Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands On and Impressions!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here and I just flew to New York to get some exclusive coverage on the brand new Galaxy S 9 I’m gonna get tons of video footage do multiple videos in the near future so be sure you click that subscribe button so you’re notified but in the meantime we are going to do a hands-on first impressions video of the brand new device from Samsung so let’s go ahead and get some video footage and check out the new Galaxy S 9 let’s get started so here is the brand new Galaxy S 9 to be completely honest right away I noticed it is very similar to the Galaxy S 8 and that’s not necessarily a bad thing the back is where you’ll notice a bit of a difference however I still think the Galaxy S II is one of the best design phones out there still down at the bottom of the device you have a speaker which is in conjunction with the earpiece for stereo speakers and they still include the headphone jack I’m very pleased they decided to do that on the left side you have the big speed button along with volume rockers up at the top SIM slot with a micro SD card slot expandable up to 400 gigs of extra storage in addition to the included 64 gigs power button on the right side and then on the back you have an updated look where the fingerprint scanner is below that camera more in depth on the camera just a second along with some more sensors galaxy s 9 has that 5.8 inch quad HD plus

curved Super AMOLED display with curves on both sides which I do really like makes it seem like there’s more minimal bezels than there already are a little bit of a reduction in the bezels in the chin as well along with that on the back the back is pretty reflective also going to collect some fingerprints however that allows for wireless charging there is still the ip68 rating so it is dust and water resistant so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally drop it in some water there’s a 3000 milliamp hour battery along with four gigs of RAM the s9 next up I want to jump into settings scroll down go to about phone and then go to software info this is where it is going to ship with Android 800 or EO which the Galaxy S 8 and even the note 8 are still not on yet just showing off there is a bit of an easter egg within Oreo next steps probably the biggest change to the s9 and that would be the camera there’s actually a dual pixel 12 megapixel camera in the back of the s9 you’ll notice that aperture is changing based on whatever specific setting that I’m using there is just a little switch and there’s some pretty cool engineering on Samsung’s part after playing around with it I’ve noticed the camera app has tons of different modes options there’s a lot of ways you can customize the photos you do take going into that specific camera app

snapping some quick picks it always opened up snappy shutter speeds very low as expected going over to some of these options there’s a pro mode panorama there’s even just a quick selection to food mode a super slo-mo there’s a are emojis and then of course up at the top you’ve got hyper lapse mode I will go more in depth in the camera app itself so stay tuned for that video coming very very soon to give an example of the super slow mode very quickly basically you hit record and then you tap this icon and then it will start to slow down whatever motion it is capturing it seems to work very well I can go ahead and play it back real quickly and when it does it you can actually add custom music and songs they have a bunch that you can choose from it actually works pretty well and you’ll see look at how slow my hands starts going in comparison to how fast it was actually moving you can have it manually going to slow motion or automatically and of course there is a selfie mode with that 8 megapixel front-facing camera on the galaxy s 9 anyways some other things I want to jump into settings real quick some noteworthy things the video size you can shoot 4k video in at 60 frames per second on a mobile phone that’s still crazy to me but really awesome that Samsung has up their camera to be able to do that which the iPhone 10 and iPhone 8 a plus we’re able to do going back there is HDR options auto on

or off and then you can actually have multi taker single taking that slo-mo here’s a look at you can actually make an animated version of yourself they’re calling this AR emoji and for some reason it made me look like an old man more on that coming in the near future in my full camera review so stay tuned for that I didn’t want to spend too much time when I’m doing a separate video on it lock screen and security there’s intelligence scan which updated the face unlock they incorporate iris scanning and facial recognition I have a separate video plan for that one as well and otherwise testing out that fingerprint scanner when you register the fingerprint there’s actually a new way to do it you actually roll your finger on that scanner real quick and it’s so quick watch sixty percent and then all the way up to a hundred percent so I rolled it twice in that fingerprint scanner so that’s the fastest registering I have ever had on a phone and it’s just very quick and snappy we can give it a few tests one two and then one more here set it down unlocks it right away on the s9 you still have those edge functions that you can turn on and customize so you swipe over people edge smart select apps edge just some quick shortcuts and you can add other ones News stock tickers all that good stuff and then here is a look at the

messaging app it has a new icon that is blue and here’s a look at the app drawer as well some of the apps that will probably be come pre-loaded next up let’s look at big speed with the dedicated button so Samsung sticking with the Bigsby I’m loading it up for the first time it says a new way to interact again this was on the Galaxy s8 starting on the Galaxy s8 I can quickly go through and show you what the menu of it looks like two ways to call you can activate it by voice or the button itself keep it and skip it integrates with specific apps gives you tips on specific commands it you can give it and then here is just that main home page with steps weather tips on how to use the phone places around you videos heart rate and all that good stuff so that’s pretty much it for big speed that I wanted to show off for now there’s a new process new Samsung Exynos processor or the Snapdragon 805 processor including the Galaxy S 9 I just wanted to run through some apps low a web-browser have that load up go to the messaging app swipe up let’s go into Chrome let that load up a web page as well just get a lot of things going at once really test that four gigs of RAM maybe snap the picture a little quick let’s go into the calculator make a quick calculation equals and then let’s go back to the play store loads up right away didn’t run didn’t close out whatsoever in the background so

everything seemed pretty quick pretty snappy to multitask overall the Galaxy S nine is definitely an improvement over the galaxy s eight they’ve added some features change some things that made it a better device including the movement of that fingerprint scanner below the camera a little more ergonomic making a little easier to reach they still include that headphone jack which is fantastic because other manufacturers intent Google Apple are not doing that anymore and it’s a little frustrating the main upgrades being the camera and those stereo speakers those are two big ones as well that the Galaxy s8 do not have with that dual aperture mode and just overall improvements that are gonna make your lower light photography you have 4k video recording at 60 frames per second so a lot you can expect out of a galaxy s 9 camera but anyways that’s just about everything I want to cover for now lots more in depth on the galaxy s 9 coming very soon so make sure you click that subscribe button I do have a comparison of the s 9 and s 9 Plus coming so you can kind of see the differences between those two even a updated face unlock video comparing it to the iPhone 10 camera in depth just tons of coverage I got lots of great video footage so stay tuned for that I really appreciate watching this video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and as always guys thank you very much

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