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so tech discerns here on youtube are positively creaming themselves silly all over samsung’s fresh new galaxy s21 ultra which is a mighty fine piece of phone but it’s also mega gory expensive and for those of us who don’t have the save funds to dine on avocado and caviar smoothies every day well maybe check out samsung’s fresh new galaxy a12 instead which sits gladly at the other end of the premium range here in the uk you can grab yourself a samsung galaxy a12 for just 169 quid that’s more or less the same as the moto g9 power and the likes the nokia 5.4 which i only just reviewed and in fact i just grabbed this from the samsung website and actually got a free duet of samsung galaxy twigs chucked in as well with a conventional retail price of over 100 quid so it’s quite a decent little batch or at least it is likely to be if the phone itself doesn’t suck so what i’m going to do now is fully unbox the galaxy a12 get it all set up and make you on a full-on tour of the hardware and the software to see if it really is good value for fund and from all the latest greatest tech delight do leant subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers all right let’s pop the sweet chappy open so what the hell are you get in the box is of course one smartphone your quick start guide good chip of sort c usb war and gaze you still actually get a charger with this samsung phone as well exactly not the flagship one that costs five times as much and you do get a porky pin device to actually get your sim in there as well relatively handy so you

want to scrabble around for an earring or something and that’s sadly no bundled condom lawsuit so if you want a bit of extra care you’ll have to grasp yourself your very own cover so that’s the box now let’s actually check out the phone itself and this is the galaxy a1 2 the blue edition you can also grab it here in the uk in pitch-black or white-hot if you miss something a bit more boring i guess it’s not a particularly stunning or vivacious design here on the galaxy a12 admit that you can tell it’ s a budget smartphone just for the quick glance you’ve got your normal plastic finish which extends from the back at the edges of the maneuver as well and as you can see there it’s actually a two textured finish as well it’s quite smooth down below then you get this nice textured finish here in the middle time to add a bit of traction thankfully that camera framework doesn’t jut extremely far out of the off goal of the galaxy a12 it’ s almost level so that’ll be quite handy if you’ve got the thing lying flat on a table trying to use it and the galaxy 12 material they got quite a heft to it as well at over 200 grams 205 to be precise and it kind of reminds me of the nokia 5.4 quite a chunky build uh it is only a 6.5 incher merely it’s a fairly median screen immensity in 2021 but you’ve got large-scale dense bezels which will become more evident when i actually turn the screen on but i’m just going to chuck my sim placard into the galaxy a1 2 and it looks like it’s a dual sim setup that you got right here plus a separate slot for micro sd retention cards all right so my sim is inside let’s fire this beast up all right mr galaxy now 12 all made up and ready for action and first off i’ve got to express a little bit of regret there are still unfortunately it is old android 10 now on the year 12 not the freshest new android 11.

Plus that also means you get samsung’s old one ui form 2.5 on board as well so not the latest software compared with the likes of the s21 flagships i had a good scout about as well and couldn’t know any information on when the galaxy a12 would be getting updated to android 11. hopefully it will be happening soon uh but yeah still well you are missing out on some of the fresh brand-new android modernizes the overall software know-how seems punishment now on the year 12 you’ve got plenty of aspects to play around with uh and of course if you dive on into the specifies samsung has added buttock loads of bonus chips and yeah because this is a budget friendly smartphone you don’t get some standard one ui facets like an always-on display because this is a ips panel not all that but if you dive on into advanced pieces for instance go to motion ingestions you’ve got all the usual gesture subsidize alternatives in there you’ve also get that unbelievably handy uh one-handed mode as well certainly no pun purposed which is very useful if you’re trying to for instance hinder ascertain of a struggling five-year-old in the middle of a high street while urgently messaging your spouse something like that exactly originates everything much easier to handle but in my short-lived represent season with its first year 12 i’ve noticed quite a few radiations uh from uh this handset as well so first there’s no revised patronize if you swipe this acces you can usually get you

