Review Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

hi there Ron Tim Schofield here very happy to be back making videos I ask forgiveness for the delay ran out community as well as in the process of relocating and we are now in the brand-new house I see it as a totally tidy slate something for me to really make my very own I have a great deal of plans as well as yes I will certainly be doing a full office configuration video coming quickly I will require to unpack obtain everything all established up anyways I have a great deal of video clips intended including this note 9 evaluation of course and I have the new apples iphone coming pixel 3 coming quickly while we might 20 coming quickly simply a whole lot of various devices appearing and I have various other strategies also so remain tuned for that perhaps even a pair free gifts occasionally so I understand I did wait a bit to make this evaluation nonetheless I have had so much hands-on time with the Galaxy Note 9 went on a pair different trips I’ll publish my various other note 9 video clips down listed below it simply really returned from Europe and also was using the note 9 there so I have a great deal of various experience using this phone so it’s going to get begun in the complete review [Music] so right here is Samsung’s latest front runner denote 9 I assume Samsung’s slogan since late need to really be no concessions since with this phone you really do not need to give up anything yes it does have a greater cost beginning at $1000 so at that higher cost factor you aren’t compromising anything for instance you recognize give up an earphone jack as an example you do not compromise expandable storage with a micro SD card as well as talking storage space that $1000 base version has 128 gigs of storage space currently which you can expand approximately 512

jobs with that SD card nevertheless they additionally have the design at $250 additional for the 512 jobs inner storage space now you additionally obtain two extra gigs of ram keeping that higher cost model and in my viewpoint currently you do not need the extra Ram these are just large questions that I have actually gotten that I’m responding to right out of the bat you don’t need those added two gigs of ram presently nevertheless will certainly future proof your phone if you intend on hanging on to it for longer than a year and also this no concessions take by Samsung has actually certainly displayed in their layout among the if not the best-looking phone I have actually ever before used just actually beautiful I directly really like the curved sides on the display screen and hands down in my point of view this is the very best display screen on any mobile phone at the minute you do have that ip68 rating so dust and water resistance also it does have wireless charging which means you do have a glass back which does gather finger prints as you can see however so does every other phone with a glass back the note 9 likewise has a fingerprint scanner on the back as well as a very conveniently located area which works quite possibly also the swipe down motion is really underrated in my opinion on finger print scanners which a great deal of Android phones have but good that it’s on the back and also you can swipe down found in the direction of the base of the device you see one of these stereo audio speakers the other one is really in the earpiece right here which sound excellent definitely above average in regards to high quality and also audio level not like front-facing speakers in my point of view I favor sound just straight coming at you but you do have one earpiece coming with you after that you do have the bottom fire one Oh so in regards to layout its no deserving cosmetically the s-pen does appear as well as extend out simply a little bit from all-time low of the note 9 which aesthetically is not the very best looking it would certainly look better if it was flush count on me nevertheless this is far more

convenient and useful when finding it and really pressing it in it makes it much simpler to press in and pop out and additionally there’s a catch right here so you do not have to stress over it ever before dropping out also if you have it in this setting it will certainly not fall out whatsoever it captures the s-pen to ensure that’s not something you ever before need to stress over I never mistakenly had the s-pen eject randomly or anything like that it’s it’s really protected in position and also it’s extremely easy and also practical to leave the note 9 and right here’s an appearance at my Galaxy Note 8 and if you take a look down at the bottom ideal hand corner below you’ll see I did drop it and it’s ruined right there you’ll see the display has fractures in it as well as such I dropped it from regarding 5 feet onto concrete I recognized it was gon na break as soon as I dropped it full crash as well as you’ll see in the upper left hand edge exact same destiny simply ruined it has some splits along the screen it functions just fine simply visually as well as it has those splits doesn’t look good so I want to avoid that occurring so I have made a decision to actually throw a situation on my Galaxy Note 9 and I’m selecting the Rhino shield situation it was really the enroller of this video however I’ve made use of these cases prior to and entirely support them as well as really sustain their product these are a couple of the Rhino shield solid fit instances I have a carbon-fiber one on now or you can smoke them more ordinary black intermediaries are excellent really specific they do cover up the switches below’s a look down at the base it in fact is still quite easy to obtain the s-pen despite a case on it due to the fact that they have a little a curve down on the side

