it

and this is just if I’m double tapping and then you’ll see even Chrome with a web address so there are some things that you can just double tap on and it will go ahead and suggest specific apps to open up and of course no more blobs you have the updated emoji so hopefully you’ll have less X’s rectangle squares with X’s through them and they are just all updated and you can of course press and hold on specific ones if you want other colored ones and of course that just kind of depends on the specific emoji that you use and that’s about it so you get the updated emojis overall that’s it that is everything I want to talk about with the Android auto audio update on the 1 + 5 t hopefully you enjoyed this video if you did please subscribe give this video a thumbs up as well drop a comment let me know if you’ve received it how you’re liking the android 8 data Oreo update and hopefully these tips and just these new features help you out and as always guys thank you very much

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