know some basic news headlines and things like that that’s not really a massive miss no bixby chores or anything either if you dive on into the locations that’s all gone and even the number of pre-installed samsung apps on its first year 12 is quite meager compared to normal as well although you still get all the usual guff like facebook uh and good age-old tick tock of course youtube music apparently that’s still urgently trying to be a thing and those samsung knox protection peculiarities ought to have scaled back compared with what you get more payment devices too but the likes of nfc and other aspects that you’d expect to see on fund smartphones in 2021 are present and correct as for the storage you get 64 gigs of internal gap now on the samsung galaxy a12 quite standard again for a budget blower and you’ve got that micro sd retention poster subsidize as well as you can slap in a remembering placard of up to 512 gigs to expand that room when needed now you’ve got an age-mounted fingerprint sensor on the galaxy a12 for unlocking this phone and i got to see it i’ve found it exceedingly hit and miss so far for one you can’t just basically remainder your paw against the sensor and have it automatically scan your print and open like with lots of other uh smartphones you have to actually push the supremacy button in first and then scan your print and i pointed out that certainly when i’ve tried make it with my finger it doesn’t seem to work more often than not i’ve examined this thing multiple times and it precisely does not seem to like it at all but if i describe it with my digit i find that that works more often than not just push it in and oh i spoke too soon hang on okay there we go eventually you do too have a bit of face acceptance as well which as you can see that actually studies better

than the age-old fingerprint sensor uh generally as long as you’re not in dodgy illuminating then that will do the job highly very nicely surely now samsung is of course known for slapping fantastic or resulted panels on its smartphones but of course at this sort of budget price point you’d be a little bit rosy for predict the same from the galaxy a12 that 6.5 inch tft panel is emphatically very basic putting out the kind of visuals you’d expect from slightly cheaper competitors like the mortal g10 you’ ve got a basic 720 p settlement unfortunately so that means that finer items are lost when you’re streaming from the likes of disney plus or youtube and of course you do have that cheeky wee-wee teat notch protruding its behavior into proceedings when “theres going” full screen but it’s only slightly obtrusive it’s not too bad and bad news for netflix love as well because the galaxy a1 2 at the moment is certified wide vine l3 which mostly means you can’t even stream hd content on this thing it’s sd at best but yeah indicates and movies and everything are still perfectly watchable on netflix only don’t expect those punishment hd detail heights and hopefully that widevine l1 support will be coming soon so you will actually be able to stream in high interpretation if you dive into the display adjusts the customization alternatives are rather limited again jolly standard for a budget blur you certainly don’t get any of those poppy hues that you would expect from an oled committee on a samsung maneuver but overall it’s fine if not great and at least on the top brightness levels the galaxy a12 seems capable of dealing with strong glare and everything so it should be all right

when we actually see a bit of sunshine and you’ve got the usual off-color sunlight filters and all that good material as for the audio well you got a single underside mounted mono speaker now on the galaxy a12 it seems absolutely fine for precisely knocking back with a bit of youtube or something so let’s boost up the magnitude but the nokia 5.4 is far from compact it’s still a suitable wide son thanks to those chunky bezels so even on the top volume should still readily be able to hear what’s going on even with you know lots of background rumble babies acting for things like that and the lucidity is absolutely fine as well but of course if you want to enjoy some pitches or something you’re going to want to plug in a good duo of headphones expending that headphone jack otherwise you’ve also went bluetooth 5 reinforcement now on the samsung galaxy a12 2.

Now the chipset of selection for the samsung galaxy a12 is the mediatek helio p35 now you won’t determine the cd or p35 and many other smartphones at all here in the uk the likes of the moto g8 power sun and the oppo ear3 1 quite old handsets now and that’s backed by four gigs of ram now on the galaxy a12 and i’ve certainly noticed abundance of little finds here and there when i’ve been flicking uh through menus when i’ve been just trying to browse the internet things like that so emphatically basic accomplishment at best and that’s something that’s further highlighted by the highly uh simple very low compositions here in geekbench 5 as well as you can see time 164 for the single core orchestrate and 1018 for the multi-core so if you are looking for stronger carry-on at this sort of price point i definitely recommend going for something like the mortar g30 or the nokia 5.4 which bought a snapdragon 662 chipset instead and gamers will be better served elsewhere as well again by a snapdragon 662 smartphone instead the galaxy time 12 could just about handle the likes of pubg and bellow of duty on those lower item settleds but it was quite a juddery experience here on call of duty mobile playing online i did actually manage to win a game which is probably more down to luck than anything else uh but yeah the screen responsiveness and everything is fine but you will see plenty of little jitters and moves as