here with an opening so when you do press it in as well as draw it out you can simply order it from that side there it’s actually easy additionally remain on the withins a little a honeycomb look it’s called shock spread which can absorb approximately 11 feet so I’m actually feel pretty risk-free with this case on my galaxy note 9 and also it does really come over the lip here so I’m not really worried concerning it not capturing on the edges or anything it full he covers the top of the phone and also I can establish it down slide it around and also it’s actually rubbing on the instance as well as likewise for those of you that do not desire a full on case they do have an extremely solid bumper which does cover all the corners as well as well as you can in fact couple it with one of their display guards if you want to they have a 3d rounded display guard which gets on the front so it will really contour with it with the display and after that additionally obviously just a back protector so that may be a path you ‘d wish to go certainly look into Rhinocerous guard you can use code Timmy Schofield for 20% off for two weeks as well as 10% off after that so web link will be down below definitely examine out these instances for the note 9 or various other tools very suggested by me the one disadvantage I could potentially see with the note 9 is its dimension it is a larger phone which is wonderful for taking in media I enjoy seeing video clips on this phone nevertheless it can be a little large when utilizing it for just standard points like sending out a text I don’t always require that huge of a display nevertheless so it sort of goes both means general personally I want was a bit smaller yet after that you sort of have to compromise battery life as well due to the fact that it has a smaller sized body to fit that battery in so it sort of goes both methods I enjoy having the larger battery life

directly I just desire it was just a little bit smaller for the review video clip I’ve taken the instances off and now I wish to discuss the display screen and also as I stated it is actually my preferred display screen in any smartphone right currently it’s a 6 factor four inch 1440p Super AMOLED display everything looks stunning on it yeah the colors may be a bit oversaturated however I actually kind of like that that’s just an individual choice of mine likewise it is an 18 and also 1/2 by 9 aspect ratio that’s why you see these black bars on a 16:9 video clip however you can pinch in you do chop out a little of the video yet you can zoom to fit it to make it really fill up that entire element proportion on the display colors really pop it’s an AMOLED display screen also terrific feature on this phone very underrated in my opinion is the difficult press home switch so if you’re in a full-screen setting you can hard press where the residence switch is as well as it will certainly take you right back home which I actually simulate that’s a really large side note I’m sorry about that however once more Super AMOLED screen so the blacks are completely dark and talking that if you go ahead as well as go to your lockscreen it hasn’t always on this which I enjoy I really have actually obtained so made use of to constantly on screens when I use the phone that does not have one I’m really a little let down it’s fantastic to just glimpse at your phone and also see the time in this instance you see the date and

battery portion as well as if you have notices those turn up as well if you have music playing it will in fact turn up you can double tap on it and afterwards you can really manage that specific music if you would love to directly from the always-on display and indeed the always-on display is mosting likely to utilize a little of battery nonetheless not that food selection because it just brighten a few pixels because of that Super AMOLED display screen and also talking battery life it is great it gets me with a complete day each and every single day I’m not truly worried in any way if I go on and also most likely to some of these data you’ll see here 7 percent battery left with 5 hours of screen promptly which for me as long as it overcomes about 4 and also a fifty percent hours screen in a timely manner I am very delighted with it as well as swiping over you’ll see four hrs five minute display on schedule with 32% batteries still left so total battery life has actually been excellent offers me via a complete day not the ideal battery life at any phone I’ve made use of nevertheless definitely sufficient to obtain you through a full day possibly a little bit extra if you do not utilize it too greatly moving along allow’s talk regarding that s-pen among one of the most beneficial features I make use of with the s-pen is the display off memorandum where I can just go ahead and also compose a fast note maybe a contact number perhaps just a fast thought and all I have to do is put the pen back in the phone it waits to my notes and also that’s it placed it back in my pocket it locks the phone again and that’s all I need to do I don’t also unlock the phone to make use of the s-pen a really excellent function of it there’s a close consider that S Pen it does click like a regular pen which I discover myself doing possibly out of routine likewise there is a switch below for activity controls more on that particular simply a 2nd

which’s actually concerning it extremely fine idea sensitive so it will really figure out just how tough you’re pushing on the display maybe make points a little bolder a little bit lighter overall pretty comfortable in the hand a bit smaller sized than a regular pen or pencil that you’re used to yet of program it needs to fit in a phone to make sure that’s entirely ok the S Pen additionally has bluetooth capabilities which means you can control your phone there’s details actions that you can do if I push and also hold the button on the S Pen it will certainly open up that video camera I can single press it as well as it will certainly snap a fast picture if I dual press it will really begin to tape a video so there are activities this is great in fact when taking team shots if you set something up on a tripod anything like that you can just push the switch as well as it will certainly break that photo for you or also if you wish to go ahead and take a selfie you can actually alter it so you the activity of dual presses change to the front-facing video camera if you hold that out as well as you intend to hold that s pen and also not need to bother with perhaps pushing the volume secret or the screen itself you could just press that switch as well as there’s that selfie that it takes and obviously another function of the S Pen that I really like is the play pause feature with YouTube when viewing videos I simply touch it once as well as I just had the S Pen resting there while perhaps this video is autoplay on my workdesk while I eat something I can let it simply rest there and after that rather than needing to tap the display press time out I.

could simply have the S Pen just press the button it’ll go on as well as pause or I can increase press as well as it will actually skip to the following video clip with this symbol right here it raises a full listing of different shortcuts and also there’s a great deal of performance to this S Pen I find that you could do a whole lot of different things it takes a bit to educate on your own though you’re not simply mosting likely to assume oh I can do this with my ass pan today you kind of have to go into all the alternatives and also learn them as well as claim oh well I guess in this circumstance I can use this component of the S Pen there’s a great deal that enters into it you might include a number of faster ways whether you want a specific app faster way or features there’s coloring bixby vision amplify glance all of these up on the side also the ones I discover that I utilize one of the most display composes an excellent one it’ll take a screenshot of what gets on there and then you can go in advance and also perhaps circle something you can alter the coloring on this also you can just go on and also write on it share it wait crop it whatever whatever you would love to do additionally simply creating a note is one more great one I locate that when I’m being in a meeting something like that developing a notes wonderful I like to in fact hand create overtype just a personal choice of mine an additional enjoyable one that I like is in fact an online message think it or otherwise there’s a great deal of customizations you can have hearts you can utilize maybe a paintbrush ink transform the tinting on it how thick the coloring is and afterwards if you proceed as well as write something if I’m the squiggling and I had actually done it’ll go on and also procedure that video clip and obviously it’s fast to do so it’s simply processing a.

complete video and after that it will proceed and play it it’ll wait you can send it out it’s enjoyable to send out notes by doing this I locate it a little much more individual it’s in your handwriting it’s just type of a little neat way to reveal on your own so general I’m a big fan of the s-pen simply make note that there is a little a contour in learning all the different functions and knowing precisely when you can utilize details things and also just bearing in mind that you have every one of this performance in a little pen on the back of the galaxy note 9 is a double electronic camera system one of the lenses the uneven lens actually has a dual aperture mode which will certainly open and also close depending upon how much light it wishes to allow depending upon how much light is in the area additionally it has a two time zoom lens which comes in crazy helpful I enjoy having a two time zoom lens particularly when I’m traveling simply getting shots of maybe landscapes or specific cityscapes it’s really valuable and also helpful to have a 2-ton zoom a little video session today but there is a setting within the camera called scenes as well as what it does is it determines what you’re checking out through the cam as well as optimizes the image based upon the shot that you’re taking so whether it’s a landscape animal flowers just a bunch of various alternatives falls even I actually tested this out fairly a little bit in my note 9 experience video clip which I’ll link.