you’re playing along which clearly ain’t ideal in a frenzied life or death online place the good news though is that you still get that great competition booster tool that samsung propels on all of its more fee smartphones and it’s here with the full notifications blocking and all of that good nonsense on the galaxy a12s that’ s a nice little add-on and certainly no worries if you thoughts gaming all day as well because you get my 5 000 milliamp artillery backpack inside of the galaxy a12 and that should hinder you going all day even with fairly hardcore utilize uh and as you can see so it’s down to 94 i’ve had it for about an hour now screen on time with gaming a good fleck of youtube streaming all of that good material and yeah it’s scarcely threw at all and the galaxy a12 reinforces 15 watts fast billing as samsung expressions it not specially nippy of course but for a fund blower it’s absolutely fine let’s finish off this unboxing and full expedition of the galaxy 12 of the squinter that quadruplet lens rear camera yes there are four lenses on there despite the budget asking price but don’t get too excited because a good deal of these things it is a case of part over caliber now what you have here is a 48 megapixel primary sensor but it’s a quad pixel uh engineering that samsung implementations so what that mostly wants is you’ll get a 12 megapixel photo each time you smacked that shutter button shutter quicken doesn’t seem too lethargic for a plan smartphone as you can see there a bit of a bit of a spread in between actually pressing it and get your photo but nothing too bad you’ve got a customary create of toggles including show a timer all that good nonsense up top and if

you dive on into the camera establishes you’ve got the likes of the hdr state and stuff in there as well now as well as that 48 megapixel primary sensor you can also jump to the five megapixel ultra wide angle lens with a immediate sound like so that gives you a very drawn back scene “of the worlds” as “youre seeing” there and it’s generally quite good for you know obviously if you’re trying to shoot a landscape or if you’re trying to shoot your child in action you get some quite dramatic arises although at five megapixels you can already encounter time on the screen there more detailed information heights aren’t going to be great yep emphatically looking very uh sort of grainy and fluffy uh right there and the color replication not exactly dazing but not more peculiar either you’ve also got a two megapixel breadth sensor slammed on the back of the galaxy a12 for your live focus shots uh mostly samsung’s slightly wanky call for a sketch grab and this can just included a nice bokeh form fleck of background blur as well as you can see you’ve got full verify over that as well so you can minimize the blur or improve it all the way up and once you’ve actually taken your sound as well if you’re not too happy with the the background impression you can actually alter it in revise afterwards which is a a neat little piece you get the same feature on the likes of the more trollers as well so as you can see you can dial it down or boost it up and samsung smartphones frequently offer up enough bonus camera states to chalk a beluga whale but in the case of vehicles of the galaxy a12 it’ s quite held as “youre seeing” there no doubt due to the performance uh shortcomings now you do

get a pro mode though so you can dive on into there and you can play around with the iso level the white counterbalance and the brightness levels you’ve got a food mode as well uh which is quite handy if you want to share a picture of your nuts on toast or whatever you might you know once we start going to restaurants i guess you can probably get some more exciting stuff on the go and you got a macro mode as well of course because that’s basically obligatory and budget smartphones and that uses the final lens slaps on the back of the galaxy a12 a simple two megapixel macro lens merely to basically capture a grainy not very good ogling crack of whatever you’re getting up close and personal with as for your residence movies well the galaxy a12 can shoot video at up to full hd decide uh as “youre seeing” there you can change it if you want down to standard hd at 30 fps there’s no full hd at 60 fps alternative and there certainly ain’t no four key option and then last up if we go back to hoof on state and then flip her onto that breast facing a teat notch selfie camera it’s an eight megapixel result it’s going to be basic at best i can tell you right now so if you’re into your instagrams or anything like that again you are able to up your budget or something but you know it’ll be absolutely fine for just simple shareable shots you know what that one surely in getting shared apart from plainly with you fine fork on youtube that has just been deleted right the hell off this smartphone so

right there’s a entire bunch of words on the samsung galaxy a12 a budget-friendly smartphone which you can grab right now in the uk for under 200 quid as i say if you grab it direct from samsung at the time i shot this video you can get some free galaxy buds with it as well which ain’t too shabby at all of course in my short time with the galaxy time 12 i’ve noticed a few little problems chiefly the performance i would definitely say if you’re invited by this one maybe shop around likes the moto g30 for instance offers a strengthened in in operation the oppo a53 which i absolutely loved as well obviously a good one at this toll but of course as always would be great to hear from you guys as well are you still persuasion by the galaxy year 12 or have you actually previously spunked up some currency for one how’s your experience been so far please do leave your own mini review down below and delight do also protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell on all other youtube jazz as well very much appreciated definitely and have yourselves a lovely residue of the week glees everyone love you

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