below certainly and you get some actually excellent shots and I just discover that general it’s something that benefits me I would say concerning 70% of the time I like the shot with the scene optimizer on it so it’s arriving I assume it does need some tweaks to make it far better just altering the color setups as well as the of the of the specific point you take a photo of so it just sort of depends for me I wish there was a basic method to transform it on and off whether I can say hi take take one picture with the scene optimizer transform it off and take one without it I wish there was a means to do that perhaps in the future they will certainly add that and also general I would state the note 9 video camera competes for the very best cam out now it has a great deal of various features of live emphasis setting to obscure whatever around your subject after that three to 5 feet a wonderful pro mode view car a very slow-moving setting which I highly recommend it’s it’s actually wonderful using it generally you simply begin taping and also then you can really tap when it does the slo-mo in it it works really well I truly showed it off in my various other video clip check that out if you wish to see much more extensive consider that you likewise have a great hyperlapse mode if you wish to record and also do some hyperlapse perhaps of a drive or an aircraft ride and here’s an appearance at several of the shots that I drew from the galaxy note 9 both brilliant light dark light scenarios does a good work in both you will certainly see that it will certainly somewhat over saturate the colors simply a little which in my point of view is entirely fine some people like those shades to pop which’s simply rather standard of most Samsung cams they do over saturate those colors simply a little which again could be drawback for several of up for me I don’t mind it whatsoever the Galaxy Note 9 does run Android 8.1 Oreo at the moment.

as well as total they do have their skin over Android also which I discover has a crazy quantity of customization options which you may like you may not there’s so many various things that you can in fact transform customize therefore various features also you’ll see all of these wise sharp very easy mute straight call palm swipe to catch smart inscription you might or might not know what they are for instance if you don’t know what to rec telephone call is tap on it bring the phone more detailed right here to call the get in touch with whose message on the get in touch with information are presently on the screen as well as you may not know you might do that if you have someone’s contact information up as well as you put it as much as your to your ear it will certainly start to call that person which is actually awesome nonetheless you simply sort of need to go in as well as find out all of these points similar to that of the s-pen there’s so several different attributes you may encounter some that you may not know about that you might not have actually learnt about even 6 months into possessing the phone in terms of performance the note 9 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 cpu and also it deals with almost whatever I toss at it is extremely smooth extremely quick even when playing video games whether I’m playing higher-end games like fortnight or bar G or also simply asphalt 9 like I’m playing right here graphics are great it does not get too hot really smooth and after that if I intend to proceed and also do some multitasking.

possibly enter to the Play Shop or find an app something like that go back residence perhaps I wish to go to the calculator do a quick estimation I can do that allow’s go right into the cam maybe break a photo a couple pictures and then go back home most likely to the Settings application scroll down maybe see what the lock display is taking place and afterwards we might go on as well as return to our recent apps go all the method back to asphalt 9 loads right back out no no issues with RAM management whatsoever yet you would certainly see is very smooth and snappy I’ve had no worry with it slowing down I believe Samsung gets a bum rap due to the fact that their previous skins over Android we’re certainly reducing the system yet presently they’re newer system is just fine everything’s very fast really stylish I have actually been extremely happy with performance to ensure that would certainly be my complete review on the samsung galaxy note 9 ideally you delighted in the video if you did make sure to click that thumbs up overall among the very best phones you can get right now of course hefty rate tag but you truly do not need to jeopardize on anything you do not need to get rid of any features you get simply about every little thing with this phone anyways a whole lot of brand-new videos coming in the very future make certain to click that subscribe button so you’re alerted of every one of them and also as constantly guys thank you significantly.

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